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  1. davlap

    Calling the UK

    We use Boost Mobile, they did a 365 day pre paid for $150. 80GB data (for the year) and unlimited UK calls - land line and mobile (and a number of other countries). They are a cheap arm of Telstra (we get the free Telstra NRL pass through Telstra login) Unfortunately it has gone up - but may be about $200. More data I think, which I don't need. Got it because OH elderly parents gave up on anything internet based, skype etc. They always complained of some laptop/tech problem- which were mostly non-existent - they just weren't comfortable. Those methods are never consistent, good quality and sometimes had to keep trying to connect So we call landline they put on speakerphone. No complaints or problems getting through
  2. davlap

    Camping and Caravanning in Australia

    Hi @Dusty Plains, great advice and pretty much what I am likely to do. I did mention I didn't want to do anything serious off-road. Plan is to take our hatchback, rent some kit and stay overnight somewhere. OH says she will try it s long as there are facilities. If all is good, we can than buy kit and build up, buy a second car, or trade in the hatch. There are easy tracks near Brisbane where people take their daily cars, AWD or 4Wd without any drama. We already enjoy Bush walks and like to avoid the crowds. Fully aware that going from an idea to reality and associated costs make take some time and easy steps I've been looking at fb camping in QLD group, a few people ask 'how do I get started' and get good responses
  3. davlap

    Camping and Caravanning in Australia

    I've posted a couple of times about my (probable) retirement at the start of this year. Bit bored now. I want to move to Sunny Coast, wife wants to stay in urban box. Bit of volunteer stuff keeps me busy-ish. Keeping an eye on jobs. But my latest thought is to go camping. It would be a ute and swag and get away from the crowds around QLD. I like the @Johndoe and @Bobj style Trouble is - totally green- not camped for 40 years. No mates, so can't tag along for a tester, fairly practical, but winches and digging out of a hole may be a bit too much Want / need to do it on the cheap. Got a hatch that the OH uses, so talking $10k at least for an older ute/suv eg saw a 2005 Pathfinder under 200k km. Prefer 4x4, but not extreme/remote off-roading. No towing- totally useless at it, or even driving big vehicles Any suggestions on older vehicles. Hilux/Prado probably best - but these are also more expensive. There are a couple of good facebook groups, but wondered if anyone has any thoughts or suggestions Cheers
  4. Love the Kookies - but really really want the house with the view (and no neighbours in sight) !! Trouble is OH wants urban box and she's bringing in the money and won't move
  5. davlap

    Sunset/sunrise Photos

    Another glorious sunrise at Sandgate pier
  6. Yep, that's the one, well photographed spot
  7. Brighton beach - Queensland style
  8. davlap

    Sunset/sunrise Photos

    weird sky today. We were having a shower as the sun came up. There was an orange glow in the light
  9. davlap

    Sunset/sunrise Photos

    Heres what Northside was like at Sandgate
  10. davlap

    Moving to the Sunshine Coast - suggestions please?

    Hi @ramot Buderim appeals to me . Did you actually move there ? What is healthcare like, any bulk billing GPs? Are the hills accessible by walking tracks nearby, or do you need to drive? There are a lot of nice affordable houses, but I am surprised how many are for sale all the time. Any idea why there is such an active market? There were 17 sales this week, far more than surrounding SC areas .
  11. davlap

    Photos from your garden

    this was out the back this morning
  12. davlap

    Photos from your garden

    Snagged a dragon on my walk, seemed a bit cool for him as well, so got another close up. Had this grey/blue skin , rather than the usual brown (you can see on his tail in second pic
  13. davlap

    Photos from your garden

    @BobjThanks for the id. Not so common then !! We probably had a few tens/hundreds of the blue tigers He was a bit dozy- probably the 'cold'. was 14 degrees with 'feels like' 9, so managed to get up real close for the pic
  14. davlap

    Photos from your garden

    last of the year I reckon, had thousands
  15. The thing that makes me mad, again, as with the GFC, is accountability. People stack up credit. Banks give it because it makes them more money. People got themselves into debt. the bank's shoddy practices and need for profit growth allowed this. Banks are being forced to account for some of this, along with refunding obscene charges and compensating for bad advice and other rip-off methods. But, what about the people themselves who stacked up the credit? They should have known what they were doing, what the charges would be. They get a nice credit holiday. Near zero interest rates. So what do they do? Take on more credit, buy houses they can't afford. What happens - house prices go up. People like me, never in debt, saved and bought what I can afford. What do I get. Savings that lose money, go backwards because inflation beats the interest rate. What do I do. Look for investments. Solid bank shares that pay a divided. Oh look, I'm an investor, I want the bank to make more profit. Maybe I buy an investment property, those prices are rising nicely. Unfortunately, what I do is sit on cash, because I hate all that. Watching exchange rates, share prices. Unfortunately, now looking at retirement, I will struggle unless I get my money to pay its way. I also thought Oz was in a housing bubble, far more likely to crash. However, I am also looking at going back to UK to retire. Have you looked at property prices there? A three bed semi where we used to live now costs 350GBP. Their prices were rising just before covid as well. In the good old days, I would be laughing. Super high interest rates at 10/15%. House price crashes. It would stop the credit junkies in their tracks. People who couldn't afford it would have to wait until they could. Offload the assets that are crippling them, the ones they should never have got in the first place. Hopefully the rental crash might force investors to sell up. What will happen though, is low interest rates will stay for years. I can't see that has worked before, but they persist with it. People who do have anything and are not in debt will be paying for this for years. Services will be cut, pensions and the rules will be tightened. A bleak outlook for somebody in my position.