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Found 71 results

  1. Jessandhan

    Marketing in Australia

    Hi all, I've been working in marketing for nearly 3 years in London. I'm keen to make the move out to Australia but don't want to go and work in a bar/fruit pick. Is there any way of finding work in marketing or such like - would this be possible or just unrealistic?!
  2. Hi I am a graduate moving to Perth to work for a mining company. My job is office based and I was wondering what the dress code in Australian offices is. I found from interning in a UK based engineering office that you are expected to wear a suit. Would it be likely that the same applies in oz? Thanks!
  3. Hi, we would like to try to apply for a state sponsorship under GSM. I have 45 points alone and need 65. I am going to sit the IELTS test to try to get band 8 which will get me the 20 points i need- urgh- quite hard. However, if I get band 7 I will get 10 points and then I will only need 10. Want to try to get a state nomination which will give me 5 then need 5 from my partners skill. He is a very experienced office manager but has no 'formal certificate ' as such. does anyone out there know exactly what VETASSESS will ask for if we aply to try to get his quals assessed? Thank you- appreciate any help I can get with this one!!x
  4. Red13sc

    Vetassess - Office Manager Help!

    Hi, I am about to send my skills assessment to Vetassess for Office Manager. I really want to get this right first time so any help or experiences from people who have applied as an Office Manager would be appreciated. I have 3.5 years experience as an Office Manager and a NVQ Level 4, however this is in accountancy, would this be classed as a relevant field? I do have to carry out financial duties as part of my role as the Office Manager and my employer felt this was the best qualification to enrol me on, I completed it this year (2011). Also does anyone know what the 'Transcript' is in the required documents? Lastly how many payslips do they need? I can only find my last 6 months and would only be able to gain printer copies from my employer if they need more. Has anyone has a successful assessment? How long did it take? I travel to Oz in December and would like to have it all wrapped up and passed by then so that I can try really hard and find a sponsor whilst on my WHV. All help appreciated.
  5. Hi, I know my question might sound a bit silly. :notworthy: But answers from you guys directly would somehow gave me an idea of the working hours over in Perth. Thanks. Jenny
  6. Dawny

    The Sheriff's Office!

    Hello, is this the Sheriff's Office?'' ''Yes, What can I do for you?'' '' I'm calling to report 'bout my neighbor Virgil Smith.... He's hiding marijuana inside his firewood! Don't quite know how he gets it inside them logs, but he's hidin' it there.'' ''Thank you very much for the call, sir.'' The next day, the Sheriff's Deputies descend on Virgil's house. They search the shed where the firewood is kept. Using axes, they bust open every piece of wood. but find no marijuana. They sneer at Virgil and leave. Shortly after, the phone rings at Virgil's house. ''Hey, Virgil, This here's Floyd.... Did the Sheriff come?'' ''Yeah!'' '' Did they chop your firewood for the winter?'' ''Yep!'' ''Happy Birthday, buddy!''
  7. Guest

    Sydney Office Waiting Times

    Hi guys Has anyone got any information on the processing times for partner visas in Sydney. I have an immigration agent. My paperwork has been with DIAC for eleven months. I still do not have a case officer. I am under the impression that if I call up immigration that they will not give me any information as I signed a declaration for my agent to handle things. I am currently on a student visa and me and my partner are struggling. We have student course fees to pay as well as day to day life and I am only allowed to work 20 hour per week. Does anyone have any ideas of times or suggestions. I have heard everything from 3 months to 12. Given mine has been in for eleven I am very sceptical Thanks Guys Kev
  8. After talking to "save the lemming" about different things that happened at work and cracked you up, I though I would ask...... What funny things have happened to you at work. After working on the Ambulance service for 33 years, both in the West Mids and down south various thing have happened that had me laughing, this is just one of them..... We would get regular callers, one such caller was a chap who would do anything to get up the hospital, we had a call to him at around 10am he had swallowed a watch (Took the strap off first) . after the obvious gags about time passes etc etc. we put him on the ambulance and set off for the hospital, I was driving and my partner asked why he called ambulance as he had swallowed the watch 3 days ago, So I am driving along and trying to listen to the conversation. the patients reply was... Well the alarm is going off every morning at 6am and I cant get back to sleep. Do you know what an alarm watch sounds like in your stomach..... I had to pull the ambulance over, I was laughing that much i had tears running down my face. So what has cracked you up at work?/
  9. Hi everyone, Ok, here I go. Any advice here is well appreciated and I know that I'm pretty much on a hiding to nothing with my attempt to get work in Oz but if you don't try..... I'm a 37 year old office manager and am would love to move to Oz. I'll give a quick run down of my experience and would like some brutal honesty about the likelihood of getting any kind of a job - and any useful pointers on what I could do to increase my chances. Here is the rundown of my experience: BA in public policy and management 2 years as an administrator 6 years as a graphic designer/marketing assistant 6 years office manager If I could turn back the clock and get a trade under my belt I would but I'm dying to get to Oz and will do any amount of training or re-training to get over. Any advice is greatly appreciated! Cheers! G
  10. Hi I am a 42 year old Office Manager with 13 years experience in engineering and aviation and an Level 3 in Management. We are looking to get to ACT but I am not sure if my qualification is enough? After trying various Visas for hubby this looks like our last chance! Any advice from you clever people out there would be geratly received!! Thanks Helen
  11. Hi I am a 42 year old Office Manager with 13 years experience in engineering and aviation and a NVQ Level 3 in Management. We are looking to get to ACT but I am not sure if my qualification is enough? After trying various Visas for hubby this looks like our last chance! Any advice from you clever people out there would be geratly received!! Thanks Helen
  12. simon9274

    Office Managers in ACT

    Hi all, my wife and i are thinking of applying for a state sponsored visa to ACT. My wife is an office manager and currently this is a classed as limited on the occupation list and she will have to go through the verification stage and gain acceptance even before we can lodge an application for a visa. My question is that because she works for an engineering company will this make a difference bearing in mind the kind of industry in Canberra and will this be assessed as part of the verification criteria. Any advice from personal experince or otherwise would be greatly appreciated. Simon.
  13. Hi we are looking for someone to carry out part time office work - answering phones, entering job cards, invoices and general office work. Must be experienced. Please PM to discuss further.
  14. Team Rennolds

    Office Manager 3291-11

    Hi All Does anyone know the UK equivalent of the Australian qualification for an Office Manager? I currently manage a large office but have no formal qualifications. I need to take this qual so I can earn the extra 5 points needed as a spouse who meets the criteria. This will then take us to the 100 points needed, as soon as we get our qualifications. I have researched trying to find the answer, and just wondered if anyone could help. Thanks in advance Mark :radar:
  15. Hi, I am new to this so please bear with me. My name is Raymond , I work as a firefighter in Glasgow. I stay with my girlfriend and stepdaughter and we all want to migrate to Australia. I am 24, my girfriend is 27 and daughter is 3. I have been firefighting for 3 years, previously lived in Australia for 9 months during a working holiday visa and just loved it. I know firefighter is not a recognized skill, but to be honest I would be willing to do any other job just to get in and work in Australia. My partner works in an office so that isnt an option either. I also have a cousin who is an Australian citizen and lives in Sydney, if that is of any relevance? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! :unsure:
  16. I am having a change around in the house, and we are clearing out our office that now doesnt get used any more. We have on offer: 2 bookcases with 4 shelves each 2 closed cabinets with section on top with 2 shelves again for books/files/folders etc 2 cabinets for under/next to desk with 3/4 drawers plus one deep draw for hanging files. 1 large L shaped desk I do have other bits and pieces such as a revolving chair, desk mat for writing on (metal covered in vinyl) etc which can be thrown in. Everything is from Ikea office series from 8-9 years ago in the Effektiv series. It is a red/brown colour. Very heavy duty (and also very heavy) . It is collapsible, but not the normal Ikea quality, once put together, dont take it apart !! quality. We originally paid about $4000 for the whole set. It does have some signs of wear, but has always been used as a home office, so only a few hours per week max. I dont have pics at the moment but they will be up soon. I am looking for $750.00 for the lot. I also have a Pc for sale. Complete new re-install Vista home premium (including original CD), all updates done, 500GB HDD, dual core 2.0 with 1 GB internal memory. Asking price $275.00 I dont have a screen for it, but will include keyboard, mouse, any cables you might need for free. Even have a couple of reasonably new Modems if needed (for free as well) Send me a PM or call me on 0487 487 499 We are up in the Dandenong ranges. Paul.
  17. Anyone know where the offices for the skills testing is done? I am in Wiltshire and dont know where the nearest one would be thanks very much
  18. Guest

    My Office

    I run my office from our narrowboat and in my spare time (joke) I am writing a journal about our travels along the waterways of Britain on our narrowboat. Thought I'd share seeing as it is such a unique experience. As part of the cutbacks, the government have just axed the old boys clube known as the British Waterways. They are changing it into a charity instead much like the National Trust so it will be interesting to see how it evolves. For now though it is pure magic. 'England is so quirky, I can see how JK Rowling got her oddball inspiration for her best selling Harry Potter books. At the weekend, we cruised through a mile long dark dungeon like tunnel where we had to have our headlight on and steer to the right to allow another narrowboat to pass. This was eerie enough but there are bats in the tunnel and weird petrified sculptures cascading down the walls that look like faces. In the middle of the tunnel, it oozes water that has a strange kind of glow. All you can hear is the rumbling of the boat engine (and my husband breathing heavily, it's all a bit scary to be honest). Then, all of a sudden, we emerged into daylight and tranquil countryside where oak trees grew lining the edges of the canal. Literally seconds later, a big red double decker bus hurtles past over our heads along with the loud drone of heavy traffic. Guess what? We are sat on a boat in the middle of serene, picturesque countryside and then realised that we were directly under the infamous M1 motorway! Just feet away is a nightmare of a lock staircase system which drops 16 metres from top to bottom. 7 locks in all. We decided to moor up and not go through the locks because we were just one hour from base and had to get back there in time for work the next day. BUT! We moored and had a wander and as if by magic, we came across the most mystical, enchanting oriental style garden in the middle of nowhere. We consulted our guide and discovered that it was a Thai restaurant. Remembering our passion for Thai food in Oz, we went inside and enjoyed an early dinner before walking back to our boat, cruising away from the noise of the M1 to a more tranquil spot where we stayed for the night only to be serenaded to sleep by the hooting of a tawny owl and the croaking of a huge fat toad. Magic!
  19. Hi All, My partner is just about to send in a registration application to AHPRA and as it’s now the national registration scheme (theoretically) it shouldn’t matter where we apply right? We were thinking of sending it to the Tasmania office because it should be much quieter than the mainland state offices so it might be quicker. Whether this is true or not I don’t know but does anyone have any experience with the Tassie office for processing overseas applications? Also if for some reason we have to actually go to AHPRA to show ID originals etc, can this be done at any office or only the one where you are applying? Any and all thoughts gratefully received, Simon.
  20. Guest

    sydney cbd office phone number

    Can any one help me the sydney office that deals with 457 visa
  21. Hi, has anyone recently used the post office international signed for service to have any documentation delivered to Oz. The university where the OH did her nurse training have sent a transcript using this method on the 19th January and they (AHPRA) still haven't received it. You can track the package up until it leaves the UK, and this has told me that it was on a plane on the 20th Jan for delivery to Oz, for what use that is !!!! Just wondering if anybody has any experience or knows of realistic timescales I should allow ? cheers
  22. Going to be working as a recruitment consultant in Sydney and just wondered what 20 something girls wear out there for business wear?! I dress smart for work now in the UK but I am not a trouser suit and shirt type girl.....I tend to wear shift dresses with a blazer or cardigans and heels....do you think this will be acceptable or are they more traditional when it comes to office wear?
  23. mandymcqueen

    Office base for an 857

    OK if a company has the head office in a City but the worker will be employed and relocated to a Regional area can they be sponsored. I have been told that this is only possible if the company has a Regional Branch. Any takers??? Mandy
  24. There seems to be loads of vacancies online for varying levels of office work in Sydney, I was just wondering if those of you who are actually there have found it easy to find work whether it be temping or permanent. I have been a PA/Office/Business Manager for 15 years and compared to the UK the salaries look great (given the high cost of living in Sydney we'll need it!) I did temp there when I last went on a WHV but that was almost 10 years ago and there was tons of work then, you could cherry pick and it always paid really well compared to most back packer jobs. I'm sure things have changed ALOT since then though :smile:
  25. Hi Brisbane office has been closed due to the floods , I feel sorry for the affected Brisbane residents, hope things get better anyway due to this thing I Think no more applications will be assessed until further notice Please share your thoughts Thanks