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citizenship and residency question


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If you come to Oz on a 475 visa how soon can you apply for both citizenship and residency and also without sounding totally blonde, what is the difference?


Many thanks





Hi Emma firstly 475 is a temp. visa (cannot become a citizen on a 475) you will need to apply for a perm resident visa like a 175 or 176 (this allows you to live and work in OZ as long as you wish) after 4 years (?) living in OZ you are eligible to become a Ozzie citizen, which gives you full rights under Ozzie law to vote, hold a Ozzie passport ect.I believe you have to write a citizenship test and swear allegiance to OZ to get Citizenship. I'm not 100% sure of all the detail but I'm pretty sure that I have the basic right. You might want to ask Tim about the Citizenship details as I believe that he is pretty close to becoming a Citizen or is one already


Cheers Weazel

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Yes, you right. Also with a 457 you need sponsorship from a local company. The company can then after 2 yrs assist with a PR application while in Oz.


Do you have a sponsor?


On a457 you can get sponsorship for pr straight away it depends on the company and the bull**** they give Diac



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Guest Gollywobbler

Hi EmmaJ


Do you mean the temporary employer-sponsored subclass 457 visa? Or do you mean the State or Family Sponsored subclass 475 provisional visa, please? They are completely different visas and my guess is that you could well mean the SRS 475?


Either way, please see the Citizenship website:


Applying for citizenship


Best wishes



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