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Found 12 results

  1. Hi, Anyone have came across Highgate Primary School located just north of Perth CBD? They have over 50 different nationalities in the school over 480 students. Also what I'm considering is because they have after school care located in their school itself and they have mandarin classes over the weekend. A government public school usually around 200 - 300 students in our country. Was considering that 480 over students might seem a bit scary. If you any suggestion or feedback on this school, appreciate if you share with me. Thanks Jenny
  2. Hi, Just reading a post on another forum of which I am not a member and the post was claiming Rockingham and Mandurah slums. I was shocked at this even although I aint been there they look beautiful. I live in the West coast of Scotland and maybe views are not alike based on what you are used too. I just thought I was ask the question. Are Rockingham or Mandurah classed as slums or is it just a Freo snob passing judgment (he stated he was from Fremantle) Thanks Jason
  3. Hi everyone I am in a confusion about how to file for my 885.I have got a positive skill assessment from ACS as a Developer Programer.Just got my Ielts Score of 7 each yesterday.I have already filled for a TR i.e 485 on 16th janurary.I how have met the 120 points eligibility for 885. 1) Do I need to cancel my 485 application or can I file for my 885 straight away. Also My student visa is going to expire on 15th march 2011. after that my Bridging of 485 would start. How Shall i go about filing for my 885 Please help me.
  4. Go Matilda - Your Gateway to Australia - News Best regards.
  5. Go Matilda - Your Gateway to Australia - News Best regards.
  6. Capping and culling the migration queue | Inside Story Let the games begin! Best regards.
  7. Hi, Can anyone help me with some idea about what routine checks on an application refers to? Coz, I got a reply from my CO that my application will be finalized within 4(anticipated) months after all other routine checks are completed! Does anyone have any idea? My meds are finalized, jobs are inquired ... don't know what's pending! Is it really gonna happen within 4 months? "Gill, your opinion is welcomed here"! Thanks, Rubab
  8. Guest

    Unbiased Comment

    For anyone interested, if you go into BBC News on your browser, and then 'search' Nick Bryant you will find the aforementioned gentleman's blog. He is the BBC correspondent for Australia and has been for some time. IMO only he gives some great information about Australia, culture, politics, sport, etc. He is normally very well balanced and gives objective views on Australia. He seems to give two sides to each story and manages for the most part to include some humour. As I said, IMO only he seems to be one of the better journalists out there who try to convey certain aspects of Australia in a way that most of us can understand. Just thought this may help as very often Australia is unfairly portrayed by some media outlets. Cheers Tony
  9. Guest

    Please read and comment

    HI all:wink:, If I move to WA, what nasties am I likley to come up against? eg spiders etc:eek: I know I know Im a wus haha sorry I'll try and toughen up. Thanks Mika
  10. Hi All I’ve just been reading the last 30 pages of the big BE thread on the Capital Investment Scheme. I refer in particular to Post # 1660 on Page 111 of the thread – the FAQs extract. For what it is worth, I have the following comments: It was the prerogative of State and Territory Governments to particpate in or withdraw from the scheme, and the Commonwealth has no power to compel States or Territories to continue in the scheme. Whether the State or Territory Government authorities actually issue a security is, and always was, a matter for them to determine. If so, was it lawful for the Commonwealth to get involved with a scheme over which it now says it has never had any control? Why did the DIAC website contain no warning to visa applicants that the Commonwealth was apparently relying on nothing more than a wing and a prayer? Wasn't it irresponsible of the Comonwealth to offer this wheeze to visa applicants without tying the State Treasuries into it legally first? Applicants for any visa must meet the requirements specified in the Migration Act 1958 and the Migration Regulations 1994. The applicants have done so. The requirements included lodgement of the $100K. Their intention to pay it was frustrated by the actions of others, not by the applicants’ failure to meet the requirements specified. So does the Commonwealth actually have any valid point to make with the statement above or is it just waffling about nothing? So, those GSM applicants who had deposited a capital investment before the scheme closed received the bonus five (5) points. Those who were unable to lodge their capital investment are now unable to receive the 5 bonus points. I have seen DIAC process and grant two GSM applications within 48 hours of submission during the last two months. The legislation does not envisage that the Minister will drag his feet over the processing times for applications, nor does it authorise him to do so. The only reason why the applicants were “unable” to lodge their bonds before the State Treasuries ditched the scheme was because the scheme closed on to new applicants on 31st August but by 3rd December the Minister’s own inefficiency about processing applications lodged on or before 31st August meant that some 3000-5000 applications had not been sufficiently processed by a date some 3 months later. Why not? Why can’t I just put the money in Commonwealth bonds or a bank? The Instrument in the Regulations specifies that the capital investment must be deposited in one of the participating Australian State or Territory government authorities. The Regulations do not permit a deposit in Commonwealth bonds. So change the Regulations with retrospective effect. Doing so would not disadvantage a single visa applicant but the Minister’s current dithering around does. The department is currently considering a number of options within the limits of the legislative framework which applies to the pre 1 September 2007 visa applications. Pressure from the High Court would encourage celerity of thought. Decisions on those applications dependent upon receiving bonus points for making a capital investment, will not be made until all available options have been fully explored. The Court can make the decisions on behalf of the Government, I expect. The Court does not find it necessary to deliberate for ever and a day in a state of complete mystification about how the relevant Law works and what the limitations on the Minister’s powers might be. Which section of the legislation empowers the Minister to dither indefinitely? How long will it take? We are unable to give a definite time frame regarding the outcome of our investigations. There are complex legal and policy issues associated with any possible options which are still being worked through. An announcement will be made when these issues are resolved. I suspect that this stance is not lawful. The Court has been known to excise provisions in the legislation which operate unfairly and/or unlawfully. It can probably find the power to do so again in this situation since the Government seems unable to resolve its dilemmas without assistance from the senior judiciary. If a provision cannot work - and the Minister claims that it no longer can - then the best solution is to get rid of it instead of worrying about what it says. Applicants are advised when they apply for a visa that there is no guarantee of a visa being granted. That advice is predicated on the notion that the applicant might make a mistake or might be unable to comply with the legislation. In this case, the Law-makers are the ones who find themselves unable to comply with their own legislation, it seems. The advice above does not envisage or cater for the facts which have actually arisen. This clutching at feeble straws makes the Minister look like an incompetent idiot and his Government risible with it. The Bench would be able to assist the Minister, I suspect. Why has the Minister not sought help and guidance from his own Court – the finest legal brains in Australia? Applicants who have applied for a Class BN intending to meet the criteria for the Skilled – Independent (subclass 136) visa can seek state/territory nomination in support of their application – to be assessed against the criteria for a Subclass 137 visa. Applicants should check each State and Territory nomination website to determine whether their occupation is on one of the State and Territory lists. See: Nomination by State/Territory Government. Wasn’t the bonus points scheme supposed to be an alternative to the above proposition? If so, why is the Minister trying to avoid dealing with the issue that is actually at stake here – his own inability to award the extra points because his intentions were frustrated by third parties? And which State lists should the applicants be considering? The current ones, or the ones that were in effect at the relevant times? Some of them have been altered since 31st August 2007, I believe. The Minister cannot have this one both ways! If applicants have not already claimed the maximum for English language points available under Schedule 6A, ‘competent English’, they may undertake an International English Language Test Scheme (IELTS) test. To achieve ‘competent’ English, an applicant must score at least six on each of the four components. Applicants who can demonstrate this level of English language proficiency will achieve 20 points on the GSM points test. Were native English-speaking applicants able to do this under the old scheme? Applicants can also withdraw their current application and reapply under the new GSM visa stream and be assessed against the post 1 September 2007 requirements. Why should they? They were and remain able to comply with the relevant requirements. The applicants are not the ones with the problem. The Minister is the one with the problem, so why should the applicants give him a get out of jail free card? However, please note that withdrawal of your application will result in the loss of your visa application charge (VAC) paid to lodge your current application, and a new VAC will need to be paid to lodge a new application. Not if the Court declares this avaricious notion unlawful, buddy. The department is concerned that there has been considerable speculation by some migration agents and others regarding the resolution of this issue. Intervention by the Court would resolve any speculation. When a decision is made, an update will be provided on the ‘What’s New? Recent Changes in General Skilled Migration’ page. Or in the case law database in AustLII, of course….. AustLII - AustLII: Advanced Search
  11. Hi All Some of the members of PiO (and silent watchers of PiO) are also following the Contributory Parent Visa threads on British Expats and other forums. I do myself, and I am a bit concerned about the posts on there at pages 37 & 38 of the main thread on this topic, started by Sleeping Beauty. Please see here: the ALL NEW SPARKLY contributory parents visa thread!!! - Page 38 : British Expat Discussion Forum Leaving aside Lance Fee's article, because he is not saying anything new, I am concerned about people being encouraged to try to get Centrelink to give the AoS Bond payments back temporarily. It is a fair bet that the machinery to do that does not exist at all (unless the visa applicant dies between now and 1st July 2008) and even if any other machinery does exist it would not work fast, that is for sure. Much more importantly, I suggest, in the unlikely event that someone might succeed in claiming the Bond back, an inevitable consequence of it would be that that Centrelink would have to inform DIAC that the Assurance of Support is no longer in place for the Contributory Parent Visa applicant(s) in question. My firm advice to anyone reading Poms in Oz is, "DO NOT rock the Centrelink boat at this stage." Don't even think about it because it has all the potential to cause chaos with your application and chaos would in turn cause delays, without doubt. Bicker with Centrelink and the Bank after the visas have been granted and the applicants have moved to Oz. At that point, shout in the Minister's ear too because somebody is earning hidden interest on these wedges of money, and it was never intended by policy or by the legislation that the Commonwealth Bank should keep the money in its clutches for extra periods of time. At the very worst there is now only a few weeks to go before things are likely to start happening with regard to the payments of the 2nd Instalments for those applicants who have already completed their AOS arrangements. A far more fruitful question, I reckon, is for somebody to ask the POPC exactly when they intend to start calling for the 2nd Instalment in the cases of applicants such as Caz Beckham (just to use you as an illustration, Caz.) I do not believe that they have to wait till July 1st before they request the money and I don't think they will do so. I would expect to see the POPC asking for the 2nd instalments at least 6 weeks before 1st July, so that the visas can be granted as soon as the POPC opens for business on 1st July. Fortunately,1st July 2008 is a Tuesday. Therefore they will have all day on Monday to prepare for the most immediate grants. But I would repeat to anyone who has gone through the Centrelink process to leave Centrelink firmly out of this debate and out of any possible action at this stage. Best wishes Gill