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    Rental in Northgate Area, SA

    Please follow the link for more info http://www.realestate.com.au/property-house-sa-northgate-409515931
  2. Hey Guys, We are looking to move to interstate and therefore need someone to take over our lease. The property is based in Northgate, new and developing suburb with ample open spaces and kids activity areas. (http://www.lightsview.com.au) Please PM me if you are interested for more info on the property.
  3. Hi, Check the state eligible list. I am sure you need 7 and above in all four modules. Please refer to http://www.immigration.sa.gov.au/applyonline/skilled/planning_level_status.php
  4. mansukhpatel

    ACS Processing Time

    I see that you have received your visa Congratulations
  5. mansukhpatel

    ACT, Canberra State Sponsorship - WHERE ARE YOU NOW

    Congratulation Bob, Things are going well for you mate...All the best with the future.
  6. mansukhpatel

    IELTS for State Sponsorship from New South Wales

    It would normally be 7 in each band and not overall and it would be 176 Skilled Sponsored
  7. mansukhpatel

    Points for State Sponsorship

    You get 5 points for State Migration. For regional area, you get 10 points
  8. mansukhpatel

    Visa for Oz

    We received our state sponshored visa just over a month ago. We will be going over next year to validate the visa but the question is do we need to get an additional tourist visa as we will be traveling via melbourne to get to Adelaide and again on the way back we will be stopping in Perth for few days.
  9. mansukhpatel

    god and bad areas?

    Hi Clan mac, How far is Reynella from the city? We will be travelling next year to validate the visa and then move. We have been looking at the different places, mainly around the city with a hope to get a job close by in the IT sector? Hope everything goes well for you. All the best
  10. You may get the golden ticket as ours were finalised on Friday and received the green light on Monday
  11. Timeline will differ depending on whether you are from a HR/LR country. I live in UK To be honest all CO are helpful.
  12. From applying for SS sponsorship to visa grant I would say 2 - 3 months.
  13. mansukhpatel

    god and bad areas?

    Hi, Once again thanks for the info I have been following the realestate site for a while and comparing the prices from one suburb to another. How quickly did you settle in? Did you find a place before hand or once you moved? We are weighing our options as to whether I should go there first or move with the family
  14. mansukhpatel

    god and bad areas?

    Hi, Thanks for the useful information. We are planning to move in 2012 but looking are different areas just like the others. We have looked at both North and South around the city as the jobs I have looked at (IT) are in the CBD. The sort of rent we are looking at is around £300 - £350. Would you happen to know what the average prices for state school? Also whether if there is any difference between Medicare for someone with visa and citizen as I have read mica info. I have looked at Private Health Care as I understand that medicare is not as good as the NHS. thanks in advance
  15. Hi, We are fortunate that my parents are here. I also have half of my family in Perth but it was down to state which has more job opportunities. We have started spend more days looking into places to stay and work. See what happens. I hope things work out for you and the family and you join your OH quicker...All the best