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  1. aurora

    Moving to Sunshine Coast

    whereabouts are you headed too and what could you do with knowing? gosh maroochydore has changed a lot, much bigger and busier then we were used to in the uk. we live further up the coast and it's beautiful. weather is stunning at the moment and flowers are starting to bloom. Evenings and mornings cold though!
  2. aurora

    Choosing a super fund

    I've just taken up permanent residency in australia and my employer has asked me to choose a super fund. I'm a little time poor but have had a look around different options and AustralianSuper seems ok to me (I like the idea of having permanent disability cover and income protection cover - some funds don't seem to offer an income protection option?). Growth and fees seem comparable and are at least clear - some fund websites don't seem to have these clearly laid out. I assume to have approx 20 - 22 working years left. Do I just tell my employer that I wish to use 'AustralianSuper' and that's that? Or do I need to specify which investment option e.g. 'premix Balanced' 'premix high growth' etc? Or is this something I sort directly with AustralianSuper once the account is open? thanks in advance!
  3. aurora

    another property viewing request!

    must be horrible as a young family to live in a family orientated area with heaps of other kids, free heated outdoor pools and gym, community events, new houses easy to maintain and surrounded by national park. whatever are we thinking ?.
  4. aurora

    another property viewing request!

    Sorry to disappoint you but as I said in my original post, we know the area and the road very well.
  5. aurora

    another property viewing request!

    hello thank you so much for your reply! Not that one but another better one came up which our friends viewed today. should hear by thursday.
  6. Hello We are moving to Peregian Springs on the Sunshine Coast shortly and have seen the perfect rental. Only problem is our local friends are unable to attend the available viewing dates, which are Thursday 31st May 09:30 - 09:45 and Friday 1st June 09:30 - 09:45. We know the area, the street and the houses so don't have a problem with not viewing in person - however it wouldn't help with our application. If anyone is in the local area and has a free 10 mins to attend on our behalf we would be eternally grateful! @NoosaMick @Jack91 @Evali3 @SusieRoo @Nursebucko @jacquiandpaul @BlueKangaroo @Monket @Gogetti Many thanks and apologies if this is not allowed.
  7. aurora

    UK Passports expiry dates

    fab, thanks
  8. aurora

    UK Passports expiry dates

    Hoping to move over to Australia at some point this year, initially with the aim of staying at least long enough to secure citizenship, if not longer/forever. I have just checked our passports and child one expires Jan 2019 so will get new one sorted now. Two adult passports expire 2021 and 2024 - is it worth renewing both of these as well, or just the one that expires 2021? While we are PR but not citizens I guess we continue to travel on UK passport? Not sure where to post this so please move if in wrong place.
  9. aurora

    car running costs Queensland

    that's all really helpful thanks.
  10. aurora

    car running costs Queensland

    thanks for your reply. so, running costs look similar to UK with registration, mot equivalent and insurance? anything else? will have to do some digging to get an idea of these costs. we will need cars for short commutes to work and for mountain biking/surfing so prefer a car we can put bikes and boards in but not end of world if go on bike/roof rack. No to beach driving - hate hate hate seeing that here in the UK and nothing fancy as will be used for bikes etc. is fuel still relative cheap?
  11. aurora

    car running costs Queensland

    I'm trying to work out running costs for 2 x medium cars in Queensland. In the Uk we have a vw Touran and large vw golf estate but could consider a bit smaller in australia - however a comparison would be good. We average about £30 diesel in UK. What other running costs are required for Queensland and if anyone could give a rough idea of costs that would be very helpful!
  12. I have just spoken with AHPRA. The staff member assured me I can use my UK address - and that I can also present in person with confirmation of this UK address rather than the stated Australian address. This would make life far easier Has anyone done this or are any agents aware of people who have done this? many thanks.
  13. I am planning on sending my APHRA reg off next week (trying to coincide present in person with validation trip). I am currently in the UK. I have to have an Australian address for when I present in person, for this I am hoping to use a friends address. For Question 5 "What is your residential address?" can I use my UK address and then change that when I present in person? I don't think I could put my friends address yet as then I would need to fulfill the ID requirements for 'arrived in australia more than 6 weeks prior' which I won't have. What have others put when applying from overseas? For place of practice address (Australia) can I just put N/A? Many thanks
  14. aurora

    superannuation in private practice

    sunshine coast. lots of jobs in brissy but don't want to live/work there really. may consider a commute. good luck with the selection process!
  15. aurora

    superannuation in private practice

    not sure why that post posted again , sorry.