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  1. Hi Everyone, long time no see Wondering if anyone can help me. We gained citezonship the end of August and didnt realise that at this point we should have applied for an AU passport. We are planning on travelling to America within 2 weeks and really hadnt budgeted for buying new passports even though we will be getting them. Is there anyway we can travel on our UK passports? We can take proof of citezonship i.e certificate and letter from local council? Any help would be fantastic! Emma
  2. Sorry i dont know how to turn them round
  3. PM me you email address and i can send pictures Outdoor setting for sale - glass topped table with 6 chairs. Purchased just over 2 years ago for $750, will see for $300 Thanks Emma
  4. I know no one will care but I'm flying to Adelaide in the morning, can't wait to experience a diff part of oz em
  5. The marina at mindarie is very nice with a few options if places to eat. The boat is pub food and very britty. The indie bar does slightly better then pub food and it's also a brewery so if you like ales that's a good place. There is also an ok Indian resturant there and a dome which are everywhere, a bit like starbucks but with a much better and bigger food menu, they also have just opened a kids play area at the back. Or you could go to hillarys boat harbour, lots of different places to eat and great for people watching. Hope thishelps Emma
  6. Hi Liz, could I get your friends contact details pls as I'm not too far grim quinns. Does she do lash shaping, tinting and nails too! Many thanks Emma x
  7. Quick answer is yes. We brought s car last September and only last month did hubs transfer his licence. We were told that you had to transfer it within the first 12 months of being here, after that you have to retake your test - not sure if this is true but we didn't want to take the risk lol good luck Emma
  8. emmaj

    Our First Year In Oz (WA)

    Hi Jules, I could do Wednesday if that suits you? A bit of a busy week as we go to Bali on Saturday and Jenk only gets back from Texas tomorrow. Or we could meet on a lunchtime? Footie wasnt worth getting up for was it! Emma x
  9. Im in Iluka so if you need any further info just pm me Thanks Emma
  10. emmaj

    New friends wanted please!

    Hi, Hubs and I are in our late 30's (37 & 39), no kids and live in Iluka. If anyone fancys meeting up for drinks or anything please pm me as making new friends here is hard! Thanks Emma x
  11. Hi, This will be the first time we have had to do an AU tax return and I was wondering if we can claim anything back for the period i wasnt in work? Hubs has been employed full time since we stepped off the plane, i however have only worked from Nov 2009. We dont have any dependants and we are on a 457 if this makes a difference. Can we claim anything back for the period i wasnt in work? Sorry if this is a stupid question but i obviously know nothing about tax :laugh: Thanks Emma
  12. emmaj

    Our First Year In Oz (WA)

    Hi Everyone, I thought i would pop by and give everyone a short update as to how we are getting on as its close to 12 months since we made the move to Perth. The UK and our life in the UK seem a million miles away, such distant memories and whilst we have struggled to feel settled here i have no intension of leaving. Both hubs and I have had a few problems at work......different expectations ..... different personalities but things are settling down and I move to a new job on Monday. Work wise, our hours are longer but we are both earning more then we would have been should we have still been in the UK which helps make up for it. Our commutte to work also makes the days long but i love been NOR and wouldnt change that. We moved to a stunning rental in our preferred area and whilst it doesnt feel 100% like home as we are not used to renting, it feels as much like home as it possibly could with out us owning it. One of the things that we have struggled with it meeting people and making new friends. It seems that everyone has children here and that seems to be the common link when people meet up. We are in our late 30's with no children and whilst we dont want to be clubbing every weekend we do enjoy going out for drinks and eating out. Its something that we are working on, thinking of joining a few clubs soon so fingers crossed. So are we enjoying it? Hell yes! My facebook status updates may sound depressing at times but that is more to do with certain situations rather then how we feel in general. I am finding life hard work lol but then it is! We love having so many beautiful beaches on our doorstep, wonderful parks to wonder around and well the shopping isnt THAT bad. There are all so many places within WA to visit, we went down to Eagle Bay for my birthday which was fantastic. We have a week booked in the summer at Rottnest, somewhere we love going as we really enjoy snorkelling there and so many other things planned. At first everything seemed really expensive here but weve kind of got used to that. We were franticly saving for the first 8 months of our stay as we really wanted to buy a house as soon as we could without selling our UK home. Now we have realised that there is more to life then owning your own home. We are saving and will have our own place at some point but we are now enjoying the fruits of our hard work, having lots of weekends or nights away. Its a balance that we have had to make in order for us to make this move work. How long we will be here? Who knows. I would like to think that this is it for us, but i suspect when my in-laws health becomes a problem we may return to the UK for a while however by then hopefully we with have everything in place so that it will be easy for us to come back. Im sorry this is very disjointed. Just thought i would say Hi :biggrin: Emma x
  13. emmaj

    I Need Some Help Re: Changing Visa's

    Anyone? Thanks Emma
  14. Hi, Sorry i havent posted on here much recently but life is busy - in a good way Hubs and i are currently sponsored but we want to apply for residency as soon as we can. Do we have to apply for a skilled visa first or can we apply for residency now? We have only been on this visa since June 2009. Also, what would the cost be to do this? Any ideas? If possible could we do all the paper work ourselves to keep the cost down or would it be best to get an agent? If so can anyone recommend someone pref in perth? Hubs is an it consultant with out 10 years experience but no formal qualifications. Or Could we apply for a business visa so he could work for himself? Does anyone know what is involved in this? Sorry for so many questions, any help would be great. Oh also how long does this process take and will it be quicker because we are already working in Oz? Many thanks Emma