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  1. fleabo

    Suggestions on places to visit in Sydney in April

    1. Take the train to Cowan then walk down to Jerusalem Bay (about 40mins). 2. Take a ferry from Circular Quay to Cockatoo Island and have a look around there. 3. Do the 'Bay Walk'
  2. fleabo

    Singing the National Anthem

    Well, I took up the offer of citizenship, relearnt the anthem off by heart, then at the ceremony the band finished at the end of the first verse just as I was getting into it. All that work and effort...:laugh:
  3. fleabo

    DAB digital radio

    Most radio here is from the 80's so it will have Buckley's chance of working here! :laugh: In all honesty, I brought mine out and upgraded it via the USB. It worked OK until it failed and those 'Pure' folk refused to do anything. I had a 'wireless' for 20 years without fail, but have in the past 5 years had to replace a DAB radio twice.
  4. fleabo

    easy peezy slow cooker faves

    self-basting sponge pudding - yum, yum. :yes:
  5. fleabo

    PIO Cricket Discussion Thread

    They'll have reruns of Fawlty Towers on the telly Sunday and Monday I reckon.
  6. fleabo

    It' not Xmas without....????????????

    Titanic sandwiched between two episodes of slit-your-wrists EastEnders. Priceless! But seriously, getting rat-arsed by lunchtime then sitting in a bean bag contemplating the next alcoholic victual.
  7. fleabo

    Art, music and cinema in Sydney!!?

    We enjoyed Bell Shakespeare's production of 'Comedy of Errors' at the Opera House. It has just started. You can book online (and can probably rock up to the venue and buy at the box office).
  8. fleabo

    Halloween...is it big in Oz??

    It is popular with the pumpkin sellers. :yes:
  9. fleabo

    Wind Turbines

    Yes, Australia has wind turbines, mainly in SA and WA.
  10. fleabo

    England v Scotland football match

    Is it home or away?
  11. fleabo

    What labour saving cooking devises you got?

    Thermomix and its recipe book.:jiggy:
  12. fleabo

    Utility providers NSW

    Optus plan for home phone and internet. Not the cheapest tbh. Amaysim for mobile.
  13. fleabo


    How's your sense of smell?
  14. fleabo

    Utility providers NSW

    Woodburner - you will need it down there. Lovely spot. Some great vineyards.
  15. fleabo

    Car accident advice please.

    This is not addressed to anyone in patricular, but unlike in the UK, folk can drive around NSW with nothing other than their Green Slip. "If you cause an accident, your green slip insurance covers medical costs for: your passengers other road users, such as drivers, passengers, pedestrians, cyclists, motor cyclists and pillion passengers injuries caused through the use of a trailer. Your green slip insurance does not cover: you for your personal injuries if you cause the accident damage to property or other vehicles." Note that the Green Slip will not cover damage to anyones vehicle. So if someone drives into the back of your car assume they have no insurance and that you (or your insurance company) will have to take them to court to recover costs. You need to get some basic info: http://www.lawassist.lawaccess.nsw.gov.au/lawassist/lawassist_car_accident/lawassist_after_an_accident/lawassist_exchange_details.html Or think of it like this. Some random person starts chucking stones at your house windows, smashing them. You probably wouldn't accept their word that they would pay for the damage. You would get their details (or call the cops).