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  1. inception

    Invitation for 12th May 2014

    Thanks everyone for your replies. I really appreciate it. My cousin has received her invitation. We are all very excited. I wish everyone good luck!
  2. inception

    Invitation for 12th May 2014

    Does the invitation happen at 12am on 12th May 2014 (for the current round of invitations) since it is an automated process or is there a specified time later in the day for it? Just very anxious as my cousin is waiting for her invitation. Does anybody have any experience with this from perhaps the previous invitation rounds? It would be great if you could share your experiences with us. Cheers!
  3. One more thing. What is the appropriate ANZCO code for a recent nursing graduate? Is it 'Registered Nurse(NEC)' or can you choose a specialisation even though you don't have any work experience? Are recent graduates from Australian universities exempt from work experience?
  4. My sister will be graduating at the end of this year in Bachelor of Nursing. She is studying at an Australian university. What is the process for her to apply for permanent residency visa? 1. What is the assessment process like? Does she have to be registered with the relevant nursing body before she can apply for a migration skill assessment? Are these two different processes (i.e. getting registered and applying for a migration skill assessment)? Is the migration skill assessment done by the same body that registers nurses? 2. Does she need to do IELTS for the purpose of getting registered as a nurse in Australia even though she is studying at an Australian university? Of course, she would need to do IELTS(and obtain 6 in each band) to apply for PR which is a requirement of DIAC. I am talking about the skill assessment requirement for the nursing board. Does she need to get 7 in all bands even though she has obtained her qualification at an Australian institution or does this requirement apply only to those with an overseas qualification(apart from applicants from NZ, UK, Ireland, US and Canada)? 3. To apply for the 485 temporary graduate visa does she need a skill assessment by the nursing board or does completion of the Bachelor of Nursing degree itself suffice without a skill assessment? Any information regarding the migration process for a recent onshore graduate(nursing) would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.
  5. inception

    Motor Mechanic work experience and qualifications

    So basically if he finishes his automotive diploma at TAFE then he can apply for a 485 temporary graduate visa on which he could do a job ready program of 12 months, right? Once he has completed the 12 months work experience on the 485 visa he should be eligible to apply for permanent residency. That's what I gathered from your post. Correct me if I am wrong. Cheers!
  6. inception

    Information Technology vs Accounting skill assessment

    Thanks for your reply wrussell. It would be very kind of you if you could elaborate on what I am missing out on. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  7. inception

    Information Technology vs Accounting skill assessment

    I was reading the PDF and according to the list if you have done a bachelor degree with an IT major and are a recent graduate then NO WORK EXPERIENCE is required. However, if you are not a recent graduate you only need 2 years work experience if you have an IT major (minimum Bachelor degree). Of course, for lesser qualifications the work experience required increases. Did I read the list correctly? So, I am guessing if my cousin did a bachelor in IT at an Australian university he should be able to get a positive skill assessment from the Australian Computer Society and provided that he gets the minimum pass mark of 60 for an EOI he will be eligible for permanent residency? Am I doing this right or have I missed out on something?
  8. inception

    Information Technology vs Accounting skill assessment

    No, I am not planning to study. It is just for my cousin who wants to migrate.
  9. If you have done a recognised accounting degree from an Australian university you can easily get a positive skill assessment from either CPA or CA without any relevant work experience for migration purposes. Is this the case with a Bachelor of Information Technology as well? Does the Australian Computer Society provide you with a positive skill assessment with just a bachelors degree or do you need relevant work experience in this case and if so how many years of work experience is required for a positive skill assessment?
  10. Hi, My 21 year old cousin wants to do a diploma in automative technology at TAFE. Can he apply for permanent residency once he finishes this 2 year course? How many years of work experience does he require after he has completed his diploma in order to get a successful TRA assessment? I am not really sure about the assessment criteria for trades. There is compulsory industry placement as part of his course. Is this enough for a successful skill assessment or does he need to work in industry after completing his course in order to get a positive skill assessment? If so, how long does he need to work for? Is there an alternative pathway for skilled migration for recent graduates in trades? He is currently in Australia on holidays and would love to stay here permanently. Any help regarding his situation will be greatly appreciated.
  11. inception

    Citizenship ceremony documents

    Thank you very much for replying. We will take our passport and invitation letter just in case :smile:
  12. inception

    Citizenship ceremony documents

    I was wondering if we need to take any documents along when we attend the citizenship ceremony. We received an email from the local council but not from DIAC which I found strange since we were told that the invitation letter would come from DIAC. Anyway, the invitation letter does not state what documents we need to bring along as proof of ID. Do we also need to bring the invitation letter and/or the approval letter? Thanks.
  13. inception

    Citizenship ceremony invitation letter

    Thank you so much. At least now I can sit and relax for a while. I hope the postman doesn't misplace my letter. All this anxiety and the waiting game is making me all paranoid lol:eek:
  14. inception

    Citizenship ceremony invitation letter

    Can anyone help me with this one? :sad:
  15. inception


    I was just curious but what's wrong with swearing allegiance to Australia especially since they were kind enough to let you live and work here indefinitely?