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Visa process / Nursing - any tips on how to speed this up a bit?

Captain Roberto

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I am looking for any tips I can find. (Nursing)


We are in the process of getting everything in place to register an EOI for a 189 visa in NSW. We (think) we know all the steps, and the way things work appears to be sequential. This is:




  • Complete IELTS with a good score (not available until Late Feb, as it was 'closed' in January)
  • Complete online ANMAC application (with all documents needed)
  • Register with APHRA
  • Register EOI



(July 1st - is possible again to submit EOI)


We have the roughest of ball park time estimates for this:


IELTS results - mid March

ANMAC application - mid to late July

APHRA - late August


EOI - to invitation to apply for a visa? - This seems that this could be between 3-6 months



This means we could get a visa before the end of 2014 - but it could be next year, February or March.


Ideally we could do with being there sooner, as our eldest daughter starts high school (September 2014 in the UK, or February 2015 in NSW)


So - does anyone have any tips which might seem obvious to you, that could streamline this process? Budget limitations restrict us to not using an agent.


Thanks in advance!



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Looking at your timescales briefly, have you considered applying for AHPRA alongside the 189 visa?


I am not 100% on the logistics and I am being hopeful but my plan is:


IELTS July 2014

Qualify and NMC in Sept 2014

ANMAC App by end of Sept 2014

Hopefully ANMAC complete January 2015

AHPRA and EOI/189 App Jan-Feb 2015


All complete Mar/Apr 2015.


This is being on the hopeful side but I am prepared to try and stay ten steps ahead and be ready to forward documentation within days of being able to. Following your IELTS results this therefore could be a 6 month process if you are very proactive?


I am like you eldest starts high school Sept 2015 and I need to move before this date!


I want to move with a job in place so need my AHPRA and 189 visa in place asap so I can be applying for jobs to move over as soon as possible.

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Hey jac2011,


Sounds like our applications will be following the same timings! I'm qualifying in September this year as an adult nurse and aiming to apply for 189 visa asap :) I was wondering, if we apply for ANMAC once we receive our NMC pins and send all the evidence apart from the employer letter confirming 3 months post-reg exp, will they start assessing our application at this stage, or do you know if they'll want to hold off starting the assessment process until they've received all of the evidence together? I'm thinking if the former is the case, we could potentially get LoD much sooner!

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Hi Lizzie, like you have just noticed the 3 month work experience requirement, I could swear it wasn't there some time ago when I started researching it (possibly 3 years ago). I have emailed ANMAC so will see if they reply. I am sure I asked them a question once before and I got a completely confusing reply that made no sense whatsoever!


Like you I just want to get there as soon as possible! I think my Spring date is turning to Summer whether I like it or not!

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