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VE 176 and 457 at the same time - Is it possible ?


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You can have applications for two different visas at the same time, but I can't imagine why you would want to do that in your situation.


You're in cat. 2 and you have a CO with the delay in getting your visa appearing to be because of security checking. You'll need the same security checks with a 475 AND would have to go through the process of getting sponsorship for a 475 before you can lodge the application. Perhaps I've missed something but I can't see the logic in going for a 475.

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Had job offer May 2010 after months of deciding who to go with and what visa to choose they became sponsors in March 2011 for us!

We appointed our agents April 2010 BUT my OH had to do a trade assessment through VETASSESS this took 10months to get a date, very frustrating.. Passed Feb 2011


Our State sponsorship was lodged 29th April 2011 through agent for 176 but also lodged e457 on 29th April 2011 ourselves. e457 was approved on the 5th May still waiting for WA state sponsorship!


So if the company you are going to work for are already sponsors and are willing to sponsor you then yes you can do it and it is quicker.


Our flights are on the 7th August we will be in Perth working way before our 176 is approved! The 457 will then fall away and we will be there on the 176.



But your very nearly there if its just the security checks you waiting for. Be patient it will be worth it in the end.

Hope this helps


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Guest DCAL

I have a VE 176 application with DIAC since Sep2010. Can I apply for a VE475 and keep both application valid ?



I believe you can have 2 applications running, but you need to ensure that your 457 is granted before your 176, as whatever is granted last is your final visa, eg: you could get granted your 176 which is PR, but then your 457 is granted afterwards which over writes your 176 is my understanding. Given the current amazing speed of DIAC your more likely to get your 176 before you get 457 so it were me, I would leave it.

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Thanks for your replies. Believe or not I am giving up hope. I have been under security checks for the past 6 months for no reason and been getting the same message from my CO that we are still waiting for security checks to be completed,

I do not know how long it is gonna take.

Maybe 2 months or maybe 20 months. The rules are changing every year and the changes may ruin my life.

I have seen applicants from my country who have been waiting for more than 24 months and still not obtained their visa. I may also never get my PR for no reason.

At least I can apply for 475 which is much faster and does not need a thorough security checks like 176 visa.

I have seen applicants who have applied for Orana and obtained their visa much faster than 176

Seems Australia is not intending to give me a visa despite all my documents are perfect. I have been one of the best students at university. Have been working very hard to be a perfect engineer and did my best to help every one but my only mistake is that I am holding an Iranian passport!

So it is wise to apply for 475. Something is better than nothing.


I would be thankful if any body clarify the issue and let me know whether I am able to lodge a 475 visa application or not

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