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Found 30 results

  1. Hi all, After a gruelling 5 week wait we have finally been granted our 457 visa!! We fly out to Melbourne on Saturday...... feel more scared than excited at the moment! Have so much to think about I can hardly think (if that makes sense!) Anyway I wanted to say thank you for all your support on pio, it has all been a great help ever since our very first enquiry back in March.... Wishing all that are still waiting lots of luck! Thanks, Alex :jiggy::hug::wubclub:
  2. Hi all, Over the last 18 months I have been going through court to be able to take my son (from previous relationship) to Australia with myself, my hubby and 2 daughters age 8 and 9 months. We had the final court date 2 weeks ago and got granted the court order to take my son with us, and yesterday finally received our visa's. Its been a really hard few years financially (court) and emotionally and being pregnant too was extra hard but we have done it and at last got our wonderful visa. We are hoping to move to adelaide early jan, OMG what a feeling, can't wait to get those one way tickets booked now.. Thanks to everyone for their help and advice over the last few years and the lovely messages of support we have had for the court case, but i'm sure there is going to be alot more questions now to do with removal companies etc lol. Thanks again from a very very happy lady xx :jiggy:
  3. Oh my god!!! Im so happy!! Got a call today from immigration to say that my cirtizenship application has been finalised and its in the post!! cannot actually believe that i will be going! Got the biggest smile on my face today! Now its all about booking the flights and finding a bleeding job!!:smile:
  4. reddebz

    WOOHOO!!! Visa granted today!!!

    Life is good today! We got our visa and accepted an offer on our house - all in the same day. Yeehaa!!!! Darwin here we come:biggrin:
  5. rinkerdink

    visa granted today woohoo!!!

    Got the news from our agent today that our visa grant has come through! Diac server still down so can't see it with my own eyes just yet but it's there. Thanks for all the help and support given by everybody on here and also to my agent Ian Harrop and Assoc together with Roger Laws of Romara who assisted with my skills assessment submission to the TRA as an electrician special class and my visa submission and state sponsorhip application. I would recommend them unreservedly for their fantastic knowledge, professionalism and support. They didn't always bring me good news but they were always forthright accurate and let me know where i stood, everything I could have hoped for, a cracking company to do business with! Cheers Chris
  6. Guest

    Woohoo no longer Cat 4

    Well we have today received sponsorship from WA after we were not included on Qld SMP with sponsorship through them and we are well chuffed. I know there is a chance that things could change this year anyway in terms of SMPs and SOLs but we decided to take our life back in our hands and be pro-active. Thank you WA for giving us a chance :yes: Bring on the CO now Donna xxx
  7. SA has released its SMP guys!! http://www.migration.sa.gov.au/sa/immigrate_from_overseas/state_migration_plan.jsp Happy New Year!! Good luck to all Rose xx
  8. Mhags


    well, after ,what seems like forever, we have all got our visas! I am so happy! My husband got his a couple of weeks ago and as we were in separate countries ours had to be applied for once his came through, and it has only taken 10 days. So I can stop saying to people.....Oh just waiting on our visas! We had our farewell party when he was home in August, so I don't have to do that again! I had a great night as I wasn't the one saying goodbye at that point. the packers are in for their 3rd and final day and our 'stuff' goes on the container this afternoon. Had decided to 'camp' within our house and do without at this end rather than as long at the other end! Fed up camping already! Went to make pancakes last night......no mixing bowl (had to use a fruit bowl!) and no whisk.....plastic fork instead! Kitchen roll for plates rather than waste a paper one!! I'm enjoying sitting on my sofa for the last time as by tonight we will be huddled round the one portable tv we are keeping! Ah Joy! Just wanted to share my good news! now all we need to do is find a house in Oz, schools in Oz etc etc, but for today no-one is bursting my bubble!
  9. Hi everyone just reveived an email the DIAC have asked for additional documents .... hope this means that our file is finally getting looked at. Just one worry though my OH is an instructor in the Army Cadet Force and they have asked for discharge papers, as this is a voluntary position (although he does receive expenses from the regular army) he doesn't receive discharge papers. any advice would be greatly apprieciated. they have also asked for proof of my daughters dependency but at the moment she is between courses having just finished and doesn't know as yet if she has been accepted onto her next level. But on the positive side at least things seem to be moving:jiggy::jiggy::jiggy: Marg
  10. What a great feeling it is to find our 175 skilled independant visa has been granted. I checked my emails today only to find our visa was granted yesterday! :arghh: I usually check them daily but for some reason I never yesterday and wouldnt you know thats the day we get our visa. The fun really does start here..Finding jobs, somewhere to live, rent our house out, decide when to go etc etc. :wacko: We've got to tell the partents now! That is going to be no easy task. Both sets of parents support us but we know deep down us emigrating is devastating for them. Good luck to all those people on PIO waiting for those magic words. DIAC must have been busy over the last couple of days. :notworthy: Ive noticed a few other people have had granted visas..Congratulations Lesley xx
  11. Guest

    WOOHOO !! We have our visa!!

    Just doing the daily check on the online page like we all do!! And there it is visa approved!! Cant wait now just hope the house hurries up and sells so we can be on our way to a new and exciting life. Julie and Paul x:jiggy:
  12. Guest

    Flights booked.... Woohoo!!!!

    Hi All. I'm so excited:biggrin:. We've booked our flights today. Leave UK on 29th May and arrive in Adelaide (Hallett Cove) on 31st May. Flying with Singapore Airlines........ What a mother's day present!!!! Has anyone got any advice regarding flights or even on the area where we're going.... Many thanks:notworthy: Kind regards Helen x
  13. :spinny:On cloud nine today..... Visa granted 18/01/2010 Thanks to everyone for all the great advice you've given over the last 20 months:notworthy: Here's to our new life......... WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!! Kind regards :jiggy:Helen xxx
  14. Hi all, we are one of the gang affected by the 23rd sept non CSL debacle. So we were on a mission applying for jobs. I was offered a job this week teaching yet my agent says this still won't help me get a PR visa!!!:arghh: The reason as i understand it is that my Skill assessment is for community worker as i only qualified as a teacher in June 2009, therefore don't have the 3 yrs experience. We are flying out on 28th Dec on a WHV so i will be able to take the position but this still doesn't help with our PR VISA. Also this means i can only work for them for 6 months!!! If anyone can think of a solution to this problem please please please help, after 23rd sept our agent said our only option is to secure a job offer, unbelievably i have done this but it still doesn't help:arghh: Any ideas what we should do??
  15. Guest

    A year today WooHOO

    We landed in Aus! I did it cold no rekkie just blind trust in my hubbys judgment(he spent his teenage years here) Its not been an easy ride far from it and that's with us having my hubbys family here. However after all of the trials life has thrown at us over this year we are coming through it stronger. In general I love Australia but then I also love the UK and where I lived in West london. I love how chatty and friendly people are here I love that my kids have space to run around and lets face it Newcastle is a big difference from West London. I do not love the feck off huntsman bigger than my hand that was crawling up my wall the other day though :biglaugh: Yeah I get pangs for "home" and yeah I miss people. Today I have had the right Hump cos hubbys pushbike got nicked! Some anniversary pressie eh? Mind you it was just laid in the driveway and has been dumped like that every night for months so the silly sod is too blame. For now I am happy here that's what matters. Whatever the future holds for me I am so glad we did this.
  16. Can't quite believe it.:biggrin: Sold the house after being on the market for 2 weeks and received State Sponsorship for South Australia today (20 days waiting) - all in one week. . . Best week of my life - so far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:spinny: Good Luck to everyone still waiting. . . . . x Helen x
  17. welsh in oz

    Woohoo woop woop yeehah

    Guess what my lovely fellow PIOers........................ Those who read my 'upset and disappointed' thread will know that all our stuff was smashed in transit with Anglo Pacific..........sent my claim off on monday with not so high hopes of getting even half of the money I asked for....... By today (wednesday) sent me a claim form for the full amount!! Yes!! I can only say how impressed I am with the service from their claims dept, fast, polite and helpful. My advice to anyone using a shipping company would be Anglo Pacific, whilst breaking all my stuff (which could have been anyone along the way), have been absolutley fantastic in sorting it out for me and I would probably recommed them over all, even though I now have to sort out a whole new kitchen (but thats not the point-at least it will be fun buying it all!). A very happy Welsh in Oz :jiggy::jiggy:
  18. At long last and after several weeks and months of lots of ups and downs and lots of tears and moods (hehehe ) Its arrived WE HAVE OUR VISA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Off to celebrate :Randy-git: now but will inform you all more in the morning !!!!! Claire. XX
  19. Guest

    Over the moon now WOO-HOO!!!

    Hi to everyone, the e-mail came today and we got our visas, WOO-HOO!! Can't believe how lucky we are or how good i feel right now, hope lots of you get to feel this way soon too. Have been on the phone to my mum and dad in OZ and they are over the moon as you can imagine, we can't wait to see them. Good luck to everyone and keep smiling. Bex and Tal. :jiggy:
  20. debbie.rn

    we got the visa woohoo!

    hi all well it finally came through!!!!! thankyou for your support when i thought it wasn't going to happen due to the medical. for anyone else who it told they have high blood pressure and an 'enlarged heart '....it doesn't mean the end...just a delay it has all come good in the end debbie
  21. Wendy Robinson


    Just checked status page and we have all now been approved for our visas:jiggy: Can't believe it it took just over 5 and a half months. We have until 2 october 2009 to enter oz. Now just need to sell the bl**dy house:arghh: Thankyou to everyone who answered all my questions and keeping me sane throughout the wait.
  22. Well I just checked my online visa application and although we have not heard anything from a case officer our online status ha changed to approved ad states we must enter australia by 10th feb 2009. I take it we have our visas!!!! I am in a state of shock! Sorry to everyone who is still waiting, hope it is your turn soon.
  23. Guest


    just got back from Perth, 2 weeks, very chilled out, lovely to see my OH and the girls.. I got the best news on the 30th June, the pre-grant letter for my 175!! have to leave it 3 working days (ie. Thursday) before I can send my passport off, then I can start hassling some shippers and wotnot. got a couple of job interviews lined up already time to start chucking stuff out and getting my tax return in order then, I'll be off in 8 weeks.
  24. Just when we thought things had to be put on hold 'cos OH got made redundant a couple of weeks ago (and didn't get paid for MAY)....a little bit of good "fortune" came our way today! I just renewed our Tax credits claim and because I earned very little last year due to mat leave, they have backdated and credited over £2000 to our bank account today!! :jiggy: This means we can now afford to 1) Renew all our passports 2) pay a deposit to our agent to get things rolling there and 3) Pay off (most) the credit card balance (which what we had to rely on without hubbys wage... We should also get his final pay and redundancy pay off the gov't in a couple of weeks which will be more than enough to cover all the rest of the agents/application fee's!!!! WOOOOHOOOOO!!!! Oh and the other good news is Hubby just landed himself another job today too!!!
  25. Lucia

    Woohoo! We got it!!

    AAAAAAAAAAArrrrrghhh!!!! Been waiting so long for this moment to tell you WE GOT THE VISA :arghh: After a strange little telephone interview on Thursday, our case officer confirmed that we were successful!! All I need to do is send my passport for the special sticker! Hopefully see people soon down under! Lucia xx