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  1. It turned into a bloodbath up there Bought a cheapy mirrorless DLSR- usually leave it in the too hard bucket Bit more light early on
  2. 30 minutes on the train (stops all station slow joe)
  3. Another in the series "No beaches in Brisbane" This is the beach near Shorncliffe pier. Had a swim in it the other day (more like a bath, water was so warm) - should have done today. Super clear water and views. As you can see in the second pic, clear view to Glass House Mountains 60k away
  4. davlap

    Brisbane Lockdown - Anal or Prudent ?

    If there are no more cases. If we get to double figures (or even less), watch this space ! If it is the more virulent strain there are surely going to be more, given the places visited. If not, what does it mean? Will anybody listen any more (yes I know, might be eating those words in a day or two)
  5. davlap

    Brisbane Lockdown - Anal or Prudent ?

    It kind of is. But the point of my post is the cost in collateral damage. To people and businesses. Even before anything has actully really happened. On our local suburb FB group - 25k north of the CBD "Aldi at 10:30 this morning. All the produce, meat and Toilet paper was flying out the shop." Some of the comments on there are getting pretty nasty. We keep hearing about the community spirit in Aus when there are natural disasters. This is the other extreme. Everybody for themselves. Not sure how healthy this is for communities, not just now, but long into the future. I don't for one minute subscribe to the conspiracy theory, or the claims of fake news. Nor do I agree with herd immunity. Just maybe look at a bigger picture and act when its needed (no- not when its too late)
  6. davlap

    Brisbane Lockdown - Anal or Prudent ?

    This is the point. Few new NSW cases, linked to known clusters. These clusters starting up, not really going anywhere. A measured response because they largely identified the spreaders (not in a ll cases) and can focus the areas for lockdown, track and trace and target the message. Greater Brisbane is in full lockdown. To me, way over the top. The endless messages start to become noise. The UK (and US) kicked off to a large extent because people gave up with the endless stick and restrictions and started to ignore the rules.
  7. davlap

    Brisbane Lockdown - Anal or Prudent ?

    I fully agree with what you say. We know people in the UK who have had it, wife was a nurse in the UK for 25 years and many of her friends are still there in the thick of it. I also know people, older, retired, my age and above who sound totally depressed. They have been classed as vulnerable - after the brief summer respite they are back in lockdown again. Totally alone and miserable and lacking exercise, poor diet, cut off from social (face to face) interaction. Not great with technology, not getting to GP for ongoing care. Not all totally due to Covid, but a depression and isolation that's sapping their energy and will to do anything
  8. davlap

    Brisbane Lockdown - Anal or Prudent ?

    This kind of thing is so harsh: "If you are in those Greater Brisbane areas and you may have planned a vacation over this weekend. I'm so sorry, but you will not be able to go. You will have to reschedule," she said. Worse, are those cases where people close to dying (cancer etc not Covid) are not allowed to get visitors. How can you not manage a handful of people, who most likely would agree to any requirements if it meant seeing and being with loved ones to face the end together. I thought this amusing - giving the states 'permission', or taking away their thunder? "The premier will urge other states and territories to also declare Great Brisbane a hotspot "until we get through this together"." Having said all this, I seriously doubt Aus could cope in a full scale escalation. Wife is a nurse (community based mostly), couldn't even get a thermometer to test her patients at the peak earlier in the year
  9. I always expected any hint of Covid in QLD would cause an immediate (knee-jerk?) reaction. So, a cleaner has the 'UK strain' (thought it came from South Africa originally). They live south side, came to the city by train and worked in a quarantine hotel. Got tested and went into quarantine, but may have had it for a couple of days. So, from 6pm tonight greater Brisbane (North and South) is in full lockdown. No leaving the house, shopping, daily exercise only, soon mandating mandatory masks. Is this over the top, or safe, good management? Not a single additional case detected. Surely it is too soon to be 'going to go hard and we are going to go early' as Annastacia puts it. The side effects on peoples physical and mental health will potentially cause more damage. Then we will get the endless expert speculation and doom and gloom. My brother in the UK is into the Covid conspiracy theory. I tell him Covid is real, why would hospitals conspire to fill up (amongst other things). I'm not against restrictions when appropriate, just not sure if the constant state of hyper anxiety and knock backs to families and businesses is valid. I dread to think what will happen if we get a handful of cases. The other states will rub their hands with glee at the opportunity to return the harsh border controls QLD have imposed on them
  10. davlap

    UK HMRC and Mobile Phones

    Couple of things I do: Last time in UK I got a three payg. Credit does not expire, just need to send a text every 6 months. I put 5 GBP on it 5 years ago, still got 4 left (texts are 2p). I use this for UK sms requests. Like @Wanderer Returns says, you can get in trouble if it does expire, or some other reason. However, you should be able to call them up to change it. For various bank apps, I found they will not let you download if not in the country (certainly happened with Nationwide), You may not find them eg on google play store. I used a vpn to switch to UK, downloaded it. Then I disable it when not using it. I found using the app was a lot easier for some things, as authentication is already done (because you are on the phone), so only password may be needed.
  11. davlap

    Weeds or plants ?

    Wasn't having a dig. We bought seeds, plants etc and they mostly died. Tried to grow them the 'right 'way. I just think there is plenty out there that can be 'recycled'. My main disappointment is coriander. It sprouts healthy leaves from offcuts, then quickly dies.
  12. Redcliffe for New Year fireworks. Mostly dodged the rain. Good time was had, but not exactly Covid safe!
  13. davlap

    Weeds or plants ?

    @FatCatI've changed my philosophy since that post. I don't buy shop plants and recycle shop veggie offcuts and other dead stuff into various patches I have. Some things grow well in one patch, not another. I mulch a lot with compost bin stuff or bought mulch. If things want to live and grow they can, if not that's up to them ! I water, trim dead stuff and harvest soon as possible. Minimal , but daily. Next door had passion fruit and we must have got 20 or more fruits last year where it came over the fence. I planted some cuttings and they have gone nuts. Tomatoes, chilies and basil grow and produce good harvests. I have planted some cucumbers and harvested some great tasting largish ones. But then the vine dies. Recently I planted sweet potato tubers and they have gone wild. Didn't know their vines can grow to 10 feet, I can believe it now. you can also eat the leaves, but not tried yet. Same with ordinary potatoes, some tubers have grown a foot in a few days. Ginger is doing well. Got an ace rhubarb plant, but still a bit sour (takes a year before they sweeten enough, apparently) Weather is hot and humid and quite lush at the moment. You can see how the passion fruit has grown. Tomatoe plant in front of his has produced tens of toms. Chilli plants in the foreground
  14. davlap

    Anyone watching the cricket ?

    My OH comes from Wales. They hated the English in everything they did. I used to 'support' the UK, ie if England lost (as usual) I would 'support' other UK teams. But OH family and friends killed that for me. Likewise meeting Scots who hated the English made me English, not British (in sport). The Welsh lot told me it was because of the total bias given to the English in the press (English of course, that they bought) and TV. That's what it is like in Aus, total bias in press, TV and when commentating. Of course political correctness (madness) is prevalent there now. I remember in the Olympics, commentators being slagged off for bias towards the British Aus cricket was best in the world last week when they won. Get slated this week having lost. When reporting IPL we would find out how many the Aus players scored, but not who won. Same in all sports. Riciardo came 6th (but who won?) I hate watching the one sided matches. If Aus win, they love it here. But its not a contest, lacks excitement. 5 day tests are over in 3 days, how is that good?
  15. davlap

    Sunset/sunrise Photos

    Shorncliffe sunset and moon rising