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  1. Johnnyboy

    How to watch British TV in Australia

    IPTV is the easiest and cheapest option.
  2. Google Melbourne Rental Search, they will be able to help you.
  3. Johnnyboy

    Job offer, Brisbane

    Apologies for intruding your post...but how do you cope with the dark falling quite early (6-7pm)? Thanks
  4. Johnnyboy

    Cost of living in Melbourne

    You are right, there is nothing expected for granted but the salary offered is on the lower scale until I'll prove myself. With that visa I can move to a different employer, even though it's not my intention. If we struggle financially though, I might have no option than to look for a better job & salary somewhere else. If I'll be able to find it though... it's a different question. I've been already offered a better package somewhere else but didn't take it as would be unfair to the existing company who applied for nomination already.
  5. Johnnyboy

    Cost of living in Melbourne

    Well...a lot of things could happen in an year. I did sign the contract in June last year and the company applied for nomination but hasn't been granted yet. I can then apply for 186 visa - obviously, I need the skills assessment first but that shouldn't be a problem as I've got 15 years experience in my job (still on the long term skills list in Oz). My wife is now very keen on the move but I'm the one having doubts because of financial reasons. With 2 small children (4 & 7), I'm sure they will like it in Aus but I'm not convinced we can afford the same lifestyle as in UK. As stated before, I've got here £45-50k/year while in Oz I'll start off with $85. I'm sure I can get towards $100k, maybe $110k in short term (up to 1-2 years) but even with that salary, the house cost makes me thinking very carefully about the move. I'd like the adventure but with 2 children...I'm not so sure about it. We can sell our house in UK deposit but affordability here for a house is 6 times salary while in Melbourne (or somewhere else) will be nearly 10 times !!! I refused already to come over on a 457 visa and I don't regret it at all as that was only a temporary option and with the new changes, we were only allowed to stay for 4 years.
  6. Johnnyboy

    Cost of living in Melbourne

    I don't know how you can manage it... Even though the salaries are higher in Aus than in UK, the rent and house prices makes the living cost barely manageable for a lot of people.
  7. Johnnyboy

    Buying properties in Melbourne West

    Ask them to sponsor you for 186, that would be the best option for both you and the company. Might take 1 year but is well worth it on both sides.
  8. Johnnyboy

    Cost of living in Melbourne

    I don't want to turn this into an buying/rent thread but as others have mentioned already, 6-700k doesn't get you very much for a property in Melbourne.
  9. Johnnyboy

    Cost of living in Melbourne

    My wife doesn't have a negative mindset, she'd like to give it a go... I'm the one with concerns, especially having 2 children involved. If we face financial problems, even the paradise will look dull and a very sad place to us.
  10. Johnnyboy

    Cost of living in Melbourne

    Super is on top of that $85k offered. Thanks
  11. Johnnyboy

    Watching UK/US TV

    I think someone already mentioned IPTV on a different thread. Various accounts with different prices but there are free ones as well.
  12. Johnnyboy

    Phoning back to the UK

    You can also use a sip account (most probably free) and that will give you a number from UK. Then they can ring you as it's a local call to them. Just give them a buzz from your mobile, then they can ring u from uk on that number.
  13. Johnnyboy

    Cost of living in Melbourne

    Thanks, I did look there already but as we have 2 children, we need to look into schools as well.
  14. Johnnyboy

    Cost of living in Melbourne

    I did look already into that and it's about $5500/month after taxes
  15. Johnnyboy

    Cost of living in Melbourne

    Visa won't be tied to the employer but the high prices for food, utilities and monthly shopping is scary. We'd be better off if we sell our house in UK and buy something as the mortgage is cheaper than the rent. But if doesn’t work out well in Melbourne, we'll have the hassle buying something back here. Nothing is easy, innit?! My basic salary in Oz is nearly 2.5 higher than in UK, however I get a lot of overtime here and I don't know if I'll have the chance there as well. We need to work our budget very carefully because we might end up in a worse situation than we think. Hence this thread.