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  1. davlap

    Photos from your garden

    Snagged a dragon on my walk, seemed a bit cool for him as well, so got another close up. Had this grey/blue skin , rather than the usual brown (you can see on his tail in second pic
  2. davlap

    Photos from your garden

    @BobjThanks for the id. Not so common then !! We probably had a few tens/hundreds of the blue tigers He was a bit dozy- probably the 'cold'. was 14 degrees with 'feels like' 9, so managed to get up real close for the pic
  3. davlap

    Photos from your garden

    last of the year I reckon, had thousands
  4. The thing that makes me mad, again, as with the GFC, is accountability. People stack up credit. Banks give it because it makes them more money. People got themselves into debt. the bank's shoddy practices and need for profit growth allowed this. Banks are being forced to account for some of this, along with refunding obscene charges and compensating for bad advice and other rip-off methods. But, what about the people themselves who stacked up the credit? They should have known what they were doing, what the charges would be. They get a nice credit holiday. Near zero interest rates. So what do they do? Take on more credit, buy houses they can't afford. What happens - house prices go up. People like me, never in debt, saved and bought what I can afford. What do I get. Savings that lose money, go backwards because inflation beats the interest rate. What do I do. Look for investments. Solid bank shares that pay a divided. Oh look, I'm an investor, I want the bank to make more profit. Maybe I buy an investment property, those prices are rising nicely. Unfortunately, what I do is sit on cash, because I hate all that. Watching exchange rates, share prices. Unfortunately, now looking at retirement, I will struggle unless I get my money to pay its way. I also thought Oz was in a housing bubble, far more likely to crash. However, I am also looking at going back to UK to retire. Have you looked at property prices there? A three bed semi where we used to live now costs 350GBP. Their prices were rising just before covid as well. In the good old days, I would be laughing. Super high interest rates at 10/15%. House price crashes. It would stop the credit junkies in their tracks. People who couldn't afford it would have to wait until they could. Offload the assets that are crippling them, the ones they should never have got in the first place. Hopefully the rental crash might force investors to sell up. What will happen though, is low interest rates will stay for years. I can't see that has worked before, but they persist with it. People who do have anything and are not in debt will be paying for this for years. Services will be cut, pensions and the rules will be tightened. A bleak outlook for somebody in my position.
  5. davlap

    Age a problem?

    I know you said that. However, your message seems to be - if you look your age and not 10 years younger - you don't have a chance. I got the duff end of the stick at both ends. I didn't look old enough to go into a pub until I was 30, similar to yourself. At 50 my hair turned white (not grey) and I got deep wrinkles. I was nearly 59 when I got my last job and I certainly did not look 10 years younger
  6. davlap

    Age a problem?

    I am in a different industry (IT). However, not a specialty field, application support. Never wanted management, so a team member. In my mid 50s, and living in Melbourne I struggled for work. Even had comments that 'I did not fit the demographic of the team' ie too old ! I was using @Marisawright techniques. No mention of age, older jobs, dates giving away my age. 6 months between jobs on occasion. Often on 6 months full time contract covering for maternity leave etc. Anyway, wanted to move to QLD, had enough of cold and wet, so at end of last job took a flight to Brisbane. Called agencies / job advertisers direct for anything I was interested in. Went in for agency interviews, called them back to follow up etc. Got offered one job, second place for another. Not looked back since. In full time work for the past few years and 'head hunted' for jobs ie agencies called up for specific roles. As some of you may know, I quit just after Christmas to retire, bored with 9-5 routine. Worst thing I did. Couldn't see the virus coming of course, but old team have been WFH for the past weeks. I am bored at home and really don't know what to do. Keeping an eye out for work, but obviously that is less likely to happen now. So a lot of talk goes on about Sydney / Melbourne having a bigger market, more jobs. I felt that in Brisbane agencies tried to form relationships. A smaller market, but they know their stuff and put me up for more appropriate roles. They get in touch before jobs are made fully public. The more personal it gets and people know who you are and what you can do, the more likely you get a job - and one that suits. I don't necessarily agree with "That said, the solution is easy - don't tell anyone how old you are. ". You still turn up for an interview. This might be a complete waste of your time if they really don't want someone older. My profile photos are recent, not a younger me. Once there you may be able to convince people of your worth. But for some people, you failed as soon as you walked through the door.
  7. davlap

    Spider Identification

    This is our Garden orb (officially verified by BobJ of course) I posted on the other forum. Totally different shape to what we expected from orb spiders Right outside our front door, came with with a delightful head full of web one day.
  8. davlap

    Australia Life in Photos

    Cheers @Bobj Thought so. No problems with him (actually believe its a her), except she is building webs right outside front door at head height ! Already walked into it for a head full of stickiness!
  9. davlap

    Australia Life in Photos

    One for Bobj maybe, but we think it's a garden orb right outside the front door, 3 or 4 cm
  10. davlap

    Where to retire in Queensland

    Hi ramot Some good solid advice there. I am pretty realistic about what I can buy. I look at real estate for current houses with a price. Closer to the coast houses are of course not up to the specifications I have listed, mostly boring old brick veneer 3+1 and 600m2, tired fitting and interiors. I can get what I am after in Buderim and there is one on the market I like for $670k, 1000m2 ,5k from the beach. If we went up to Hervey Bay, there are a lot of large plots, some modern, bespoke, 2000m2 and a couple of k walk from beach and town centre. Health is important, not so much now, but certainly a consideration. I have a hard time paying for a GP visit and always look for bulk billing. Other problem is that the OH is happy where we are and will carry on working. If we were on a bigger plot with a bit more privacy from neighbours I could be more settled. We are only about 1.5k from the foreshore, easy for walking / jogging/ cycling. I would like a proper sandy beach where I can swim. This makes it harder because we have so many boxes to tick Covid is likely to block any real activity for a while, especially regarding how the housing market will move. Good houses in good locations will always attract a premium. To be honest, I am really struggling to know what to do and my brain is over thinking it all. I thought quitting work to work it all out would help, but on reflection should have worked out a plan first
  11. davlap

    Where to retire in Queensland

    Retirement thoughts have my mind whizzing with all the options and choices. I was looking at house prices in the UK. Shocked to see our old house had doubled in value in 12 years since being here. Almost priced us out of the UK market now (for a 'decent' house). Didn't buy in Oz when we came, so missed out on any growth here as well. When you look at the type of house in the UK and in Oz for what we could afford, houses here seem a better bet for what we are looking for ie open aspect, lots of light, bigger plots.
  12. davlap

    Where to retire in Queensland

    Thanks Chortlepuss In real estate searches, I have started using postcodes rather than specific suburbs. 4551 includes Currumundi. However, Wurtulla is in 4575 which I didn't have and extends up to Mooloolaba. So I have added that. I was hoping there might be a few hidden gems of less well known suburbs with better value. With Covid, who knows what will happen to property prices, or even when the market will start moving again. Cheers
  13. davlap

    Sydneysiders laid back life style

    I worked in Sydney for a year. Worked at AMP on circular quay. Stayed in Potts Point. Unbelievable to think you were a couple of k from the CBD. I walked to work through the Botanic Gardens. I went for walks along the bay. Took a ferry to Taronga and walked around the headland. Came across bays and beaches with hardly anybody around. Or bus to Bondi and walk to Bronte and up along the heads. Something always going on, or easy to get some peace and quiet. Took a train $10 return to Katoomba and three sisters. I loved it there, wanted to move for a couple of years. Wife hated it !
  14. davlap

    Australia Life in Photos

    perfect Autumn walk on Shorncliffe foreshore
  15. davlap

    Weeds or plants ?

    Strawberries are a partial positive. Lots of green foliage on one plant cluster. Had three fruits, 2 of them about a size of a pea ! Tried to separate the other plant cluster, but killed all but one of the transplants.