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  1. pluto

    Okay, Australia shops?

    Oooo I forgot, H&M are coming to Australia next year too.
  2. pluto

    Okay, Australia shops?

    Hi depending on where you are and depending on what you like There are lots of good shops, we are in WA and my daughter loves Jay Jays http://www.jayjays.com.au/shop/en/jayjays As well as all the surf type of stores http://www.citybeach.com.au/?gclid=CI_l-tPqh7cCFQkipQodOmkAhg :wubclub: [h=2][/h]
  3. pluto

    France to Australia?

    Oooooooo that is a tough question but do not want to go back to the UK. Loved France, loved my house, cried when I left it :embarrassed: Miss my sunflowers and vines ! You know as you said how it goes there with work, you always need to earn more to pay the charges, ours got to the point where even if we both worked 24-7 we still wouldn't be able to pay, never mind anything to live on afterwards. Migration is never easy but if you can make it in France and stay strong then you can make it any where ! Australia is big skies and lovely beaches , friendly people and very different to life in France. We have lived in both WA and QLD. We prefer WA as it does feel more laid back than QLD. ​Still was a shock moving into suburbia after rural France but the kids have settled in so well and they enjoy their schools and for my eldest the freedom of getting a bus and being out and about with out having to get Mum to drop him off, he loves it. As for normal jobs, we are both working here and working long hours but here we do get to keep the money, less tax of course. Which you need as the cost of living is high here. Feel free to send me a private message if you would like any questions answered. ​Sam
  4. pluto

    France to Australia?

    Hi Yes, we moved from the Charente Maritime to WA. Been here in WA now for over 2 years after 8 years in France. I do miss France, miss the French country side and way of life but do not miss the stress of running a business there. ​
  5. pluto

    Rental Lease Question

    Hi here in WA if you did not sign a further lease then you should be on a monthly contract, that is what happened with ours. We had to give a months notice. HTH
  6. pluto

    Our first week

    Hurray Kelly :wubclub: here at last ! I cried the first week here in Coles while buying a mop ! xx
  7. pluto

    Can't keep the mozzies off me at night :(

    Avon Skin so Soft cream, great for your skin and insects hate it
  8. pluto

    How much this Christmas

    I am trying to teach my kids not to buy into commercial debt. We are not religious so with Christmas we try to buy just a few goodies so we are not seen as the Grinch ! The kids send extra to their child sponsors, hoping this gives them the feeling that giving is better than receiving. I have found lots of ways to have a good day with out breaking the bank, make your own crackers, bake your own cakes. Will be using the same tree as every year, which is like a twig with lights :embarrassed:
  9. pluto

    Australia To Spain

    Hi Oz to France The Charente is beautiful, we moved to Oz from the Charente Maritime and do miss it. You will have the micro climate in the Maritime area which keeps it very warm from April to October. :wubclub: Hi Lojachica My family are from Spain, Murcia and all employed and happy, apart from Dad who is happily retired. :wubclub:
  10. pluto

    White card for construction work?

    Hi My Husband and son both did theirs with Blue Dog Training http://bluedogtraining.com.au/ Good Luck
  11. pluto

    What's not good about Perth

    Not going on the defence but ...... I disagree, we live in Rockingham and we have lived in Brisbane/ Thornlands and on the Sunshine Coast. There are bogans/ chavs in all these places. There are many UK peeps in both places, more South Africans on the sunny coast where we were. I have UK friends here but also have alot of Australian/NZ friends.
  12. pluto

    Pomsinoz - Family Meals Under $20

    Here is a sauce we love and is great with chicken or pork, pork cuts that need slow cooking are good for this. Can feed 5/6 for 20.00 (depending if you have some sherry laying around) Brown the meat and then remove out of the pan One onion, chop small. Fry in some oil and butter until soft, push to the side of the pan Then add a spoon of sugar, some sweet paprika, stir to a paste, add a splash of dry sherry. Let that burn off for a min, now add some water and an oxo cube and a squeeze of tom puree, add your meat and leave to simmer. I normally throw some mushrooms in Once the meat is nearly ready then add some cream, heat and then serve. Green veg and double baked potatoes are great with this dish.
  13. pluto

    Pomsinoz - Family Meals Under $20

    Toad in the hole Sausages Yorkshire puddings Mash Veg gravy
  14. pluto

    Is Sydney any cheaper than Perth ?

    Hi I can't say about prices in Sydney as have never lived there but we have lived in both WA and QLD. I found no difference in price with our food shopping, rent or utilities. We are a family of 5 and we spend around 200.00 + a week depending on what I need to buy as this would include washing powders etc. I buy meat at the butchers as I find it cheaper and better quality, we do not eat meat every day and this is by choice not because we can not afford it. I try to bake our own cakes etc and get the kids involved in this, they enjoy cooking and they need to learn the skills. If we have a roast then I use the left overs to make another meal for the following evening. I love the $120 food challenge, you can find out more about it here http://120dollarsfoodchallenge.com/ You can grow lots of your own things to eat in pots, herbs, toms, chilli's etc I do miss my French garden and growing my own veg and salads. :wubclub:
  15. pluto

    Sunny Coast to Perth

    Hi ClaireandPilch depends on traffic and time of travelling , around 40 mins on the Kwinana freeway. When my husband worked in Perth he would set off earlier to miss the peak traffic and set off half an hour later or so to not get stuck in the crawl on the way back. Trains are great but get busy at peak times http://www.transperth.wa.gov.au/