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  1. Nebsy

    Pet transport emigrating from UK to Oz

    Thank you. I will contact Bob again…
  2. We are currently in the process of sponsorship for emigration and have only just realised there is a 180 day turn around from dog blood tests to entering Oz! Can somebody who has been through the whole process of transporting pets over please help and let me know what’s involved or needed from start to finish?
  3. Nebsy

    Pet shipping

    Thanks for the info! Will be in touch at some point soon! (Hopefully)
  4. Nebsy

    Pet shipping

    No problem. Thanks guys. I understand. Are they able to travel over together? Or side by side in the same vicinity?
  5. Nebsy

    Pet shipping

    Hey just wondering if anyone can give me a little info on pet shipping. Can a cat and dog travel/be quarantined together once in aus if they’re from the same home or is it only dogs allowed to do this?
  6. Not sure. Could be different to go over as just a gasfitter then. I’m going on a state sponsored plumbing visa. It required all the paperwork etc then once that was approved by them an invitation to take a practical examination where you do some plumbing work, servicing a gas cooker, piping a boiler up etc nothing major. Your best bet to clarify may be emailing vetassess directly. I’ve done it a couple of times through out the process, they get back to you quite sharply.
  7. Yeah you have to do both. Think it was 8 years worth of payslips/p60s etc in the trade, plus all your certs, then once they’ve approved that, a practical exam at one of their training centres.
  8. Directly through vetassess mate. Trades recognition then comes from them. But I'm using an agent from start to finish for the whole process so they sorted it all.
  9. Yeah, sounds about right. Thanks guys. I know what to expect a little more now!
  10. I'm possibly mistaken. Maybe that's the only way they do it. Just the structure of the charges from them and this original breakdown attached had me expecting a few hours in an interview.
  11. Ah ok, possibly new then. Shall see soon enough. Thanks for the advice dave.
  12. Great stuff! Thanks for that david. Great help. Anything I should brush up on for the technical interview? Apparently a 2 hour interview before any practical, is that right?
  13. Hi! Are there any Plumbers/gas fitters out there that have had experience with the Vetassess plumbing assessment? Got my exam at Blackburn UK center in a few weeks, Just checking if any pointers on things to brush up on?
  14. Nebsy

    Gas engineer 189 visa

    How did you get on Josh? I’m currently waiting on my vetassess plumbing dates for Blackburn.