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Found 55 results

  1. OK. So I am no expert in british food and its delivery but saw this link advertised on another forum so I thought I should share with you guys. Do you think this is a comprehensive site that is the answer to your prayers??? http://www.britishcornershop.co.uk/default.asp
  2. Guest

    Mirror Order Needed

    I have been granted permission to remove my children from the UK to Oz on the understanding that I get a mirror copy of the court order done in Australia within 90 days (Jurisdition of leave) I have tried repeatedly to get someone who knows what this is to help.. I've been to lawyers to The Attorney General.. From Canberra to Perth and back again.. Some say that it's not needed as the head of state is the same in UK as it is in OZ (The Queen) Others just tell me that they don't deal with International matters.. Nobody seems to know what to do with me or this order.. The problem being, I only have 90 days to register it otherwise my childrens father has threatened to take me back to court an revoke his permission (the kids would have to return to UK.. He doesn't actually want custody of them tho, which means I would have to return to England with them as I am their main carer) If anyone has had a similar situation, or knows the right channels to follow, I only need to register this document or get a mirror copy or it.. I would be very grateful.. I'm lost and just keep getting sent round and round in circles.. SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP!!! I'm at my wits end and time is ticking away
  3. Do you think we need a speaker? Not for myself of course, being a paragon of virtue and reasoned argument. How many times does the Speaker say 'order'? I bet that becomes his Chinese torture in retirement.
  4. We have our visa and are off in just 4 months. Most things are sorted but I can't get my head around all the financial stuff I should probably be organising. A company I met at an Expo ring me regularly and to be honest, he's got me really worried about things I hadn't even considered, such as paying tax in Aus on our property we are going to be renting in the UK. Anyway, thought I'd post my worries and see if anyone can help please :wubclub: Firstly, what are the finacial things I should be considering before we move to the other side of the world, these are what spring to mind: Mortgage, Life Insurances, Private Pensions, ISAs, Child Trust Fund, Will, Student loan. Secondly can anybody help me with these issues: *We are renting our house when we go, mortgage company are fine with this for two years, then we would have Can we still pay into a UK bank account if we aren't residing here? Accountant says we won't pay tax in the UK as it's within our allowance, will we have to pay tax in Aus? *As we are renting our house I assume we keep our life insurances in the UK? Do we then need additional life insurance in Aus? *We have private pensions but have very little in them and they're froze, we wasn't going to bother transferring these, will we incur any charges in Aus? *If we leave savings in the UK, will we incur charges, either now in the future? *Can we transfer a Child Trust Fund account to Aus? * Is it wise to make a will before we go? Any help at all is greatly appreciated x
  5. Hi all, Over the last 18 months I have been going through court to be able to take my son (from previous relationship) to Australia with myself, my hubby and 2 daughters age 8 and 9 months. We had the final court date 2 weeks ago and got granted the court order to take my son with us, and yesterday finally received our visa's. Its been a really hard few years financially (court) and emotionally and being pregnant too was extra hard but we have done it and at last got our wonderful visa. We are hoping to move to adelaide early jan, OMG what a feeling, can't wait to get those one way tickets booked now.. Thanks to everyone for their help and advice over the last few years and the lovely messages of support we have had for the court case, but i'm sure there is going to be alot more questions now to do with removal companies etc lol. Thanks again from a very very happy lady xx :jiggy:
  6. Guest

    would you order avon in aus

    I am looking at ways of earning my own few dollars and have decided to be an avon rep!!! How many people would actually order from an avon book left at their door here in Aus?? I love some of the bargains in avon, Im not a huge fan but I know many people are, I may be converted!! Would you trust ordering avon at your day, you pay on delivery nothing up front!! did my 1st street and got 2 orders today, just wondered if this is because its my first time leaving books at these houses or because people are unsure?? Thanks guys!
  7. Guest

    pio order of viewing

    for me when i log on i always go to new&gossip first (just to see whats occuring) then it over to chewing the fat (just to see who avin a go at each other) although im a pretty quite member i occasionly get involved--then i look at the moving back to the UK section (just to see whos leaving australia,and why--then i just browes around to see if there anything i find interesting happening today--so whats you order of viewing on pio,and why:wubclub:
  8. Just wanted to say hello to everybody. My husband and myself and our four kids have just started the emigration process for permanent residency. I have tried looking through the threads but am having trouble finding anything similar. My ex has been denied contact with my daughter and we have a court order. She is 2 now. Do we still need his permission to emigrate? Waiting for an appointment with a solicitor. Just wondered if anyone else has been through this process. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks X
  9. Hi there Just wanted to know if anyone else who has experienced simliar can shed a little light on something for me please. I've started court proceedings (no solicitor) to get a court order to take two of my children to Oz with me - the absent father will not give permission for me to take them, even though he doesn't maintain a decent level oc contact with them! I've had the first (directions) hearing and the court has ordered CAFCASS to file a report which is ''Limited to the Mothers application to remove the children from jurisdiction'' Obviously this "limited to" specifys in some way the report that CAFCASS will produce, what exactly do they mean by this though? Thank you in advance for replys Saffy x
  10. Hi all, I have recently come back from a years working holiday in Aus where I have been living with my girlfriend of three years. We had planned that I would apply from the UK, but after being told that it takes 5 months to process these visa's I am less inclined to do this. We have almost spent as much time apart as we have living in the same country! We have served our time as a couple maintaining their relationship long distance! I understand I could apply for a visitor visa and then apply for the de facto visa at the end of the stay at which point they put you on a bridging visa with work rights. If someone could clear this up for me I would be eternally grateful! Perhaps I am just engaging in a bit of wishful thinking! Many thanks in advance, Sponts
  11. My Brother has a Westpac account which he has opened in Perth. I would like to pay some money into it monthly (i'm nice like that!) but how do I do that. I have the "sort code" and account number and all his details. Im with Natwest and I have online banking but can't seem to find out how to set up a monthly payment from my account to his. Any ideas? xxx:err:
  12. Hi All, I live in the USA and recently I've been asked for PCC from my case officer. I need to submit PCC from Australian federal police. AFP accepts either Australian bank checks or money orders. Can someone please tell me how I can get a money order in Australian dollars in USA? Thanks GS
  13. Me and my wife have decide to move to Oz we are hoping to live and work in Brisbane on a 457 visa. I found an employer willing to give me a job but they wont sponsor a visa :sad: My work as a Altro Hygienic wall cladder is very specialist and I'm not holding out much hope for a job coming up. My Wife Is a Graphic Designer and has found quite a few jobs on Seek.com.au Should we use a friends address (in Brisbane) on her Resume. Should we mention the need for sponsorship from the start? We are over in August and hoping to line up meetings/interviews with potential employers.
  14. Ok here goes, we gained our state sponsorship from WA this morning. I am now wanting to start our 176 visa application but we will have one thing missing. We have our 2nd and most likely final court hearing on the 28th April with regards to the OH's daughter and taking her to Australia, she doesnt see her biological father and there has been no contact at all for 6 years. Would I be able to submit our application and forward the court order in April if/when it is approved ? thanks...................Gary
  15. Hi folks I am a complete novice at this emigration lark, and am wondering what is the right way to go about it I wouldn't get the 175 points, but would get the pts needed for SS in WA for my job. Would the following order work? 1. Apply for SS 2. Sell house (Could be a while for this to happen, I know) 3. Go to WA and look for jobs-apparently job prospects for my job are good 4. Move permanently I know that all of the above is overly simplistic,but is the order the right one?? Or otherwise,should I wait for the new point system and apply for a 175? I reckon I could get 75 points based on work experience... Any opinions would be appreciated, daithi
  16. Guest

    SS WA order of events??

    Hi everyone, please can you help me in understanding the whole visa process, we have an agent and CO and we have just completed and sent off our TRA form. I understand this is to make sure that qualificaions are recognised, is this correct? So what happens next, what is all this about applying for SS, is this done before sending off our 176 application???? so confused by the process, Any help will be greatly appreciated. Anita.x
  17. Hi, i'm new to this forum but in desperate need of some advice, morale boost! Basically my husband is an Australian national, we have been married for 3 years, together for 7 and have 2 children together. I also have 2 children from previous relationships. My eldest child's father (he has never had any contact) has agreed to sign the 1227? consent form. My son's (age 11) father i'm sure will be a different kettle of fish altogether. He is basically a controlling bully. He decided to drop contact with my son 6 years ago, a year after we split up. Before he dropped contact he saw him every sat, and gave me sporadic maintainence payments (depending on how he felt, if I had a boyfriend etc). We were never married and he has no PR order and never wanted one. The high commission have told me that I need his consent or a court order to remove my son from the UK (even though in British Law I have full PR). I have found a solicitor and think it best that we use her to contact my ex and ask for his permission and i'm still scared of him and his unreasonable behaviour. My son thinks of his step-dad as his father and has no re-collection of his father any more. Basically i'm worried about this whole situation (many sleepless nights). My solicitor is drafting a letter to the father asking for his consent. I'm worried that i'm about to open Pandora's box, dragging the whole horrid relationship up again and worried that he'll enjoy having some power over my families' future happiness. I'm wondering how the court will look at his rights if he decides to contest to me taking my son to Australia. Will take my ex's feelings into account even though he hasn't bothered to make contact for 6 years? If it goes to court will my son be interviwed? He's only about 50/50 to going. He used to be very keen but is a worrier (like his mother). A 'great' neighbour of ours decided to tell him about poisenous spiders so now he's not keen on going at all! I'm also worried that this could cost us up to £8,000 and end up gettig us no where. Any advice or morale support would be great, and sorry for such a long first post!
  18. Eddie2010

    cat 3 priority - what order?

    Hi All, I hope you all had a brilliant xmas. I was just wondering if anyone knew how DIAC actually allocate CO's once tackling a pile of applications in a Cat (3) ! Is it just by date order ? Do applications with agents / particular jobs / age / kids / surname get priority? I am not sure how I am going to keep sane for possibly 18 - 24 months of waiting to know - any tips ?? :wub:Thanks Jodie
  19. I've been wondering if I have the order in which things are supposed to be done right.. Correct me please if I am wrong... AQFIII has been obtained. TRA passed last month. Waiting for SA SMP to be released, if we are on their list we apply via SA Immigration for State Sponsorship, once SS is granted then we apply to DIAC for our 176 visa... Is this right? I've noticed looking at people's timelines that people have all kinds of stages in different orders, just wanna make sure that after all this form filling out, web interviews & waiting that I don't mess this up, OH would kill me, he wanted to get an agent but I insisted I would research properly and save us money doing it ourselves!
  20. Guest

    Is there an order?

    Hi all, Is there an order for processing within the categories? Ley x:goofy:
  21. Just got some fresh information from other forums, accountant with 6 in ietls who lodged application on 8/2009 got PR approval today. So,I hope this gives some ideas for group3 ppl who still waiting, go push DIAC!
  22. :eek: Hi everyone Im looking for advice a to where to start!!! We have our visa's which is great 16 months in the waiting now the fun starts... but i just dont know where to start??:arghh: The house on the market is the first I know we have estate agents coming round next week and live in Brighton so properties go quite quickly here. We have pet cat whom I know has to do quarantine,and have read that its so small in Perth that you have to book their slot 3-4 months ahead, how can I do that when we dont know when the house will sell? When do we get the removal people in to take a look? and do their quotes remain the same even if you use them several months after you got it. So much to do and I just dont know where to start. Any advice would be great and a big THANKS in advance.:hug:
  23. We are going to send off our visa application next week and I am still trying to figure out how to pay for it! I have asked the HSBC bank and they say they have not heard of an international money order, but can issue an international bank draft in Australian Dollars. Does anyone know if it's okay to pay this way? If so, do you tick 'bank cheque' or 'money order' on the application form? I'm stressing more about this than anything else at the moment!! Thanks, Emmy B
  24. Guest

    De facto visa order

    Hello everyone, I have been reading this site for a few onths now, and received alot of very useful information. I am about to put in my onshore de facto visa and struggling to find something that tells me if there is an actual order all the information should be in. Any help would be much appreciated
  25. Dear all, First of all I would like to say thank you to all of our friends for their valuable advices. Then, I want to apply for the General Skill Migration to Australia through the 176 visa category (skill sponsored). But first of all I’m thinking to get the state nomination because my profession (Quantity Surveyor) is listed in some of the state’s demand list. However I’m confusing about the following matters to get this state nomination, 1. Can I apply for the state nomination now (before the April), because in April, that the Australian immigration department is going to change the skill occupation list (SOL). Does this change is affect my application for the state nomination? 2. I have contacted an agent form Australia in order to apply for the state nomination, but they are expecting little bit higher amount as their fee for this nomination. Their fee for this nomination is 2800 Australian dollar and also they mentioned there will be additional 900 Australian dollars for the state nomination. Therefore I’m confusing about this plan, so can I apply my self to get this nomination? Further if I apply through the agent is it faster than my own applies? 3. How long will it take for the state nomination? Please advice me concerning the above mentioned ideas, I look forward to hearing from you. Yours sincerely Thas