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  1. debbio

    Shipping Brisbane to Glasgow...

    Thanks Guys, AJ we are not heading back because we want to, its because we need to. We love it here
  2. Can anyone recommend shipping companies please?
  3. debbio

    We have to go home :(

    Hi Guys, Its been a while since I have posted, but I am back and with a heavy heart. Australia just isn't working out for us and we are tired of fighting. We have been here for 1.5 years and love it...my kids have settled so well, there is so much to see and do, the weather is amazing...our problem...work! I am a Quantity Surveyor and haven't been able to get a job due to lack of Australia experience. I have worked for a company since May last year doing admin and a bit of contracts administration, but I had to leave due to bad management affecting me personally. My hubby works in Oil and gas and has pretty much had work constantly apart from over the Christmas period, he cant get a contract so has been working for all different companies. Its not great and we are not financially secure and cat see that changing in the future. So due to the above we have decided to go back. Can people recommend shipping companies? Thank you in advance
  4. debbio

    New to Redland Bay!

    Tis true is it has a way of growing on you Have to admit I wasn't too keen on the area at first, but I love it now! Its central to everything and has everything you need on your door step for day to day living Good luck with the move!
  5. Hey, Was wondering if anyone has done or considered doing this since moving to Oz?? Cheers Debs x x x
  6. debbio

    worlds strongest man...

    Happy New Year everyone! We we had a fabby first new year celebrated with our Ozzie neighbours...what a great welcoming bunch anyway...was wondering if the show worlds strongest man on Ozzie tv...it's a fav at this time of year x x
  7. Hi Guys, Was wondering if anyone fancied a get together/Picnic over the next few weeks?? We are family of 4...2 boys aged 7 and 5... Would be great to meet overs living around the Redlands Area x x x
  8. debbio

    perth to brisbane...

    Don't have any advice on moving interstate, but just wondering which park you are heading too? x x
  9. debbio

    How long...

    Hi guys, just wondering how long long up all waited to get you things after they arrive on Ozzie shores?? x x
  10. Thanks Kenny... I have actually joined the the gym at Victoria point so hopefully will meet some mums there we have met up with some lovely people, but they are a little down the coast... We're we hope to move later. They eh don't have to b poms, but as we are on a pommie site it was just what I wrote... Sorry if I offended u!!
  11. Would love to meet up with other mums for play dates and coffee drinking I have 5 and 7 year old and the days can be long went entertaining 5 year old while 7 year old is at school so if there is anyone in a similar situation I would love to hear from you!!! Debs x x x
  12. Hi guys, Anyone around the Victoria point area looking for new friends?? Been here a week and about to move into our first rental around Victoria point...I have two boys ages 7 - 5 who would love some wee friends to play with...and a mama bear wanting to chat and sunbath would be an added bonus Debs and family x x x
  13. Hi Dan, Where are are you based?? Debs