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    urgent please help regarding medicals

    The posters above are suggesting that you attend the medical with a report from your doctor detailing what your current prescription is, what your condition is, what the prognosis is. If the panel doctor wants further reports these will probably need to come from a private doctor chosen by them. I think people have been pretty clear as to what the report needs to contain so I won't repeat it here. Good luck!
  2. wellieboots

    Location of Aussie sponsor when 309/100 is lodged

    Hi, you're a citizen, no worries then. The sentence you've quoted refers to PR or New Zealand citizens. We've been out here for 2.5 years now but my DH was living in the UK with me when we applied, had been for almost 2 years. It's a very normal situation - if you think about it, if you're lodging an offshore application for a partner visa, it is more likely that the Aussie will also be offshore as they are in the relationship with the applicant. Good luck with everything
  3. wellieboots

    Child visa

    I have heard of people doing this before but obviously there is always the risk that you will get stopped at the border and they have to tell you that. If your visa has just been granted, why didn't you add your little boy to your application while it was still being processed? Or has he only just been born? Either way, congratulations :biggrin:
  4. wellieboots

    visa activation question

    All you are required to do within the first 2 years (well, actually before the enter by date) is enter Australia and validate the visa. You don't need to live there. The 2 year probationary period is just to make sure you remain in the relationship with your partner, somewhere in the world!
  5. wellieboots

    Form 929 Change of Passport

    You send it to your local DIAC office. You don't say where you are, but for example if you are still in the UK you would send it to Australia House in London.
  6. airlines forbid staff to interact with infants for OH&S reasons?! I've heard it all now! What kind of world are we living in? We've now booked with Virgin Australia and discovered there are no bassinets available anyway as they've all been reserved...back to the drawing board for me.
  7. Thanks snifter that's really good to know. I guess I could call Etihad and ask them whether they're strict about the 10 months thing - they are one of the cheapest and were ok when we flew last year, and Virgin Australia who partner with them on the Abu Dhabi route have some of the longest bassinets and the highest weight limit for them, so it's a bit rubbish that you could buy one ticket and then depending which days you fly, you get either the best option or you're not allowed to use a bassinet at all as your baby is deemed too old. Very weird...
  8. Hi and thanks for any input! We have previously flown with BA (hated it, not good at long haul), Emirates (were handy for us as we were based in Scotland before we migrated and could get straight from Glasgow to Dubai so avoiding LHR) and Virgin Australia/Etihad (ok). But we now have a little person to think about - we did a short flight to NZ with DD in June (on Emirates points). The flight out was good, coming home not so good, flight much busier and the crew even forgot to bring us a lap belt for the baby, never mind making a fuss of her! One thing we were very conscious of was that, while she fitted nicely in the Emirates bassinet in June, it was a bit snug and I don't think there's any way she would fit in it in September/October. We can't afford to get a seat for her, and I don't like the thought of having a baby sleeping on me or lying on me or playing on me non stop for 24 hours! The reasonably priced options seems to be BA, Emirates, Cathay, Etihad and Singapore. I read something on Ethihad saying they only offer bassinets for under 10 months. This is a bit of a nightmare as DD will be 10 and a half months when we go. If they are strict about it, even though she is petite we might be stuck! Anybody have any other pointers or things to think about? In terms of timing, I've heard that night flights is the way to go - any thoughts on that too?
  9. wellieboots

    Migrate with family but only I have citizenship.

    Put them on your wife's visa, absolutely. There is no need to pay for 3 visas! I think they can only get citizenship after they have been resident for 4 years, though?
  10. wellieboots

    Migrate with family but only I have citizenship.

    No, they don't want you to do that. You have to show that you can support them, yes, but you do that by evidencing your current earnings, and by explaining in your personal statement what your plans are to get work, accommodation etc once you get there. Like I said before, people who apply to sponsor their partners for offshore visas are generally not living in Aus, because if their families are offshore, so are they. Otherwise immigration might wonder if the relationship is genuine. Good luck!
  11. wellieboots

    Migrate with family but only I have citizenship.

    I remember the form asking about the house, we answered based on the house we were living in at that time in the UK. Are you referring to the question which asks about your citizenship? If you have never been to Aus, then I would suggest that you leave the box blank (it isn't asking when you plan to come, it is asking when you started living here). That does not apply to you so surely you just leave it.
  12. wellieboots

    Migrate with family but only I have citizenship.

    No you don't need to already have a job and a house in Aus in order to sponsor, who told you that? If anything, it gives more proof that your relationship is genuine that you are living offshore with your family. Plenty of people in your circumstances are granted visas all the time. You need to provide employment evidence, but that doesn't have to be from Australia. I don't recall being asked when we planned to move, but the form may have changed. Just put an approximate date or write unknown. Good luck!
  13. wellieboots

    Defacto requirements

    Yes you could apply for a visa from different countries but you don't seem to qualify for a partner visa on your current circumstances so for that reason I would not apply until you qualify
  14. wellieboots

    Onshore Partner Visa Subclass 820 Evidence

    It is some time since I completed the visa application but why would he need his fathers birth certificate and passport details? Do DIAC now ask for that info? I can't see why they would. No, as I said before, we only sent photocopies of any documents apart from the ones you listed which we got certified, and the police check which has to be original
  15. wellieboots

    Partner Visa Subclass 820 Police and Medical Checks

    I would recommend waiting until your meds and police check are requested. They are only valid for a year and it can take longer than that for 820 to be granted