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Found 9 results

  1. Hi, I know my question might sound a bit silly. :notworthy: But answers from you guys directly would somehow gave me an idea of the working hours over in Perth. Thanks. Jenny
  2. Took me a little while to get into it but now I'm enjoying it!
  3. Guest

    Typical timeline for people

    Hi All, Me and my fiancee have recently decided that after four years we are going to head back home. We are just about to start a family and can't see any other way as we don't have the support we would have back home. We have had a fantastic time over the four years, and we will be going back with citizenship secured. We are thinking about going back in March. We have to go back for a wedding then. I am then thinking of coming back out by myself, selling our apartment, giving in my notice, arranging for the removal of our furniture back home, then moving back myself. Just wondering what had been peoples experiences with doing the same, what things you hadn't considered that maybe caught you out? How you went about renting/buying back home? We will have about 100k in equity going back the UK, but I am concerned about securing a mortgage with having no history back there. I am also interested to know about shipping and storing? has anyone shipped a reasonable amount of furniture and been able to store is for several months back in the UK? Any advice, tips would be great. Thanks, Darren
  4. peggsgreen

    typical cost of paperwork?

    Hi, ok so 175 visa is the way we are sure to go now, but can anyone tell us typical costs for moving including visa etc - have you done it? the cost is such a massive factor, We are going to rent our property in the uk and rent a house in Oz. Not sure weather to ship furniture either. Cheers All !
  5. Hi, Does anyone know how long it takes to get an Employer Nomination Scheme visa processed from the point an employer offers a job and starts the processing of applying to DIAC to sponsor the open position? I just got offered a job but my visa agent is saying that it is normal for an ENS visa (which I thought was Category 1) to take 9 months. That doesn´t sound right! Not many employers will wait that long for someone to arrive. I already have ACT sponsorship and the job offer is from ACT. We lodged our application back in May 2009 and are trying to speed things up!!! Any help would be greatly appreciated. Michael.
  6. I am curious if anyone has an idea of standard vacation allotments in packages for intermediate/senior IT Jobs. i am starting to interview for positions and am relocating from Canada where the standard is 3 weeks vacation plus statutory holidays. I am hoping it is more than 3 weeks because it just isn't enough!
  7. cartertucker

    Whats a 'Typical Australian Weekend'?

    Hiya, I'd love to know what a typical weekend is for you when you live in Australia? :v_SPIN: Here in the Uk we certainly struggle to find things to do with the kids, without spending a small fourtune on not alot! Kelly :smile:
  8. bloody typical - i have come down with flu and just so worried about meds next week. hoping i don't get a chest infection and that it resolves in a few days. doing all that i can to keep going and beat this. everyone else in family good but my main worry is the chest xrays. :sad: Bonnie
  9. WHY !! OH WHY!!! DID NO ONE TELL ME HALF OF LONDON WAS CLOSED TODAY:arghh:. Thought we wud drive up to london, and go to History museum whilst waiting for Mark at the Expo!! Well we left 30mins later than planned which is fairly typical of us,,,, kids dressed themselves in unpractical outfits i spend an hour convincing them other wise, all in car before they've had a wee, ya know usual stuff but we should be ok still.....Well that was til we get to the Embankment, (where we were gonna park and jump on tube to museum) at 10:15 only to find its all barriered off and we cant bloody turn right at westminster to drive round to parliament square!!!!:arghh: No bloody warnings you cant turn right... oh no!! we all sat in a que to be forced across the bridge...only to throw a u-turn, narrowly missin some toff in his bentley doin the same thing, ...only to spot Mr :policeman: stopping the car behind us trying to do the same thing...Sorry Officer Sir! By this time its 10:45..(mark due at expo at 11/ 11:15). We managed to get round to museum but cos emankment has no parking it took 20 mins to find a space, as all the other rich sods have parked there bentley etcs every where else (previous exp, parking in london on sundays is fairly easy) so now its 11.10!!, and Mark and i are completely desperate for pee, ...yes i know we didnt go b4 we left!! So now trying not to do the 'i'm gonna wet my pants dance' down the road! Er ok 0 mins to...well... 'relieve ones self'...get on tube back to strand for expo, or forget the whole bloody thing and have a coffee and enjoy the museum. The Latter won!! So no Expo for Mark..Did have a fantastic day at museum though. arrived home at 7pm!!! (2hrs to get out of London:swoon:, 50 mins to get to Herne Bay) with some very tired and Hungry kiddies. Chinese takr away was yummy though!!! lol