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  1. davlap

    Moon boot and crutches tips

    Thanks for all the replies and suggestions. Went out and bought a knee scooter, similar to the one pictured above. On first use, much more comfy and easier to get around indoors. Also got a shower chair. Hopefully will think of a few additional ways to make it an easier few weeks
  2. davlap

    Moving to Hervey Bay

    thanks Bob I can see how far money can go and some really nice houses are out there. All going into the big melting pot for consideration. Looks like rather than retirement slowing things down, there are some major decisions to be made.
  3. davlap

    Moon boot and crutches tips

    Hi Pom Queen thanks, some useful tips there. I hate drinking coffee out of anything other than a cup/mug. Unfortunately OH thinks my pain and suffering comes second to everything being tidied away to its rightful place., otherwise I would set up little stations with the things I need. I do need a trolley of some kind, but as in previous posts, not sure of best option. We live on first floor, part wooden/carpet/tiles. with a step to the bathroom (very annoying) Sorry to hear your independence is diminishing further. The inability to perform basic tasks is driving me nuts as it is.
  4. davlap

    Moon boot and crutches tips

    No, I cannot put any weight on the boot- that's what I was saying, wife is not happy with a walker. But I would try using as a trolley (they have baskets)while using my crutches indoors. Use it as a mobile seat so I could use my hands. I move a chair to where I want to do something at the moment. Walkers have brakes and presumably can be locked. I nearly got one for $20, worth a try
  5. davlap

    Moon boot and crutches tips

    Thanks Toots. I did see that. I was going to buy one cheap yesterday, but it was sold. Wife is a nurse, she is not so keen, as she thinks they can be a bit unstable, ie brakes are not that good., might not hold me if I stumble. I could use my crutches and push it ahead with my booty loaded. Worth a try
  6. davlap

    Moon boot and crutches tips

    Thanks for the replies. Its incredible how many people tripped or stubbed a toe and ended up with breaks. I was given the hand crutches. Physio checked height, told me they were better than under arm. I guess you can support yourself with underarm ones and use your hands. I do some light dumbbell exercises weekly and upper arm strength is OK, but its using different muscles in a different way. So I get aches in arms and good leg. I wonder if any of you have a way of carrying things around. I sling a bag over my shoulder for general clutter and smaller things. For drinks I sit at the kitchen bar/worktops, but would like to take food/drinks to the outdoor lounge when by myself. Tried a sealed coffee cup, but that still leaked a bit. Maybe a flask for hot / cold drinks might work? Anybody improvised some home item to move things? eg shopping trolley? I just quit work, decided to retire. Told doc I was in IT at a desk, but had no transport as wife has the car. He signed me off for the whole 6 weeks! I leave next Friday! I only have a week of sick leave left, so glad I don't have to get to work each day. Told my boss I am on sick, so will do handover work as and when I feel like it I am looking on gumtree/facebook and checking the hire centers. Scooters are about $25 per week, so better to buy for $150 and sell on. Like you say CaNgary, not sure how they work indoors. We live above ground, so have stairs to get outside, but I would mainly use around the house.
  7. davlap

    Moon boot and crutches tips

    So, I was jogging along and tripped. No biggie, tried to walk off a pain in my foot, but had to turn back and walk the 2k home. Long story short, broke the 5th metatarsal bone, Jones fracture. So a week later, out of a cast and in a Moon boot. 6 more weeks of non weight bearing hobbling around. The boot and crutches are a nightmare. I am really rubbish at it. I'm of a mature age, so balance has deteriorated I guess. Anybody got any hints and tips. I can take the boot off for bed, shower, but must not ever put weight on the foot. If it doesn't heal, I have been told surgery might be needed. Again because of age, I desperately want a full recovery. Looking at shower stools, maybe a knee scooter, but will be staying indoors, just want to be able to carry things around and do things.
  8. davlap

    Moving to Hervey Bay

    I would have this, modern, will presented, great location and land size Jimilee St, Dundowran Beach, Qld 4655 https://www.realestate.com.au/property-house-qld-dundowran+beach-132687614
  9. davlap

    Moving to Hervey Bay

    Thanks, I searched on 4655 postcode, which brings those suburbs in. Feel a bit of an idiot as I put min price of $450 to see some the wife might like. Quite a few under $400k. Course I want the quaint beach pad with ” character” - dreaming again ! As I am getting older, you mentioned lots of oldies, is healthcare well provided for? bulk billing easy to get? public hospitals? Not ill or anything, but broke my foot this weekend, brings it into focus, especially bill free treatment and follow up care!
  10. davlap

    Moving to Hervey Bay

    I am about to retire, was looking for a house on sunny coast really. But we went to Hervey for a couple of days and really liked it. Looking at house prices, there are real bargains around $600k close to beach and town and big plots 1000 m plus. Problem is wife wants to stay where we are and carry on working. I wondered if there are any cheaper houses (not units/apartments), say $300k I could live in as A kind of beach house, but still close to it all. Looked on real estate sites, not much on them Sell it to me, mate
  11. I think you can only pay class 2 if you are working in Aus. I have a chequered work history in Aus, so may or may not be eligible - probably need to work so much of a UK tax year. Unfortunately, you have to download a form fill it out and post it ! And yes, I have registered on gov.uk etc with a log in. I even called up HMRC to check for other ways. The form is pretty basic, you fill out to pay from abroad and tick a box for previous years. I have no doubt there will not be enough info for them. Worry is, as I have ticked the box, they will take out Class 3 which I don't want to do. Also, not sure whether to declare as non-resident yet. Been here a few years, but use in-laws UK address. I am just about to retire at 60, so not sure of best way to do it, as things change once you are non-resident (yes I know it depends on days / year in UK) Probably will get some advice in the near future (eg Andrew on this site)
  12. davlap

    Do you get taxed again?

    Good to know, thanks
  13. davlap

    Do you get taxed again?

    I recently transferred some funds due to the better rate and Nationwide security blocked transfers and I had to call them. @rammygirlI noticed you mentioned in some other thread that you were with Nationwide and you have been a pomsinoz member since 2009 We came over in 2008 and still have Nationwide. We use in-laws address in UK, but they are getting old and I would prefer to take any hassle away from them. I was thinking of changing details to our Aus address (we are PR), but as we have fairly large funds in Nationwide, just concerned it might cause problems. Also, I assume you cannot open new accounts if non resident in UK. Would be interested to know if you (or anybody) have issues using the Aus address specifically with Nationwide. In particular keeping credit and debit cards. We don't seem to have received credit cards that expired in Dec 2019, so would prefer they were sent direct to us here in Aus. Did you tell them you are Aus residents?
  14. davlap

    wildlife photos - show us what you got

    This one is a bit old from when we were in Melbourne, but one of my favourites
  15. davlap

    Sunset/sunrise Photos

    sunrise, looks like earth from space