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  1. CatMoose

    Four cats to Brisbane: am I mad to even consider it?

    I'm glad too... Meanwhile... if you think I was alone you're very wrong. Most renters I knew had a pet they had to sneak in. If the laws were sensible at the time we wouldn't have had to. Damage is damage at the end of the day. Also, the animal rescue places in SA were in a critical state as so many people were being forced to give up pets. It's this factor and a LOT of lobbying by tenants that eventually led to law changes. As for my situation? He was a house cat and ALL of my properties were professionally cleaned on leaving them. The last two properties I was given permission. Cheers
  2. CatMoose

    Four cats to Brisbane: am I mad to even consider it?

    I'm now back in the UK (lived in Adelaide from 2009 to 2016) and looking to return to Oz with my Aussie cat Ralph. Myself and everyone I knew did not admit to having a cat - otherwise we would have had VERY FEW rental options in Adelaide. For me, I knew I would be an exceptional tenant and I was - in 5 properties. Houses were left immaculately clean and I had no problems with cat, owners or bond returns. Some people might not like it, but ...... had no choice. Bad tenants are bad tenants and won't care about someone else's property irrespective of whether they have pets or not,
  3. Let me answer that for you I'm earning £38,000 a year in Australia- the salary I left in the U.K. was £24,000 and it's what I'll be going back to. Not to mention a crap pound thanks to the Brexit genii. In South Australia we talk about how hot the summer will be, not wonder if we'll even have one. People are more open and friendly in Australia I couldn't believe the litter and dirty streets when I went back for a visit to the UK in July compared to South Australia I find Australia, far more family friendly than the UK Australia offers a better outdoors life than the UK does I would suggest that Australia would offer most people a better life in a lot of ways, particularly if you have a family. There are many ways in which I prefer the UK, my civil rights being a big one. However, my main reasons are family and the opportunity to reimmerse myself in European culture. As always, to each their own. What works for one - will not work for another and that's as it should be. Life would be dull if we were all the same. Happy decisons and travels people
  4. Great response - 2 thumbs up duck !
  5. Ha! I'm a Leicester lass and I'm moving back to the UK In January (not Leicester though - a bit TOO near the family! But that's kind of the point. Nowhere in the U.k is all that far away is it? I went back to Leicester in the summer and me and a friend had tickets to see Leicester play Celtic. We drove there... Certianly helped to make my final decision to return.
  6. I'm also bemused and the poor OP must be dreading reading these threads to get some rational points. I came over to Australia 7 years ago and used Poms in Oz to garner much needed advice in advance. Once here, I refused to consider myself an ex pat and threw myself into the lifestyle. I can't imagine spending all those years on an ex pat forum having a dig at people choosing to return. I was too busy getting my citizenship and enjoying myself. Im back on here now because I'm moving back to he U.K in January - but dear god, the negativity! To be honest, the people I want to hear from are those who have moved back and can give me some ideas and advice. If you love Australia and have no desire to return to the UK then I'm genuinely chuffed for you - seriously- but carping on about how 'crap' the U.K. is is pointless. The OP is hopefully picking thorugh the thread and getting the info needs.
  7. Sorry - but I find the attitude of the British government towards foreign employees (and school children ffs) sickening. To each their own, but even over here in Australia I registered to vote by proxy to try and avoid Brexit. That's for another forum. Like I said, the state of UK politics is not a factor in me returning and I'm not going to get into it here.
  8. CatMoose

    How to send a few items back?

    Hi everyone I apologise if this has been answered anywhere else but I can't find it. I'm returning to the UK in January and I'll only be taking maybe 4 boxes of personal items back too (oh and a fat cat who at this point has NO idea :nah:) Other than Aus Post - does anyone know of a company I could use to send that stuff back? It literally is only about 4 moving boxes full. Again, apologies if it's had a mention elsewhere Cheers
  9. CatMoose

    6 weeks back

    I'm typing this from my sunny office in Adelaide . I'm on my way back to the UK in January. I've all but given up getting a job in advance (though I won't stop trying). Your post is very reassuring and a lovely way to finish my week. All the things you describe are what I miss, so it's nice to hear someone else mentioning them. I'm also looking at Manchester work wise but it'll probably have to wait until I get back to Blighty now. Good to hear your thoughts - would be interested in future updates too
  10. You've a job to go back to?? And you're still concerned??!! Sheesh! I'm planning on going back in January. I'm trying to get a job in advance but it's proving difficult. At this point it looks like me and my cat will be moving into a friend's spare room in Wolverhampton while I job hunt. £40,000 salary?! Christ I've never earned anything like that amount. My line of work pays mid twenties. Mate to be honest, if you're going back with cash, AND a job to go back to, you should be able to save up enough to return to Oz in a couple of years time if it doesn't work out. Why not bank your cash in the UK and rent for a year to see how you get on back there? Your daughter is an adult, she'll do as she likes and rightly so. Can't speak for your son but teenagers adapt. I agree with people's concern about xenophobic shite in the UK at the moment, but it still won't put me off. I'm personally tired of how far behind the times Oz is in many ways, but that's my own personal opinion. I won't be returning to my home town - an hour away from my family is a minimum requirement! I love them dearly but I've no desire to be at their beck and call again. If I were you I'd go and treat it as a bit of an adventure, Couple of years seeing a bit of Europe and enjoying the cultural delights of the UK. Remember - it's the UK, not Mars. You can always come back, best of luck!
  11. CatMoose

    Never found anything so absolutely relevant ....

    Lot more bigotry over here.
  12. CatMoose

    Never found anything so absolutely relevant ....

    'Mate' ?? Just spoken to Lloyds in the UK, I'll keep you posted. No, really.
  13. CatMoose

    Never found anything so absolutely relevant ....

    The rules are similar to many Western countries who are upping security against terrorism and fraud. I'd still refute the suggestion that closing mine before moving here was a bad move. The negativity and judgement of people on this forum is embarrassing.
  14. CatMoose

    Never found anything so absolutely relevant ....

    I have no concerns whatsoever of opening a new UK bank account after living for 7 years in Australia. We are talking about the UK aren't we not North Korea??
  15. CatMoose

    Never found anything so absolutely relevant ....

    Hmmm.... I have been here in Oz for 7 years. I closed all my bank accounts in the UK - why wouldn't I? Nothing to do with thinking I'd be here for ever. I'm moving back soon and opening a UK bank account will take no time at all. Innit?:cute: