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Vetassess Processing Times 2014


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Hi Everyone,


I'm new to this, very good site! I recently (the last couple of days) have uploaded and sent off

my Vetassess application. I am a Construction Project Manager. I hold a Masters, a Degree and

a Diploma in Construction Project Management and I have 4 years Australian Experience as a

Construction Project Manager. In Essence, I am by all means a Construction Project Manager.

I have uploaded about 25 documents proving employment and all of my Educational Qualifications

and results


I am reading very nervous posts from last year stating 12-16 weeks process for Vetassess. My

visa is up in April 22nd so obviously I need a quick turnaround on my Application. I have posted them

a Urgency request form but I'm not too sure if this form is just kinda stapled to some page and left

on someones desk for 3-4 months or if they actually hurry the process up.


I rang them to confirm that payment has been made and when I check my Vetassess application

online it says lodged but please wait 2-3 weeks for documents to be received.


I understand they had a backlog before christmas but I am informed that they have no migrated their

entire system to digital to quicken up the process.


Anyone have any experience lately with them or any issues with them. I'm so baffled by the posts on

here for 12-16 weeks process, it's not rocket science.


Your help would be greatly appreciated folks!


Many Thanks, Colly

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Hi Colly I'm new to this forum myself, this is my first post. I'm just wondering if you got your Vetassess through yet? Mine and yours are similar times - I submitted mine on 14th February and still waiting.


Interested to see how long others vetassess process is taking



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Got our Vetassess Skills Assessment back... was 17 weeks. Came back negative.... not very happy about that. Our migration agent will be contacting them on Monday about it. They said that my husbands employment isn't relevant, but it exactly matches the description of the career he is applying under. We literally don't understand.


But anyways.... 17 weeks!

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Awk I'm sorry to hear that Canuck, it must be so frustrating!! I hope your migration agent is able to find out more for you and what you can do - I'm no expert but I know there are ways an means. Let us know what the agent says and I know its extremely hard but keep the faith...

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Update: Our migration agent contacted Vetassess and basically there was an error in the interpretation of my husbands job description, even though his reference letter and other documents were an exact match for the description. Now we have to resubmit and play the waiting game again. (they say it wont be 17 weeks, but will be several "weeks" again) ARGH! haha... back to the waiting game.

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Hi Canuck - this is very positive, its not a NO! and I know the waiting is really annoying as you feel like you're in limbo but all good if it gets you what you need. My EOI has gone in and my agent said I should hopefully hear back in around 4 weeks - you will get to this stage too!

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Hey Mac, thanks for helping us remain positive! We are very happy that it isn't a "no", but still nervous about the occupation suddenly being taken of the SNOL. Time and money are very valuable in this process and this is costing us both... but I guess thats the ups and downs of migration! :)

I hope your EOI comes back soon and that the next 4 weeks fly by! :)

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Hopefully its just a matter of rectifying the situation and fingers crossed it comes through quick. Like you say the ups and downs of emigration -it turns you into a nervous wreck doesn't it?lol awk It will all be worth it in the end :)

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I want to apply for assessment under Marketing Specialist occupation of CSOL as I want to apply under 457 Temporary Skilled Worker Visa.


I have finished MBA in January 2014

Working as Marketing Officer from November 2014 to until (12 months Post Qualification experience until today)


Am I illegible for VETASSESS assessment as Marketing Specialist?




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