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  1. Hi all, We are moving out of the area to be close to relatives, and will be breaking our lease in 3 weeks time. We are in Hope Valley, Modbury, North Eastern suburb. Very close to Tea tree plaza, Modbury hospital and Ridgehaven outdoor pool is just around the corner. The o'bahn is available from the tea tree plaza too, making travel quick and easy into the city which is only 20 minutes away. The house has 3 good size bedrooms (double bed in each) main has ensuite and built in robes, and 2nd bedroom has built in robes too. Large lounge area, Modern kitchen and 2nd living area. Main bathroom, laundry room and seperate toilet. Carport with enough room for 2 cars and has electric roller door. Lovely gardens, back garden is enclosed, flat and has under cover area. sorry no pets allowed. Rent is $360 a week. Contact me if any more info is needed. Thanks Kelly
  2. koala09

    Coming over to Fairview

    Hi Rachael, We have just moved to Adelaide from the uk on 12th jan so its all pretty new to us too. We are living in hope valley which is only 15 mins away from fairview. I did go up that way few days ago, chicken was on offer in foodland lol, nice shopping centre there, but like Diane say tea tree gully is huge and has just about everything there. How old are your kids? We have Callum 13, Ella nearly 9 and Aliyah is 15 months. Maybe we could meet up when you get here and get settled. I'll pm my email and mobile so that if you want too you can get in touch. Kelly x
  3. Hi all, we are flying to oz next tuesday (yey!!!) and have been looking up the hand baggage allowance. The allowance with singapore seams really small. Has anyone flown lately and do they check the size of the bags??? We have 3 children, the youngest is 14 months old and very busy, so will need toys to keep her amused and also plenty of nappies etc... very worried i am not going to have enough room to take all we need on board.. help x
  4. koala09

    visa in passport????

    Yes true, might get that done today just to be sure :wink: Thanks again
  5. koala09

    visa in passport????

    Hi thanks for all replies, I have just called Australia house and they have said there is no need to have a label put in passport as its all electronic. They checked my details against passport number and all fine. Guess i was worrying bout nothing :laugh: Prob be another thing to worry about by next week lol..... only 39 days and counting
  6. koala09

    visa in passport????

    Thanks for letting me know. Yes we are on a permanent visa so will need aus driving license. Any ideas who we send our passports to?
  7. koala09

    visa in passport????

    Hi all We have our 176 visa's and its electronic visa, was just wondering if we should send them away to get the visa's put into our passports or does it really not matter???? We are flying to Adelaide on 10th jan so need to send them asap if we need too. Has anyone else not had them put in their passports, and had any problems?? Any answers very much appreciated thanks x
  8. koala09

    71 days and counting!!!!!!!!

    Hi guys, only 59 days til flying day now, oh sooo excited and very nervous at the same time..... anyone else still get doubts creep in???? some days i simply cannot wait to go and other days i just think...What the hell am i doing lol...
  9. koala09

    71 days and counting!!!!!!!!

    Hi all, i'm just really excited and counting down the days.....71 days til we leave for Adelaide.... We fly on tuesday 10th january, Anyone else flying the same time and from heathrow?? and how are your plans going?? :biggrin:
  10. koala09

    Permission to take my daughter

    You will prob have to go through a solicitor to make it official, but check with your agent if you have one. We had to go through court to get permision to take my son from previous relationship with us, it took 18 months and thousands of pounds, but my ex was refusing to sign for him to go. My solicitor did send a stat dec to my ex which he wouldn't sign, and if i remember right your ex would have to take this form into a solicitor with photo id to sign it. you might have to go the court route if your ex doesn't have photo id (wierd lol) but if he has no objections to you going it should be a quick process for you. We had permission from the courts in august and we will be flying to adelaide on 10th jan, i sooo can't wait now, 71 days and counting lol. Well good luck i hope you manage to sort it out, any questions though pm me x
  11. We have finally decided on a shipping company to use (I think) and have read lots of comments on here to use alternative insurance company instead of removal companies themselves. Who do we use? or how do i go about getting insurance else where. cheers kel :twitcy:
  12. koala09

    Holiday rental????

    I forgot to say we are going to Adelaide lol.....
  13. koala09

    Holiday rental????

    Hi all, We have our one way tickets booked for the 10th Jan (OMG still can't believe it lol) but we are looking for a holiday rental for the first few weeks until we find a rental to settle in. Any idea's on best places to look? Or does anyone have properties that we could rent for 3 weeks? We have been looking on the realestate.com.au website and emailed about a few, but no one seams to get back to us. Help!! I want to find somewhere soon. :wacko:
  14. I think it is a bit longer than usual, we had a few things crop up that prolonged the case. A friend of ours (from poms in oz) took about a year to get the go ahead. It is very stressful and expensive but hopefully well worth it. I will let you know lol. good luck xx :hug:
  15. Just wondering if anyone had managed to get extra baggage allowance or discounted flights through International Organisation for Migration. I have emailed them but had no response yet. thanks k