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    Visa 475 conversion to 887 query

    Hi, Anyone has encounter this before? 1) How could I prove my tenancy, if the tenancy agreement is not under my name, as I shared with another friend? But I can prove others like bank statement, phone bills etc which sent to this address I'm staying. 2) Upon submission or approval, do I need to be in Australia? I am submitting via paper, and will be travelling outside Australia with family for 3 months. Will that affect upon approval etc... Thanks for your advise.
  2. ozwonderful

    Job Opportunities with Bankwest!

    Hi, Is there any job in admin/teller? I am a PR. Thanks
  3. ozwonderful

    Skype Interview Next Week!

    Hi, May I know the interview thru Skype are usually a video call or phone/mobile call? I have also sent out few resumes and just trying to find out more on what type of method would usually use in this circumstances. Thanks ozwonderful
  4. Hi, I know my question might sound a bit silly. :notworthy: But answers from you guys directly would somehow gave me an idea of the working hours over in Perth. Thanks. Jenny
  5. Hi, Anyone have came across Highgate Primary School located just north of Perth CBD? They have over 50 different nationalities in the school over 480 students. Also what I'm considering is because they have after school care located in their school itself and they have mandarin classes over the weekend. A government public school usually around 200 - 300 students in our country. Was considering that 480 over students might seem a bit scary. If you any suggestion or feedback on this school, appreciate if you share with me. Thanks Jenny
  6. Hi there, Anyone knows where I can send my child for after school care near Vic Park? My daughter is 5 years old, will be going to pre-primary. I am looking for a government school and the only choice here which is near my place is Victoria Park Primary School. Just out of my curiosity, how do parents send their kid to the child care after the schools end, while they are working? Your help would be very much appreciated. Ozwonderful
  7. ozwonderful

    New Category 3's - Where are you now?

    :jiggy:Visa granted today. To be exact, the grant should take only about a month, as the date of our PCC and medical submission was sometime in early September, as my spouse have to wait for her IELTS result before we can send out. All the best to the rest who are waiting... ozwonderful
  8. Hi, Just want to know how do I calculate for my weekly pay? Most job stated wages for annually? So do I divide to 12 months, and again divide to numbers of days working for that particular month? Is there a formula for this? How about calculation for tax and superannuation? Yr help is much appreciated. :cute: Cheers
  9. ozwonderful

    Air Asia & Kuala Lumpor Airport

    Hi, I am from Kuala Lumpur. So maybe I can help. Air Asia is the first choice for everyone compare to Malaysia Airline when it comes to fare. Many comments from my friends are the seat are not so comfortable as it is not reclineable. So perhaps you need to carry along a neck rest for your comfort. Overall is the price that makes the different compare to Malaysia Airline. Sometime we do have Malaysia Airline Fair where you could grab a cheaper price, but overall price you will still find AA the lowest. MA offers a more comfortable seat and includes meals and baggage. As for AA, you need to purchase for your meal and baggage. 4hrs should be alright for connecting your flight. But you may want to consider a night stay in KL just in case the flight delay from Stanstead. AA does NOT stop at our international Airport (KLIA). It has its own terminal call (LCCT). It is not a big airport and is not luxury. There is nothing much to shop. You can easily catch a bus outside which depart every 15 mins or so to KL Sentral. One way bus cost only RM9 (if I'm not wrong). SHouldnt be more than RM13 one way. At KL Sentral, that is where the trains stations located. You can board Monorail to KL City Centre, our golden city centre. Many hotels you can find. Near LCCT there is 1 hotel, but I'm not sure what is it call. But if you decided to stay for a night, I would recommend you to stay in hotels in City Centre as LCCT area has nothing. It is a secluded area and no shopping centre. Unless you want to hang around in the hotel itself. Journey from LCCT airport to KL Sentral approx 45minutes. KL Sentral to KL City Centre approx 15mins. When depart, you can again catch a bus from Sentral back to LCCT airport. I'm not quite sure if you need a visa from London to KL. You can easily find out from your immigration. For safety wise, I cant comment much as it is really depends on individual. I myself has flown to Bangkok, Perth, Singapore and have booked for Gold Coast next year with AA. It is true that AA had an accident before. It happened in our East Malaysia back in year 2004. The plane was skidded during heavy rain. No dead and few injured. In conclusion, all I can say is both airlines are still our Malaysian airlines. Happy choosing and happy flying
  10. Hi I have my PR and decided to move in march 2011. I am interested to work in a child care or kindergarten. Could you please tell me if i can take up a "distance learning" or "online study" in Certificate III in CHildren's Services so I could speed up my study here in my own country before my move? I do not have any qualification in child care or kindergarten, but I have been teaching music for my past 10 years to young children. Any advise would be much appreciated. Thanks
  11. ozwonderful

    Working in Childcare

    Can you share with me studying via distance learning can be done if I am still overseas. There are some terms for different school or college that mentioned "online study/External course/Distance Learning". Are they all the same? Thanks Ozwonderful
  12. ozwonderful

    Teaching Assistant Info Needed

    Hi Beach Babe, I thought of doing the same like you. Before I move to Australia, thought if I could take up a course because I wanted to work in a child care or kindergarten. Also I do not have a qualification that Australia would recognised. So here I found out some info on my own. Working in a child care, we need to have at least Certificate III in Children's Services. Next is Diploma in CHildren's Services. Lastly you may proceed to Bachelor in Early Childhood which most kindergarten requires that. Also the good thing about Diploma course is it is under government funded course. So meaning we don't have to fully pay for the course ourselves (up to a certain amount $2140 if Im not wrong). I am trying to see if I could study online for the certificate level before I move to Australia, so at least I can save up my time and can find a job right away when I move. All I need is to complete the remaining 100 hours for work placement (You won't get pay when you are in placement) in order to be awarded the Certificate III. Others pending like First Aid, Children Check which is compulsory prior to work, including work placement. There are a few college or Tafe schools that offers EXTERNAL course (which I think would be the online study) but so far I never get an email to verify that. So probably would call them to inquire. There is one on TAFE courses | University courses | IT courses | Online courses through SEEK Learning Australia that offers online study, but not sure whether this is a genuine place to enrol. Hope someone can share with me. Lastly, think again. For Certificate III holder the pay wasnt that high which is about 30-38k annually which is about the same if you work as a reception with no qualification. So I am still thinking here whether to move to this sector and just look for a job with no qualifications required. That is all I found out. If you do have any further details, kindly please share with me. Cheers, Ozwonderful
  13. ozwonderful

    OMG. I have a CO today!! Cat 6(i) March 08-Accountant

    Hi, I am from Hong Kong. Yes, I have been waiting very patiently since all the rules changed are beyond my control. At first, I really thought I'm not going to make it (capped and ceased), but thank god :notworthy: I am very excited now and can't wait to get my visa approved. Hope things are going well in between. If rules change again now, I am going to :arghh: GET CRAZY!! I hope from now on, all applicants don't have to wait for so long to get their visas.. Wish you all the best.... Cheers ozwonderful
  14. ozwonderful

    OMG. I have a CO today!! Cat 6(i) March 08-Accountant

    Hi, What do you mean by that "√ęcomm"? Cheers