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  1. hellsbells712

    Our Australian adventure Has begun

    Howard, Yayy, great to hear from ya. Brilliant to hear how well it is all going. Often when I drive past Helensvale High, I think about ya's and if I'll see your car and I'll stop for a chat. Glad the kids are doing so well. Is Luke at Helensvale High. Our Connor starts high school in a years time. We were going to send them to AB Patterson, but now have decided Helensvale has great reports and athletics excellence and academic for Natasha and drama, academic excellence and IT for Connor, so Helensvale it is. Life is pretty sweet here too. So many changes. We bought our house in Helensvale over 2 years ago now. Another 6 months now and we'll be here 4 years. Time flies when you're having fun. I'll always remember the week before you guys left and Pam was looking after Connor and we got chatting about Australia and here we all are nearly 4 years on, living the dream. A little update on our lives if anyone is interested. Been here 3 1/2 years, have owned our own house now for 2 1/2 years. Helen of Helensvale with her house with a pool. Could never have dreamt of how good our lives could be. Kids are at home now. Natasha was 5 when we left the UK, 8 now, our little aussie girl. We were up Springbrook 1 day and some people were listening to us and said she's definitely a local with that accent. Our little athlete and swimmer. Won age champion at Helensvale Little athletics last 2 years, her aim this year to qualify for state championships. Connor our swimmer and actor. Loves acting at The Spotlight theatre at Benowa and is excited for his 1 of the main roles in the performance next week. Both thriving at school. Connor an A student and Natasha A student and academic achievement awards 2 years running. What more could we ask for. As for ourselves, the 10 months trouble I had getting my nursing registration with AHPRA and working 3 years at Red Cross Blood service, June this year I decided to hang up my nursing boots and have ventured out. We bought our Interior & Carpet cleaning franchise business in June and is now starting to develop just nicely. We are "Austclean Southport" Never did I ever imagine I would own my own business. Nerve wracking as it is, thinking will we succeed, deep down knowing we can do this, I'm loving being my own boss. Watch this space....... Poor Neil thought he could casually carry on as house husband. Yeah right, what planet did he think he was living on ?? lol. Making a fine cleaner now though. How things change. Love it, Love it, Love it, at times at the start it was a little difficult but we have never looked back. I flew back to UK and Ireland in July this year for my dad's surprise 70th birthday, although as good as the holiday was, I was glad to come home. I could not imagine living anywhere else. Living life to the full, always reminding ourselves how lucky we are to be living here, living the dream, for all you folk out there, you have got to try hard and work at making a life for yourself. Be positive and you will succeed. Live as the aussies do. Best wishes to you all. Love Helen
  2. hellsbells712

    NURSES - Moving to Australia

    Hi , we used Ian harrop but it was a long time since. He is good. Been here in Oz 2 years now. To be honest we could really have done the visa ourselves, but it was good having someone fill all the paperwork in. They are good but we paid through a package we had through our finance agent. If you have a complicated application worth having an agent. All the info is provided through immigration and if you keep up to date with it all, you'll be ok. There are alot of people who can help on here. Save your pennies for when you get here. You'll certainly need your dosh when you 1st move over. All the best, keep calm, its worth all the stress. Fab place to live is Australia, fantastic life for your kids. Good luck. xx
  3. hellsbells712

    What do you miss about the uk?

  4. hellsbells712

    What do you miss about the uk?

    There's not a lot of things missed really. My friends I miss and Asda - cheap food and drink. My 8 year old misses smart price meatballs - Bless. We've been here 2 years now next month, where has the time gone ???? And gotta say this has been the best life changing experience we could have made. Love it on the Gold coast.
  5. Hi Vicki, I'm assuming its you Vikki Ridley. Welcome back to this wonderful land of Oz. Hope you had a good trip over. Noticed it was just yourself and kids on the flight. Will have to try and get together. Message me on FB. Open house at ours Boxing day , more than welcome to join us. Connor is 8 and Tash is 6, so a little company for the girls. Hope to see you soon. xx Helen
  6. hellsbells712

    Our Australian adventure Has begun

    Good for you Howard, welcome back.... xx
  7. Hi, we recently moved to Helensvale and we love it. Its pretty well located to everything and got everything you need. Also beach is only 10-15 mins away, big retail parks only 10 mins away but also has a Westfields in the centre of Helensvale. Close proximity to the highway gives you easy access to south Goldcoast and then up to Brisbane, which you're looking at a journey time of 45 minutes , granted that is with very little traffic. Schools are good, facilities are great, well developed, so not going to be much building going on in the area. Has its own train station.. We love it but then again I am a little biased being Helen of Helensvale.... lol Good luck with your move. x
  8. hellsbells712

    do your children like Australia

    Been here a year now. My kids although only 6 & 7, absolutely love it here. Always outside playing. Love school. made lots of friends. Have recently bought our own house with pool, could we ever give our kids that in the UK ??? NO..... They've both learnt to swim and love the pool. We live in a cul d sac, loads of kids, they love it. Could never afford this in UK. My kids very rarely even want to speak to the relies on the phone, although they are looking forward to Grandma and Grandad coming to visit from Ireland in September. Natasha has got a right ozzie accent and sure is embracing the way of life. Starting to get involved in sports, they love AFL and love the outdoor PE sports-athletics, cross country...... Thats it in a nutshell, they love it.
  9. hellsbells712

    Swimming Pool Costs

    Tell her it will be your job to clean it. Honestly it doesn't take that much. And it is sooo relaxing and especially in summer when the weather is stifling. Kids will love it too. She 's Auzzie, they don't feel the heat like we do. Tell her its for your health and well-being so when its really hot you wont get all hot and bothered and grumpy.... lol Get 1 !!!!
  10. hellsbells712

    Swimming Pool Costs

    Definitely must have a pool. Just moved into our own house with saltwater pool. we love it. Fab pool shop near us, will do a sample test on our water and they even say you dont need to spend much on it. Will try and post a picture of my pool too. Love it. x
  11. hellsbells712

    The Wesley HospitaL BRISBANE

    Hi ya, afraid not. I ended up working at Greenslopes for Ramsay, stayed 3 weeks, that was last May. Hated it, but that was partly due to shift work which I hadn't done for 10 years. Been working for the Red Cross Blood service at a blood donor centre since last July and love it. Regular hours. So sorry I can't give you any info. Do you have a job offer there. I was looking for Urology work cos that my background and I do miss it from time to time, but happy where I am for now I suppose. Been here just over a year now, living on the Gold Coast and we absolutely love it. Have just bought our own house, so feeling very settled. Someone might come along and let you know about The Wesley. Good luck. x
  12. hellsbells712

    Any mozzie solutions - pre and post bite

    Just when you fill the immigration card for declaring b4 landing in Oz, just put the medications on the form. You'll have no probs with immigration then. If in doubt with anything, just put it on the form. Great to see you'll be on your way soon. Can't believe we've been here a year now. Enjoy all the leaving parties and enjoy when you get here.Fab place to be. xx
  13. hellsbells712

    Our Australian adventure Has begun

    Hi Howard, Great to read your update. Glad u are all still very happy and settled. I know what u mean about time flying. Time flies when you're having fun............ We'll be here a year next week... Can't believe it. Just bought and moved into our new house in Helensvale. I'm now Lady Helen of Helensvale... lol Took a big drop in the sale of our house in Feb but like yourselves just wanted to move on and it has worked out really well. Give Pam my love and so pleased she loves her job. Take care. Always great to read your updates. xx Helen
  14. Go for PR evreytime. If you are hoping to be here in 2 years you have time now to apply. PR gives you the freedom to choose. You are then not tied to a job, contract etc... Too many people want to move on but cant because they are tied to the job. If you don't like the job, tough you are stuck with it unless you find another sponsor. Get sponsorship, then get PR through work you are again tied for probably 2 years after. Too many restrictrions.... Granted 457 sponsorship is sometimes peoples only route to Australia and can work out really well. But god am I glad my PR came through b4 we left. I did have 457 job initially, but only 2 weeks b4 we came out PR came through, the hospital changed me to a permanent contract, stayed 3 weeks in the job, hated it, made me ill, but I had the luxury of being able to leave. God knows what would have happened to me if it was a sponsored job and I had to stay. Dread to think.... But this is just my view. Good luck in your decision. I am here a year next month, have a fab job, working with fab people and loving it. xx
  15. hellsbells712


    Hi, Yea Monterey Keys is classed as Helensvale. We originally looked at a house at Monterey Keys. It is lovely there.