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  1. shawankit

    ICT jobs in Brisbane from August

    Legally you would be employed with Lester and you would be contracting via Lester to company A. Lester is like a IT consultancy company for Company A and they will invoice Company A for your service and they will pay you once company A pays Lester. Lester would probably charge a commission or fee , which can be anywhere betwee 5 to 15% of your salary. I have seen similar companies charging up to 30% of your salary as their fees or commission.
  2. shawankit

    ICT jobs in Brisbane from August

    It's a catch 22 situation with many employers and agencies. You can only apply for some jobs if you already have a visa . However there may be very few employer that would consider this situation , if they are unable to find another candidate with required skills.
  3. shawankit

    ICT jobs in Brisbane from August

    I would not say it's impossible to get a job, I am suggesting that you prepare for the bad market with enough resources to stay and continue job hunting for 3 to 6 months and be flexible to move to other places for job and have a backup plan in case things do not work out. If possible take a long leave or sabbatical from your current job for 3 to 4 months , while you research Australia.
  4. shawankit

    ICT jobs in Brisbane from August

    The situation is not good and only short contracts are available , which is also over applied by 40 to 50 candidates having 15 to 20 yrs experience . This is my second time in Australia, I worked in Sydney from 2005 to 2009 and then moved to NZ and recently moved back to Brisbane , and the market conditions are worse. The month of May will set the standard for next 6 month and I am watching it closely.
  5. shawankit

    ICT jobs in Brisbane from August

    The market is over saturated currently ; specially in IT sector. It's is difficult to predict if any changes will occur after June ( Financial year end)
  6. shawankit

    Moving to brisbane... After some advice!

    Try airbnb.com or stayz.com.au for furnished monthly rental.
  7. shawankit

    Resident Return Visa (RRV)

    To my understanding you are eligible for 3 months RRV. You need to be back before your rrv expiry and you will continue to be PR. Refer daic website for online application for rrv. Note rrv has start and end date and you need to plan to get this before travel and must be back in Australia before expiry.
  8. shawankit

    Reg 176 visa - release from state

    Are you still in WA or have you moved to another state and did you need to sign any paper work to get released from WA commitment. I am going by FAQ on WA website which states "To relocate you must apply to Skilled Migration Western Australia for a release from this commitment."
  9. shawankit

    Reg 176 visa - release from state

    Hi. You will need to request release from commitment with WA before you can move to another state. You need to contact WA using contact page on website and provide details and request for release. Let us know how it went and what were asked and how release was finally approved.
  10. Congrats and Good luck
  11. shawankit

    Benefits of State Sponsored Visa

    The Child can get Australian Citizenship - Children born after 20 August 1986 are only Australian citizens if at least one parent was an Australian citizen or permanent resident at the time of their birth. Source link : http://www.citizenship.gov.au/current/
  12. shawankit

    Working for a company based in another State?

    Answering your question: You can work for any employer, Sate Sponsorship does not restrict which employer you work for. All it states that you must live and stay in that state for 2 years . So basically if you are remote worker for company based in Mel or in any part of the world - no worries if you actually live and work out of WA...
  13. shawankit

    Frustrated with IELTS.

    @PositivePixie I have edited my post and removed the word "flawed", I never meant it to be offensive to anyone. The system has issues and is non consistent and thoes who have to give second exame had lost valuable time and money and I believe they have right to raise the issue.
  14. shawankit

    Frustrated with IELTS.

    I agree the system have subjective factors, but even the objective test results are not correct and its easier to sit the next exame (in 14 days time) than to challange the test result which can take over 6 weeks and no gurantee its will fix the errors !. I would suggest use scott english online training and then try , possible success is higher as it tunes you to what & how test are measured. Try going for Academic rather than general test. Cheers,
  15. shawankit

    Best Citys in the world to live in

    Hi All, Check Mercers -2010 quality of living report, this is being conducted for years and is considred very accurate. http://www.mercer.com/articles/quality-of-living-survey-report-2010 Americas Asia Pacific Europe Middle East & Africa Vancouver (4th) Ottawa (14th) Toronto (16th) Montreal (21st) Calgary (28th) Auckland (4th) Sydney (10th) Wellington (12th) Melbourne (18th) Perth (21st) Vienna (1st) Zurich (2nd Geneva (3rd) Dusseldorf (6th) Frankfurt (tied 7th) Munich (tied 7th) Dubai (75th) Port Louis (82nd) Abu Dhabi (83rd) Cape Town (86th) Tunis (94th)