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  1. travelchic

    Got off a plane 5 years ago

    Ha ha. Mind you don't wear that keyboard out with all your typing pmsl.
  2. travelchic

    Arrival in Perth.

    Nah. Not superstitious. What will be will be. I gained my registration on 17th September and they implemented the changes on 8th October so I guess I was just lucky with my timing. In fact I've been lucky all through the process. They dropped the points from 65 to 60 which meant I could do my skills assessment earlier other wise I would have had to wait until September. If I'd have had to wait then I would be struggling with AHPRA too. Debs.
  3. travelchic

    Arrival in Perth.

    Hi all. Not been on for a long time. Apologies. Thought I would come on and write about our arrival. left the UK on Thursday 12th June and flew from Manchester to Singapore and then onto Perth with a fuel stop at Munich. Arrived Friday 13th June in the afternoon and it was nice and sunny but not greatly warm. Flew with Singapore Airlines on both legs of the journey and on both times Jonny (7) and I had a row of 3 seats between us so we were lucky and had plenty of room. The flight was on time and there was a good service throughout. TV was good. Food wasn't bad for an aircraft. Stayed at my friends house on arrival. It was dark by 4.30 pm on the first night and it went sooooooo cold. I was freezing. Thought it might have been because I was tired from travelling but I was wrong. It was really cold for the next 4 or 5 weeks. So glad I packed my fleece pjs. Had to go out and buy some jumpers and boots. So if you're considering whether to pack your woollies then my advice would be bring them. Bring them all lol. Spent the weekend getting our bearings and firing off a few emails to hospitals (I'm a nurse). Had an interview on the Monday and got the job. Had an interview on the Tuesday and got the job. Had another interview lined up for the Wednesday but cancelled as I took the second job I was offered. I was also offerd casual work at 2 other hospitals on a casual basis to start immediately without an interview. On the Tuesday after arrival a small 2 bedroom house, which is big enough for Jonny and I, next door but one to my friend had a home open. I went along with others and applied. And we got it. Moved in the week after. Couldn't believe how lucky I was. Jonny started school the second week we were here and there's a big child care centre Attatched to it. It's a 2 minute walk from our house. So all in all we've been blessed. My only grumble is the distance from home to work. It's a 60km round trip which I don't mind, but in the mornings the traffic is horrendous. I'm currently looking for a job closer to home but for the time being, all is good. We live 5 minutes drive from the beach and although the weather has been terrible since we arrived we have been able to go a few times after school. The beach is beautiful. I have found the people here to be very friendly and I'm starting to get used to the lingo. I haven't found Perth to be a lot more expensive than back home but I live a simple life. I was nervous that I would struggle financially because you read a lot about how expensive Perth is, but I'm actually doing ok. I earn approx $55k working part time and manage to save some money each month so I'm happy with that. At the moment we are both happy and I'm glad we made the move. Yeah we miss family and friends but it's not like we'll never see them again. I miss my girly nights out in Liverpool but that's a small price to pay lol. Debs
  4. travelchic

    MEdicines in container

    My stuff went on friday in a movecube. I had to tick a box to say if there was any medication being shipped. You just have to list them and say what they're for. If you're gonna stick any in i'd just send the unopened ones. Debs
  5. travelchic

    Which Visa

    Don't know what your skill is but some skills assessments require IELTS anyway. Debs
  6. travelchic

    Can you?

    Mrs dutton. Loved that woman. Then I was naughty one day and she smacked me so hard my feet lifted off the floor. Cow. Debs
  7. travelchic

    Fish and chips up 40%

    And it's probably a lot healthier. Might be coz I've just eat my tea and I'm full, but I think that pic of fish and chips looks horrible. Debs
  8. travelchic

    Self sufficient....

    I'd love to be self sufficient. Unfortunately I'm not. Would love to grow my own veg. I've tried and failed a few times. Guess I'm not attentive enough. I love home grown tomatoes. So much nicer than shop bought. I may try again once we move. I may ask for help on PIO lol. Debs
  9. travelchic

    Size really does matter.

    I thought it was a car lol. Seriously though. A wart!!! Debs
  10. travelchic

    3 Songs & Why ?

    I've got a feeling - black eyed peas. Reminds me of a girly holiday a few years ago. We had a blast Paul simon - call me al. Reminds me of playing truant from school and swimming in the river with my tape in my ghetto blaster blaring. Groovy kind of love - phil collins. My wedding song. Divorced now but we're still good friends and it makes me sad that it didn't work out. Debs
  11. travelchic


    Soz. Ive been on Perth poms. Debs
  12. travelchic

    Nurse hoping to move to oz

    I am in the uk but moving to Perth once my house sells. I chose there because I have friends there. I am going as a single parent and wanted to go somewhere where I had some support. There are pitfalls to a temp visa. It is a cheaper and quicker route but You may have to pay for education for your little one and you won't get any financial help towards childcare. PR takes longer and costs quite a bit but you can access free education and receive at least 50% of your childcare costs. You may also be eligible for a bit extra to make your wages up. Think its a bit like working tax credit here. You don't need IELTS for a temp visa but you do for PR (ANMAC requires the academic version). That's about £140. you don't need ANMAC for a temp visa but you do for PR. ANMAC assessment costs $875 (approx £500). Then you have to pay for visa and that varies greatly between different visas. I have a pr visa which cost $3520 for me and $880 for my son (£2000/£500). whatever visa you decide on you have to register with AHPRA to be able to practice. This costs I think about $380 but I may be wrong. hope this helps. Debs
  13. travelchic

    Nurse hoping to move to oz

    Hi malissa. Where are you planning on moving to? Debs
  14. travelchic

    Anzsco codes

    I struggled with my code. I'm in endoscopy and although it comes under medical, my skills are more surgical then medical. I emailed ANMAC and they advised me. Just drop them an email and they'll help you. Debs
  15. travelchic

    i dont like you .....?

    I like if someone responds to my post, if I find the post useful or if it makes me laugh. And some posts really do make me laugh out loud ha ha. Debs