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  1. <p><p>Hi mate, did they get back to you re a meet up? I am still keen. Where abouts in the UK you from?</p></p>

  2. Saexon

    Getting a white card?

    Last place i phoned up recommended i tried the master builders association of Victoria, and according to their website they're charging $195 for the course. So of the 8 places i've phoned so far most didn't know if they ran the course, and those that did were charging 3x or more the online charge. I may just take the risk with the online card.
  3. Saexon

    Getting a white card?

    Following the link Jules gives, they claim it's acceptable in Vic: Phoning around is also proving a bit of a hassle. A lot of the receptionists don't know what courses their company runs and are just taking my number but then not getting back to me.
  4. Saexon

    Getting a white card?

    Sounds good but there's a bit of a price difference. Online some places are advertising one for $37, making a few phone calls i'm being quoted $150 for doing it in person in Melbourne. At that sort of price difference i'd take the added hassle of the online version and save over $100.
  5. If you're still up for meeting i'm new to Melbourne and from the UK. Let me know any details. ​Matt
  6. I've just moved to Melbourne on a WHV and all the construction companies here want a white card. A brief google search threw up some companies claiming to do it online, but i know nothing about this sort of thing and don't want to start giving my card details out over the internet. So, back to the point, can i do this online or do i need to turn up physically for a test? What sort of price should i be looking at paying? ​Cheers
  7. I was talking to a guy who might be able to get me a job on site, but he says i need a white card before i can work in the construction industry. I've had a quick look online and found at least 10 different places all offering white cards from prices ranging from $28 to $90. I don't want to get ripped off with a fake one, or pay over the odds, is there an official organisation/website/government department i should be doing it with? I'm staying in Perth if that makes any difference.
  8. Saexon

    Unskilled mining jobs in WA?

    Thanks for the names. I had a quick look on their websites but didn't see any unskilled notifications, seems like they mostly want experienced miners or graduates? So the best bet may be to start asking people when i'm over there? I have family from Perth who worked on the mines before, a FIFO site in Broome if i remember correctly, but they got out of it years back, and i don't think they were unskilled. Sounds like word of mouth may be the order of the day here...
  9. I just wrote out a long post but for some reason the website swallowed it, so i'll keep this one shorter. I have a WHV and will be travelling to Perth and was looking at jobs in mining. They are being advertised at $1,200-2,000 a week with no qualifications. How realistic is this, and how hard are these jobs to get? Regards Matt
  10. I'm planning on travelling to Perth - and from there maybe the rest of the country later - for between 3 and 6 months and was wondering whether i would need to get a visa for this? I'm 30 years old and would be looking for a job preferably as either a kitchen fitter or a painter/decorator but would be willing to try most things. Regards Saexon