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  1. Hi everyone I applied on my niece behalf for a visitor visa 600. I made mistake and applied for a tourist visa as I was not aware of sponsored visit visa. the officer refused the application as she believes the applicant hasn't provided her travel history and a genuine intention to return to her home country. my niece is a 19 years old student and never travelled abroad. I explained this in the application as well so I am not sure why the officer is not satisfied i am wondering is it wise to reapply for a family sponsored visa ? what are the chances of refusal or approval ? She is from iran and I am an Australian citizen. cheers
  2. reza


    Hello Who care This is a very special issue and I doubt someone can help you. However its ridiculous and at the same time terrible to have your citizenship application delayed because of a system error or mistake. In my opinion you should talk to immigration department. Maybe they can provide you with a letter or proof that it was their mistake and not yours and then you can lodge a paper application for citizenship. I hope you can sort out this issue and get your citizenship soon. Cheers
  3. reza


    Is pcc required for all countries since turning 18 ?
  4. Hello everyone not sure if this should be posted here. I ve been a member of this forum since 2010 and can say i wouldnt be in aussie land without the helps and supports of this forum. So first of all i would like to thank every and each member for being nice and helpful to me. i am going to apply for citizenship in a couple of months. We are a family of three including my wife and i and our little Australian son who became citizen by birth. So basically my wife and i will apply for citizenship i appreciate if someone can advise regarding the following questions: 1- should we create one immi account together and lodge our applications or seperate immi accounts? 2- which one would be faster processing paper or online? 3- i have an aweful handwriting so can i fill in form 1195 in my computer and then print it out? Or should be filled by hand? 4- we dont have a Australian friend to sign our forms so can we get assistance from someone else like bank tellers? cheers
  5. reza

    190 visa "moral obligation"

    i know someone who claims his citizenship has been put on hold for this issue. Frankly speaking i cant believe him as he does not give much details as to what DIBP has told him. He just says they dont let him do the test. The other day, I inquired the same from 4 different states by email and was told that it wont have any implications on citizenship or RRV applications. They all said you can live any where in Australia. Called DIBP twice and was told it has nothing to do with citizenship application and as long as you satisfy residence requirements you are elligible to apply. Have two close friends who were on student visa and got sponsorship from WA and never put feet on WA and had their citizenship applications approved recently. In my opinion if DIBP gas any problem with this issue, they can simply put a condition on 190 visa to restrict people from moving state.
  6. reza

    190 visa "moral obligation"

    I reckon the changes will not affect the persons who already been granted a 190 visa. Please correct me if I am wrong
  7. reza

    190 visa "moral obligation"

    Hi Guys Just wondering anyone with discussed situation has obtained citizenship ?
  8. It all depends on tge job market if i manage to get an academic position or a posdoc position then will definietely live here. Specially i have an australian son and surely prefer to grow up him here. My wife and i love Australia but if theres no job then there is no point to stay here jobless and get centerlink payments. I am pretty sure that Australian government and people will not like this
  9. If they decide to reject citizenship application they may refuse to grant RRV as well. In addition its a matter of four years living in Australia. If i dont get civizenship and leave the country i will have to live in Australia for another for years to satisfy citizenship requirements.
  10. Could you provide the link to the post where the issue was discussed?
  11. 190 visa. Do you know if this moral obligation has any impact on citizenship application?
  12. Hello I understand this topic has been discussed many times in several forums. I would like to know if any one has obtained his/her citizenship application approved without completing the two years living and working commitment in the sponsor state ? I spoke to someone who claims his citizenship application has been put on hold due to not fulfilling the state sponsorship commitment. However, I saw a couple of friends who had the same situation and had their citizenship application approved. I also spoke to DIBP today morning and was told that the two years commitment has nothing to do with citizenship application. Any advise and true stories will be highly appreciated Regards
  13. reza

    Kuwait police clearance

    I just spoke to someone in Philippines. The poor guy has applied in August 2015 and still waiting to get his PCC. He was told since September 15 no PCC has been received by embassy of Kuwait in Manila!!! Have you tried to contact agencies in Kuwait ? I found some but they ask for a lot of money ( $1200 to $2200)
  14. reza

    Kuwait police clearance

    Hello Aissiegirl Nothing yet its been 14 weeks. Im gonna call the embassy on Monday. They had hala February festival las week so i guess there was no progress for 10 days or more. I ve approached my friends in Kuwait but they cant be of any help. my case is a bit different due to my nationality but yours may be different and you might get it faster. Finger crossed. cheers
  15. reza

    Kuwait police clearance

    Hello Aussiegirl im in week 13th and still nothing. I contact some agencies in Kuwait and was told its gonna cost me 350-600kd to get the pcc through those agencies. I may do this if i dont get my pcc until April as i dont wanna delay my citizenship application. Could you please explain what they said exactly ? What do you mean by there is hold on something ? Have they not sent your application to Kuwait yet? And could you please share the email address of Kuwait government you contaced? Its Hala February fedtival in Kuwait and they gonna be off for week or more. cheers