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  1. Mongrel

    Employer cant afford me on 457 anymore

    Check the going rate at other firms , bottom threshold on 457 is not a high wage , there is a simple way I think he just pays you as you are now on the 457 then deduct the amount after tax for the difference to the rate that he wants to pay while the other visa goes thro .
  2. Mongrel


    Australia first no ,big business first and his cronies no health and education cuts , just put it back into the community aka the state lib governments who will carry in with. Cuts , 457,s he loves its been reported like them so much they'll take the minimum salary out of the visa , so all his cronies can get Asians in for peanuts . And for asylum , , it will put the onus on the navy , so a ships captain forces a boat to turn around it gets into bother its I the captain cheers. Tone
  3. Mongrel

    Unable to sell house because of negative equity

    That's why the us property market went **** up , big mortgages and they just chucked the keys back
  4. Mongrel

    Rolf Harris charged but where will it stop ?

    I'm playing devils advocate when I was at school , 15,,16 lasses in my class were rooting older blokes in their teens 20,s , Nowt was said , not advocating owt but different eras , times , these lasses were consensual , I'm not saying its right but at the time Nowt was wrong , if its wrong now , it's a society thing not Criminal , I worked at 14 can I claim for child labour
  5. Slug stalled the extension to the northern line , surprise surprise it is now on line , with landcorp greasing his fat slug belly . His legacy the quay is fraught with trouble ie storm surge
  6. At lasted agreeing summat lol
  7. Mongrel

    And they say politics is dull.

    The thing pisses me off is the media in. WA, the radio shows have the slug on , but have parodies on the labor leaders , no probs with parodies But suckin up to the slug noooo
  8. Mongrel

    And they say politics is dull.

    One look at slug barneys policies should make anybody think
  9. Mongrel

    And they say politics is dull.

    So the poisoned crap get in , the uk had the same result and are regretting it , the workforce will get shafted and mr big business laffing
  10. Mongrel

    Retailers Fuming over Aussies shopping online

    Well mediocrity I shall not use try out of the box dint use supermarkets , use farmers markets local shops
  11. Mongrel


    Cheap mate, one on Clarecastle from 4.5 moll
  12. Mongrel


    We bought a terrace in Greaseboro , SY. Brill house 1800 front , stairs you need climbing gear to get up , 5 meters out of back door to pub , I'm welling up now lol, 200 mt to the dams and Wentworth Park with Wentworth Woodhouse stately home
  13. Mongrel


    Tink my house was a semi but a reet long thin garden , you came to shitterham in 2007 you could have have it lol
  14. Mongrel

    How do you educate the oldies?

    Mad Cow is talking about a real occurrence I know I was there , we are talking real experiences not the virtual ones
  15. Mongrel

    How do you educate the oldies?

    Fi After up at 415 for 5 days and with the old bloke 315 piss alarm. Lol , looking forward to a relative lie in , the phone call , hour then to drop off , fuming then supervisor fones me at 630 to ask where the side loader key is , Joe it's where it should be doh , get up Mally