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Applying for Permanent Employer Sponsored or Nominated Visa 186

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Hi guys, 

I'm trying to find out some information on applying for PR, I'm currently on a 457 via and now allowed to apply for a 186 Visa, 

If there are any good posts in this forum please point them out as I can't find them and hate to be that person which posts up a topic which has already been spoken about, 

My company is allowing me to apply for PR, the visa is called Permanent Employer Sponsored or Nominated Visa 186 on the ImmiAccount website, 

I will be applying for the visa by myself and not going through an agency, but the agency is working with my company on their end for the process, 

I'm just trying to find the documentation I need to gather or advice to get my application in place,

So far this is the information I need to gather

Medical Examination (X-Ray, AIDS, etc) has to be completed by Bupa
A criminal background check by Australian Police Service
A criminal background check by home country Police Service 
Identity Documents (passport, driving license)

Skills and qualifications (degree papers)

CV, employer references

ID (scanned photos, bankstatments)

I'm under 40 and single, Britsh so I believe the rest of the requirements don't matter for me (such as English language documents, partner, dependents, etc)   

Is there anything I am missing or advice I might need?

I would appreciate any help, 

Please let me know if you have any questions if I have made a mistake, 


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Can’t help Adam but following with interest

1/12/2018 482 TSS Lodged MTSSL | 6/12/2018 482 TSS Granted 12/12/2018 Landed in Australia  🇦🇺 🐨 ☀️

27/9/2019 186DE Nomination & Visa Lodged (onshore) | 4/10/2019 Medicals  | 9/10/2019 Medicals Cleared

STATUS: Received 27/9/2019 | Further Assessment 9/10/2019 

STATUS: Finalised GRANTED 8/11/2019 🍾🍾🍾🍾

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Depends on your occupation- have you checked whether you need a skills assessment? 

Your occupation must be on he medium to long term list, and you must meet the criteria for your specific occupation, this may include a skills assessment and the minimum work experience and qualifications level for the profession. 

Even if you  don’t want to engage an agent for the entire application you can at least run it by them to check you are on the right track before you spend $$s only to realise something vital was overlooked and you have a refusal on your record. The agency will have your company’s best interests at heart, not yours. It’s always good to engage your own agent for you.

No refunds remember.

Due to escalating bills and budgetary cuts in the NHS, unfortunately, the light at the end of the tunnel has had to be switched off.

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Hi Wonderingaloud, 

Thanks for the response, 

I'm looking into now if I need to do a skills assessment because of my friend didn't have to do one but wanted to double-check as you are the second person now to mention a skills assessment, 

My occupation is still on the medium to long term list, I do qualify for applying for PR. 

Yes, I've heard I can pay an agent at the end to look over all my paperwork, etc to make sure it's in order. I heard this costs around $1000. Does that sound about right?



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Hi guys, 

I've just been granted my 186 Visa 🔥 

I didn't get much of a response to my questions but I wanted to post one more time with my whole process as it might help someone like me looking for answers in the future! 

My company nominated me for PR - The role I was sponsored under was 'ICT Sales Representative' - They gave me the option to go through their immigration lawyer or do the process myself. Now, after doing my research I was quoted by 3 different lawyers and all quoted around $3,500-$5,000 AUD so I decided I would fill it all out myself. My visa took 4 months to come through (I was hearing stories of 12+ months but at the present time I heard the Australian Government were pushing them through. So, doing it yourself or going through a lawyer doesn't impact the time of approval) 

Visa costs:

  • 186 Visa = $4,045
  • UK Police Background Check = $90 (45 pound)
  • AUS Police Background Check = $42 
  • UK Birth Certificate = $28 (14 pound) 
  • Medical (X-Ray, HIV Test, Examination) = $371.20 

Documents Uploaded:

  • Employer/Company Contract
  • Birth Certificate
  • CV
  • Degree & A-Levels
  • Passport 
  • Passport Photo
  • UK Driving License
  • Reference - Letter headed paper from a previous employee with my job title, role, and dates employed. 

My background is I'm a white British male in my 30's with an ICT degree. I didn't have to complete an English test for my visa. 

When filling out the form you have to put in a whole lot of information about yourself (example - do you have a criminal record, etc). You will also need to fill out your work experience and all the countries you have traveled. Now, don't worry too much about putting in the exact dates as they are just monitoring you ain't been to countries like Syria, etc. I've been to a hell of a lot of countries and just tried to get as close entry and deport as possible. The same with your work experience with the dates you started and finished. All these dates don't have to be 100% bang on!  If you wish you can put work experience and holiday dates on a spreadsheet and upload them or there is a page in the form for both of these to put in your information. 

In the beginning part of the form, you can put in your details for your driving license and DOB but there is nowhere to upload a picture and this freaked me out for a bit as I knew I would have to upload these, so at the end of you filling out all your information, when you click next to everything is correct, it takes you to another page saying "hey, upload anything here towards your case blah blah" so here is where you can upload your passport photo, etc, and you are allowed to go back edit, change things, upload, etc through this whole process. 

Now, depending on your processing times I've heard people wait till their case is being assessed until they go for their medical and upload it, I did my medical straight away and uploaded it but a word of warning, if your application goes over 6 months you will have to do your medical again. 

I wanted around 4 months which is great as I know people who had to wait over a year. I just got an email through with confirmation of it being granted. I would suggest signing up Facebook forums as well like Poms in Australia, etc.

So here I am, paying it forward, I hope this helps! 

Peace out! 

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Congratulations 👍

If you take care and do your due diligence with a straightforward application there’s every chance there won’t be any issues. 
We did ours ourselves but many people who post have complicated circumstances or more importantly haven’t the time/inclination to research it for themselves, hence an agent is always a good idea in this scenario.

Glad it’s worked out for you! 

Due to escalating bills and budgetary cuts in the NHS, unfortunately, the light at the end of the tunnel has had to be switched off.

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Congratulations!! and thanks for posting back. Good luck.

IELTS 07/22 R 7.5 W 8.5 S 8.0 L 8.5 O 8.0| Positive Assessment on 10/12 | SA SS Online 10/19 | SA Docs Recvd. 11/02 | SA SS Approved 11/18 | 176 lodged 11/30 | PCC and Medicals requested 12/05 | Meds Finalzed 09/01 | PCC met 31/01 | Visa Granted 02/01

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