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  1. peterhuli

    Hestons Coles Sausages

    Has anyone tried the Heston sausages or any other of his new stuff from Coles?
  2. peterhuli

    Citizenship - Ceremony Waiting Times

    Just a quick update... I received the ceremony letter 2 weeks ago and the ceremony is in 2 weeks time :biggrin:
  3. Anyone out there approved for citizenship and waiting on the ceremony? What area and how long have you been waiting? My approval was granted on the 18th July (initial application went into the Sydney CBD office on the 4th June) and the ceremony location was put down for Leichhardt Municipality...
  4. No, it won't affect your application. Its only a minor traffic infringement not even worth mentioning.
  5. peterhuli

    China Southern Flights

    Not me but I've heard that basically you get what you pay for... seemingly the quality/service is not the best. I have read that they've purchases some new A380's.
  6. Hey all, I can only guess that this topic has been discussed on here many times before, but wheres the best place in Sydney to get proper chipper style chips? (not frozen chips!)
  7. peterhuli

    Got the PR - NOW WHAT ?

    You would be eligible to apply for citizenship a year after the PR grant date, if you've fulfilled the 4 year temp residency requirement... https://www.ecom.immi.gov.au/citz/startIntervalCalc.do
  8. peterhuli

    Citizenship Application Checklist

    Thanks for the feedback LKC!
  9. peterhuli

    Citizenship Application Checklist

    I've done a bit of digging around on the immigration website and I've made up the below requirements list.... Can some please advise if I'm correct and that I haven't left anything out? a. Complete forms: 1. Online application or paper based form 1300t; 2. Identity Declaration: paper form 1195. b. Get certified copies of: 1. Proof of Identity Documents: Drivers Licence and Passport, incl. visa label; 2. Proof of Address: Utility Bill; 3. Evidence of DOB: Birth Certificate; 4. Proof of Arrival in Australia: Old passport with 417 & 457 visa labels. c. Obtain: 1. Passport photos for Identity Declaration. d. Submit application forms and accompanying documentation, wait for appointment and sit citizenship exam during appointment. e. Bring along original documentation to appointment. * If overseas for over 90 days since residency was granted, overseas police check certs need to be provided.
  10. Forgot to say.... good luck with the interview!!!
  11. Go fully suited and booted and properly groomed. I had an interview a few years ago for a large global IT company and out of all the applications the decision was so tight, I didn't get the job cos I didn't dress-up!!!!
  12. peterhuli

    Citizenship Application Checklist

    Hi all, I am finally eligible to apply for citizenship in June (I will have fulfilled the 4 year requirement) and planning to get started on the paperwork early. Can someone please advise a checklist of exactly what paperwork is required? I don't want to go to the expense of asking a migration agent (maybe one on here can answer my query?) and I find the Immigration website too confusing! thanks!
  13. peterhuli

    Rental Lease Question

    Hey all, I've a quick question regarding a rental lease: What is the notice period to vacate a rental which is outside its lease? I had an initial 1 year lease which ran out approx 6 months ago and didn't sign into a further lease.
  14. peterhuli

    Bereavement Flights

    You can ask for a privacy seat, meaning they'll block out the seat next to you if the flight isn't full to make the flight a bit more comfortable. Etihad and Virgin Australia do it.
  15. peterhuli

    1998 Suburu Forester GX priced to sell

    Good example of steep aussie car prices, similar in the UK would be about $1k.