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Found 26 results

  1. I was certain I’d find the answer to this by searching previous posts, but haven’t had any luck. I’ll ask the question quite generally so maybe others can find the answer more easily, then I’ll give specific context if it’s unclear. My question is; When a person with a permanent residency finally gets citizenship (therefore now having dual citizenship for UK & Australia). Is the PR on the existing UK passport now cancelled? Does that person now need an Australian passport to be able to leave/enter Australia? Or can they continue travelling with the UK passport as if they had never got citizenship? The reason that ask is that I’ve just received citizenship, but now have to quickly leave Australia for a short trip and haven’t had time to get an Australian passport. I’m worried the PR is removed from my existing passport in favour of my citizenship making my UK passport worthless for reentering Australia. Any official articles always say dual citizens must leave/enter using Australian passport. thanks. Sorry if it’s been asked and I missed it.
  2. Hi again, My wife and I moved to Oz from UK in 2011, were AU residents 2011-16, and citizens 2015-16. We're now back in the UK, and belatedly filing our 2015-16 AU Tax Return. Since we were renting out our UK house, around half-way through our AU residence, we paid off enough of the mortgage that we started receiving a moderate net income from the house that was still well within the personal allowance. All the time we were in AU, we were declaring the net income on our AU tax return, and paying tax on it. So - I was doing the 2016 return, and I had forgotten how we had declared the house the previous year. I did some googling, and came to the conclusion that we should declare it in the UK. HMRC general advice on dual taxation UK - AU dual taxation convention Specifically the text is: ARTICLE 6 Income from real property 1 Income derived by a resident of a Contracting State from real property may be taxed in the Contracting State in which the real property is situated. 2 The term "real property" shall have the meaning which it has under the law of the Contracting State in which the property is situated. The term shall in any case include: (a) a lease of land or any other interest in or over land; (b) property accessory to real property; So - it seems we should have been assessed for tax on it in the UK primarily, in which case it would be within the UK personal allowance, and no tax paid. Hence no tax paid in AU either? This HMRC consultation from 2014 about removing the personal allowance for non-residents appears to confirm the case, by virtue of the fact the consultation sees it as a loophole that HMG want to close! So, my questions are: Am I reading this right? Can I declare it on my UK tax return, and pay nothing on my AU tax return? If we've been doing this for 2011-14, can we re-file previous years' returns to reclaim the tax paid in those years, if significant? How far back should tax be reassessed (as I think we were originally claiming a deduction on a net loss on the house of mortgage over rental income during around 2011 to ?) Many thanks! Damo
  3. Rogmandera

    University Funding

    Hello I am a dual citizen of the Uk and Australia, by descent in Australia as my dad was born there. I am considering going to university in Australia but was wondering what (if any) help from the Australian government I am entitled to, meaning loans or grants. I know that in the uk you have to be a resident for 3 years as well as a citizen to receive a loan. Is this the case in Australia? Hope you can help, thanks
  4. Hi, Anyone know if it is forbidden to lodge more than one state sponsorship application to two or more separate states at a time? Would the states know of your applications to other states and do you think it would affect your chances if they did? Cheers BB
  5. lynn22

    Dual nationality

    Just wondering... If expats succeed in getting Australian citizenship do they keep that forever & then have the choice of either country without visas etc ?
  6. nickdodd79

    Dual Nationality

    Hi All, Does the fact that I hold a permanent resident visa (175) and my British passport mean I am dual nationality? Or does that come about when I get citizenship? I suspect the latter is true, but need to confirm for a query I've been asked. Thanks. Nick.
  7. http://law.ato.gov.au/atolaw/view.htm?docid=%22AID%2FAID201153%2F00001%22 This Ruling might be of interest to some who maintain high quality contact with both countries. Note: It is recommended that those with complex tax affairs (those who migrate generally fall into the complex category, at least to the generality of tax practitioners and financial advisors) take advice from a competent tax professional about their personal tax position. Best regards.
  8. Guest

    Dual Citizenship

    Hi, not been on here for a while and not even sure I am in the right section. But here goes anyway............ Does anyone know how long you need to have lived in Austrlia before on a permenant visa before you can apply for dual citizenship? Lisa
  9. OK folks my background. 47 years young, Four year Control and instrumentation apprenticeship with HNC qualification. 18 years offshore Oil and Gas experience the last eight in production operations with a level 3 NVQ and city and guilds in hydrocarbon operations. Valid hazardous areas certificate, Huet, medical etc for offshore work. Worked for one of the major Oil companies over the past eight years. My visa was granted for the following skills assessment General Electronic Instrument Tradesperson, (ASCO) 4314-11. Having gained the TRA and now done a lot of research it would appear almost impossible to work as a Instrument technician without the addition of a full electrical apprenticeship ! seems to be another one of those money making schemes that surrounds all electrical based disciplines entering Australia. Fortunately I have a production background to fall back on now or I’m possibly looking at chasing supervisor or engineering positions, or working Singapore etc which is not the reason I chose to migrate. I have read several of the posts from the Electricians looking at adding Instrumentation to their skills base but have any other tiffies gone along this route and what has been your experiences and outcomes? Our relocation will be completed 17th February 2010.
  10. (Quote)I was born in Australia and lived here for my first 22 years. When I finished uni i went to the UK for 18 months (as you do) and stayed for 18 years. I always planned to return home but now I have I am not sure where home is. When I was in the UK, I was called an Aussie, here I am called a Pom. I missed Australia whilst I was in the UK and now I miss the UK. I love everything about Australia but I still miss things about the UK. Where do I belong? (Quote) I am starting this thread in relation to a previous thread (Above) started by Ravensfield concerning 'Where Do I Belong', the thread did indeed get me thinking and in no small measure tugged at the old heart strings. Basically Ravensfield in a very thorough and educated way was asking where he/she truly belonged, Australia or the UK. They had come to the point where when in Australia they felt as if they belonged but still missed things about the UK, a sentiment that I truly understand and one that has often played a huge part in my life. If only I had the answer I would be a millionaire many times over. I am exactly the same, only in reverse, born in UK, etc. And to this day I still don't truly know where I belong. When in Australia I have a sense of utter 'belonging', but still miss the UK, and vice versa. We are very lucky people in a way that we have a 'choice' through the visa process, PR, Citizenship, etc, that we are 'able' to choose which country to live in. There are many in both countries that have little choice but to remain where they are, often unhappy and craving the green pastures of the new. As much as many people envy me, in the ability to flit backwards and forwards as time and money allows, I also envy those that have 'chosen' to make their homes in either country. Some have come to the realistation that either Australia or the UK is the place to be and are very happy with their decision. I truly envy these people, the ability to come to a reasoned and educated decision about their future and live as if there is no tomorrow. OK, some hitches and hurdles to overcome, but to be able to come to a decision about your future AND be happy with that is something I admire greatly in these people. The key to the issue, I think, is the ability to say to yourself, 'Yep, I DO have a choice', because of dual nationality, and be thankful for that. Even though at times it can be very difficult to live somewhere your not WHOLLY happy in it must be remembered that those of us fortunate enough to be in such a position are far more well off than the poor buggers who have little choice in the matter. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying you to teach anyone to suck eggs, I know only to well the emotional turmoil, stress and worry that this 'choice' puts upon you and for your loved ones, it's not a particularly nice place to be, BUT. When I look at some of the peoples stories on here about peoples efforts, tears, heartbreak, etc, and how hard they are trying to become 'happy', I am truly grateful for the 'CHOICE' I have. Though at times this choice can seem a stone around ones neck I have come to realise that even though I am totally confused and indeed very unhappy at times I still have the ability to say, 'Right, we're off again', that is a choice very few are afforded and one that I feel truly blessed with, no matter the pitfalls. My heart goes out to the people who because of certain issues with DIAC, family etc have had to put their plans on hold and in some cases realise that they will never be afforded their dream of living in either country. Like I said, and in particular relation to Ravensfield, I know EXACTLY what you are saying mate, I honestly do. But when the old whinging and moaning has stopped I have come to realise that because of a 'choice' I have a far better chance of becoming happy than those poor buggers who have had that choice ripped away from them. Very, very, few people are afforded the opportunity to say, 'Well, I'm off to Australia/UK'. For many reasons some people have no choice and when I look at these stories I feel truly blessed with the ability to say that we are going to Australia or the UK, AND realise that unless we do something really silly we will ALWAYS have this choice, I know which position I would rather be in, but do acknowledge that at times this choice can make us a little unhappy. So in essence I would have to say that the opportunities and amazing things dual nationality has afforded me far outweigh the occasional niggle or moan about my life. To me it is a gift that I am truly thankful for, and I will be grateful even when I have boarded the aircraft for the 300th time because I stlll can't make my bloody mind up about where to live, but at least I have the CHOICE, unlike a lot of other poor sods who have little choice in their future. Hope I haven't offended you Ravensfield, I just know exactly what you mean and hope I have explained it properly. Cheers Tony.:wink:
  11. sadly i need to go bankrupt in aus. I have dual citizenship brit and aus - and was wondering after going bankrupt can i go straight home as a brit citizen?
  12. Firstly, hello to all! As a dual Australian/British citizen without a British passport (Expired) I'd like some advice about entering the UK on an Australian Passport on a one-way ticket (We are moving back permanently to the UK) what evidence do I need to show that I'm a UK Citizen - A UK Birth Certificate, National Insurance Card, Driving Licence are these applicable? Or, do we still need a new British Passport? Thanks in advance for your advice.
  13. Hi I have my Rodeo ute up for sale 3.2 v6 1998, rwc and rego.175kms Great condition for year, cd player new clutch ute liner canopy and a/c. $6500 ono. Pm me for my phone number I have photos if you want them emailing. ps Ute is in bowen hills brisbane
  14. sidharthd

    Dual Permanent Residency?

    Hi, Need some help in understanding the following:- I have a PR for Australia. However, some time back i had applied for a PR for New Zealand. My application for NZ is still pending. 1. Can I have PR for both the countries? 2. Do I need to withdraw my application lying with NZ? 3. If i get NZ PR does OZ PR get canceled automatically? Would appreciate some help on this.:cool:
  15. sidharthd

    Dual PR?

    I am a new Australian PR holder and planning to move by Oct to Sydney. I had earlier also applied to NZ (Skilled Migrant Category). Today I received email from NZIS inviting me to Branch office for a formal interview. What is the best way forward:- 1. Do I need to intimate NZIS about my Australian PR status and ask them whats to be done next? 2. Withdraw my application? Any help would be much appreciated
  16. Hi all, I've been here for nearly 2 years on a working visa and am now applying for residency with my work sponsoring me. All pretty exciting but it's made me a little homesick with the enormity of the big step. What I need to know is can I go back to Britain without losing my Australian residency. I'm not saying I want to do this but if I had to in the future, what are the rules about being in another country before the residency is affected. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  17. So, a unique situation here. I have British and US passports, but I've never lived in the UK (parents were Brits). I don't imagine this will be an issue to Australia since the UK and US are both "non-high-risk" nations, but if anyone sees an immigration issue, let me know! I've only been to the UK to visit a handful of times. I'm looking to apply for a 175, but I'm open to suggestions as long as it's permanent residency. I'm not looking for the temporary route, especially with the OZ government getting stingy with visas. Background: I'm 33 years old. I was educated as a teacher in the US with a Master's degree in Education and have a 4-year BA in Psychology (all BAs in the US are 4-years, but I know things are different in the UK and OZ) and have 3 school years worth of experience teaching secondary school Special Education. I'll be starting my 4th year, at a new school, in August. I am certified to teach, in Illinois, both secondary Special Education and regular education History, a bunch of Social Studies, and English, grades 6-12. I have submitted my skills assessment and am waiting on that. Now, my main question is: Will I meet the 3-year work requirement for specific work experience as a Secondary Teacher (I need the 60 points, and the 10 extra for 3-years experience)? I've taught secondary school subject matter, but to (mostly) special education students in both the regular education environment and special ed classes, but I've always worked in a regular school and I have taught reg-ed students too. There's the added wrinkle that my education program was a regular education secondary teaching program and I added the special needs endorsement by taking extra classes, so I don't have a degree in special education and probably wouldn't qualify as a special needs teacher (though that field doesn't offer enough points anyway). Also, I'd like to get this going ASAP. If I get my skills assessment back, say, July 15th and apply, will I qualify for 3-years experience for the extra 10 points? See, in the US, we have a 2 month summer break, which I'm on now. I've taught 3 school years, but that's basically 10 months each year, so I don't want them to come back and say I don't qualify because I've only worked, say, 32 months and not the required 36 months. Of course, it's [almost] impossible to work during the summer months as a teacher. If I have to wait several months into the new school year to apply, I will, but again, I want to get my application going ASAP. Thanks for any insight anyone has! Sorry this is so complex, but I'm learning immigration issues usually are. Mark
  18. Hi all, I am a dual citizen to the UK and Australia, currently just landed in australia and living in Perth I have got my Gassafe register ( New Corgi ) ticket for Domestic Natural Gas I am qualified to work on: cookers fires boilers pipework water heaters However, Im not qualified to work on LPG and LPG appliances Can anyone point me in the right direction and give me some advice on how to get my qualifications swapped to aussie ones so i can start working Many Thanks Greg
  19. 99 nissan navara for sale g/c dualcab with canopy suit trade elect/plumber good kick off wagon.nth brisbane. pm if interrested:cool: 2wheel drive,made in japan,pre european takeover by renault
  20. I have already been granted a spouse visa and we are looking at heading over to Oz this year. My partner holds dual nationality as his mother was Australian but father British. He was born in the UK (and has only ever lived in the UK) and only held an Australian passport until the age of about 16 (before 2002) when he got a UK passport to simplify travel around Europe. Now, looking on the DIAC website about citizenship we see that his citizenship could have been lost automatically if “you applied for and were granted the citizenship of another country before 4 April 2002” because of Section 17 of the Australian Citizenship Act 1948. He didn’t renounce his Australian citizenship in order to gain UK citizenship and he has not had his Australian citizenship revoked. He only came across this info today whilst looking for how to get hold a copy of his original Oz citizenship certificate which he seems to have lost, although his sister has a copy of hers which also contains his name. We know he can get a copy of this certificate by filling out form 119 and paying a small fee but we don’t want to open up a can of worms! Although surely by DIAC processing my application they have checked out his status? On the DIAC website there is also a statement that “Section 17 did not apply to those who acquired another citizenship automatically or simply obtained a passport of a country of which they were already a citizen”. Can anyone please tell me if this last statement means that he is OK and has not lost Australian citizenship? Or does he need to apply to resume citizenship? Is there a risk that his Australian passport might not be renewed in the future? Does he need the Citizenship Certificate anyway – given that he has an Aussie passport? Sorry for the long post.
  21. I was born in oz and lived there for 4 years and came back to the uk for a year and then back to oz for another until finally moving back to the uk. i have now lived in the uk for approximately 13-14 years and have british parents and a british passport and british citizenship. i am moving to oz for a year to live and work and i need to know if i could apply for oz citizenship and passport without having to go through visa or would i need a visa first? PLEASE HELP!
  22. Hello, :smile: We're just starting out on the Visa to Oz trail, but I've been wondering about dual nationality - yes I am really getting ahead of myself I know! I'm British, my OH is Austrian and our children have dual nationality and passports (GB/Austrian). If we moved to Oz and (in time) got Oz citizenship I understand we can keep out GB passports - but does anyone know if Australia has an agreement with Austria? Is there anywhere I can find this out? Many thanks, Sam x
  23. Guest

    Dual Citizenship

    Hi All, wondered if you could help me out. I am looking into getting dual citizenship, i currently live in england but want to move to oz and have been told by my sister who is australian and lives out there to apply for dual citizenship. I am 34 and my father was an australian citizen when i was born, he died a few years ago and i don't know if this affects my application. Would just like some advice as to the application have been on the website and find it a little unclear on if you are applying for citizenship by descent is deceased. Also my sister has said that she would sponsor us is this helpful. Just want to know if i would be accepted for dual citizenship and also if i did would my children and husband be entitled to move to oz with me? Thanks for your help Laura x
  24. What are the stipulations etc to maintain or acheive dual citizenship.? All the details would be appreciated.. Chris General Electrician Applied TRA Aug 07 TRA Retuned Oct (Skill path D removed) Re-applied Vetassess 01.01.08 Vetassess Paper Assess Passed 10.04.08 House up for sale 28.03.08 sold 14.04.08 (3 weeks, crikey) Vetassess Practical 15.07.08 Practical Passed 11.08.08 176 Visa Application Submitted 11.09.08
  25. Wondered if any ones knows how this works?????? Im still not clear on it !!! :wacko: Our main goal once in Oz is to become Australian Citizens, get our dual passports and then we would be able to come & go as we please...... mainly for my kids aswell, so they can see the world and have the freedom to settle in Australia or the UK. I know that anyone under 18 does'nt have to take the test SO, my question is..... Do they have to wait until they are over 18 to become Australian citizens (to get the dual passport) OR if the parents have taken the tests and become Australian citizens does this automatically qualify the children ???? Checked the site but cant seem to find out...... or am I being really dense !!!!!!!??????? :yes: http://www.citizenship.gov.au/test/eligibility/index.htm