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  1. davlap

    wildlife photos - show us what you got

    This one is a bit old from when we were in Melbourne, but one of my favourites
  2. davlap

    Sunset/sunrise Photos

    sunrise, looks like earth from space
  3. davlap

    wildlife photos - show us what you got

    I know its a skink but they call them blue tongue lizards don't they Nearly stood on him
  4. davlap

    England v Australia Rugby Test.

    If you two want to carry on the usual bickering, pm each other, rather than hikack a post and take it totally off topic
  5. davlap

    England v Australia Rugby Test.

    Talk about whinging poms, Ceika is worse than any of us. Every match he's the same. Only down side for me was the England kick everything tactic, especially early on. The rolling mauls later in the match show how you can keep possession and do something with it. When you kick, it almost always just gives possession to the other side. Why do that with a running side like the Wallabies?
  6. davlap

    wildlife photos - show us what you got

    Hey - no fair - you guys live in a zoo !! I'm just a city slicker. Really excited with the first goanna, but after 3 or 4 you get used to it. Seriously though, its incredible really. Just a shame they all want to bite, sting or eat you ! Keep 'em coming
  7. davlap

    wildlife photos - show us what you got

    ... then we has a couple of days by the beach in Caloundra. We watched three ospreys from our balcony, one caught a fish and tucked in on the beach right in front of us, so we went down to watch up close
  8. We spent a few days in Bunya Mountains area and saw some good wildlife. Best moment was what we think is a common tree snake swallowing a tree frog. We also saw a red belly black snake, a few goannas - one of which was up a tree being swooped by a carrawong.
  9. davlap

    Sunset/sunrise Photos

    Let there be light ! Sunrise just after a storm
  10. davlap

    Moving to Brisbane - Cheapest Suburbs from $300k

    Thanks for the replies. I see these kinds of questions all the time and wonder why people ask them because its very personal and like you say, based on your own needs, likes and interests. Its just we have a very wide area for choice and just need a starting point i guess. Mature age, older son living with us. Close to transport, shops, away from too much concrete but easy access to the city. I work north Toowong and lived in Bardon for a while, ticks most boxes except easy transport. But too expensive of course. I would like a bigger plot, so realise we have to go further out, but have no idea about many of the outlying suburbs. I was thinking of talking to a buyers agent with our list and see what they can come up with. Basically had a life of researching things and making decisions and just got bored with it. I think coming to Oz and all that took to decide and organise did me in. We didn't buy in Melbourne and really should have. Don't want to be thinking the same in 5 years time
  11. davlap

    Moving to Brisbane - Cheapest Suburbs from $300k

    Does anybody want to live in those suburbs though? I know there are lots of threads about where to live, but any info on the most affordable nice places to live ? We moved up from Melbourne and house affordability means we are looking to buy, but have no idea where as I have been on my on in the CBD for 6 months. Redcliff, or along that coast generally seems affordable. OH works North side, I work Toowong and don't want the commute. So totally undecided on location.
  12. davlap

    Buying used car from dealers in Brisbane

    Thanks for the helpful post. When did i say that? The point is that even if we trade in Melb, get a 'new' car we have to drive up and get new rwc and rego within 2 weeks. So no use, might as well get ripped off in Brisbane, trade in and no need to do anything else. Or sell private if we can
  13. davlap

    Buying used car from dealers in Brisbane

    Perfect, not my usual kind of place (aka car city Ringwood), but could be the place to go Will check it out, thanks
  14. davlap

    Buying used car from dealers in Brisbane

    Unfortunately I mean old as in c**p (not that bad) We wanted a new car anyway and it seems pointless to drive north and have to get re-registered. Trade in here was a joke and we get another car that needs rwc for rego even if we just got it done Dodge Caliber 2006 Toyota Camry 2001 If anybody is interested