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  1. akiralx

    New 55+ Retail QROPS Super (soon) - UK Pension Transfers

    Yes, it is a defined benefit, deferred since 2009. Though the LGPS is funded unlike some of them? I would of course be giving up the DB lump sum and lifetime pension - but I am concerned that both will be taxed when paid from the UK while if transferred as a cash equivalent into super here they wouldn't be when I take the benefit. I could actually take the LGPS benefit (reduced) in 2 years at age 55. Thanks
  2. akiralx

    New 55+ Retail QROPS Super (soon) - UK Pension Transfers

    Hi, Andrew - is this because the NHS is a public sector fund? I have a deferred benefit with the Local Government scheme (LGPS), and while I was not thinking of transferring it, it would be good to know if it is possible. Thanks
  3. akiralx

    PRs who never bother to take out citizenship

    I have had citizenship for a few years but am certainly not Australian...
  4. akiralx

    PRs who never bother to take out citizenship

    Though getting Australian citizenship would not stop you from being deported after serving a criminal sentence - they would just strip you of it if they wish.
  5. Yes I read something similar. I have asked them to send me a revised payment cost noting that they have already confirmed Class 2 for me... Thanks again.
  6. Thanks - I assume you mean April 2019?
  7. Hi, Andrew Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but I was sent a letter in 2015 giving details of repaying past NI years at Class 2 (as you said around 140GBP per year). Now when I log onto HMRC under my page the higher class 3 is being quoted for my missing years (around 700GBP per year, which many not be worth it) - has class 2 for people living abroad been abolished? My 2015 letter said I had until April 2019 to pay so hopefully that would still be valid? Many thanks
  8. akiralx

    Scotland or Melbourne?

    Yes, you sound like my wife and I, we've been in Victoria for 9 years, and have realised that we will never have a deep connection to this place, or make many friends here (she has one or two, I have none) we just have to concentrate on what is good about our lives here and enjoy it. We were musing about returning a few months ago but that has passed - it will probably come back but as we have a nice house, well-paid jobs and basically enjoy our existence it would seem foolish to risk it at our time of life (around 50) - finding work at my age would not be easy.
  9. akiralx

    Shame of Australia

    I'm sure you've realised that this forum is now for the most part just an echo chamber of right wing xenophobic idiocy. It's pointless arguing with them - they ask a question to promote their neo-liberal view, you answer it, they ignore the answer and ask another... I used to log on most days, now it's a few times a month to see if anything interesting has come up. Just forget about getting any sensible debate.
  10. akiralx

    Best TV series ever...your top 3

    Band of Brothers The Sopranos Frasier
  11. akiralx

    On this day in History

    The Pentagon one (or perhaps the other one which crashed in the field?) was suppose to be flown into the White House, but the hijackers could not locate the WH. I visited the 9/11 Memorial last year. On birthdays of the victims the staff place a flower by the name.
  12. akiralx

    Marrying cousins, should it be outlawed?

    Not sure morality has anything to do with it. I'm not really opposed to any two individuals marrying no matter how close their family relationship, as long as there are no children from the union for genetic reasons. At the end of the day the only objection to, say, siblings marrying is 'morality' - which used to be the standard objection to interracial or same sex marriage.
  13. akiralx

    I bring you Fraser Anning...

    Katter's grandfather did sign a stat dec saying he was Syrian...
  14. akiralx

    tv programs that you watch nearly every night?

    Tobias Menzies will take over that role for season 3 - they are recasting it all as the characters age. Olivia Colman will play the Queen and Helena Bonham-Carter Princess Margaret.
  15. akiralx

    Almost makes one feel sorry for them

    Except London's crime rate is not soaring. And a city's crime rate discussed in isolation is fairly meaningless unless compared to other cities...