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WOOHOO court order and visa's all in a fortnight


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Hi all,

Over the last 18 months I have been going through court to be able to take my son (from previous relationship) to Australia with myself, my hubby and 2 daughters age 8 and 9 months.

We had the final court date 2 weeks ago and got granted the court order to take my son with us, and yesterday finally received our visa's.

Its been a really hard few years financially (court) and emotionally and being pregnant too was extra hard but we have done it and at last got our wonderful visa.


We are hoping to move to adelaide early jan, OMG what a feeling, can't wait to get those one way tickets booked now..


Thanks to everyone for their help and advice over the last few years and the lovely messages of support we have had for the court case, but i'm sure there is going to be alot more questions now to do with removal companies etc lol.


Thanks again from a very very happy lady xx :jiggy:

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