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Found 7 results

  1. Hello I have been in Australia for almost two years on my WHV. I met my Australian partner here, we are now engaged and life is good. The only problem is that he had an ex girlfriend from Brazil and they had a partner visa together, which means we can't apply for a new partner visa until 5 years after he applied for the one with her (there are nearly two years left). So my question is... should I stay here on a student visa or should we go and wait it out in the UK? The international student fees are very expensive so I can't afford to study anything I am actually interested in, just an online Business course (the cheapest option). It will be a struggle for me to get by, but it is doable. However, would it be easier to go to the UK? What is the work situation like at the moment? Any advice for an Aussie settling in the UK (I feel like the drop in wages and weather could be issues for him). Any experience on the process of getting a spouse visa for the UK? Thanks for any opinions / advice.
  2. Hi guys, Do I need to take the IELTS exam even though I already have a registration with AHPRA as RN to lodge 457 visa? It seems like the immigration change there rule about providing evidence of English proficiency on an applicant with rego (I hope not):arghh::arghh:. Anyone who are expert in this, please I need help. Thanks.
  3. Hello! I am new to the forum although I have been eyeing the threads on here for years! This is my plan: Go to Sunshine Coast on a WHV (age 29) and try to secure a 457 visa as a fibrous plasterer (10 yrs of exp). I'm hoping this won't take longer then 6 months to secure so that I can send for my wife and son to join me on the 457 visa. I would appreciate any advice on this matter, any folks been in the same boat before where they transitioned from WHV to 457, how did it go? If I am able to secure a 457 visa what are my options for PR? Visa suggestions please! After being on the 457 visa for two yrs can I apply for residency regardless if my current employer will sponsor me for PR? Does this seem like a feasible plan? Open to suggestion and all help is welcomed!
  4. Hi, I was wondering if anybody could assist. I am searching for a reasonably priced company to ship my items from the uk to Aus. I do not have a whole house - it will simply be for my personal items (photos, CD's etc) and my clothes/shoe collection. I am thinking i will have enough to fill 4 large boxes - maybe the equiveland of 3 or 4 suitcases. Alot of information i have found relates to much larger shipments than what i require. Hope there is somebody who can give me a hint :-) Thanks in Advance
  5. Hi I'm Rachel :biggrin: Myself and my fiance are currently looking to move to Oz around summer 2015. We are very much at the start of the process, so any help would be greatly appreciated. We are not sure whether to try and get skilled visa's before hand or try to get work over there? My partner Sam, 25, is a NVQ2 qualified carpenter and will be NVQ3 qualified before we go to Oz. He is interested in working within the timber framing industry, but any work would be great anyone know the best places to work as a carpenter? What visa would be the best to apply for? I am 24 and work within finance and am level 3 AAT qualified, will be level 4 qualified before i go to Oz. I'd be happy to work anywhere within Oz. Again what is the best visa to apply for? We were also wondering if it would help our application, if we were to get married before we go to Oz? Kind regards Rach x
  6. Hello my name is Shyanne and here in about a month I will be moving to Gold Coast from America. I am just wanting a few ideas on places to go and check out to get to know some people and the culture. I am very excited but also a tad bit scared for this move. It would be great if I could get some ideas or maybe some help. Also some help on figuring out my living situation. A few people here have told me I'll just have to find a house mate to live with. They say I should try looking now for friends over there and possible house mates, but I'm really not sure where to look. Please help. It would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Hi. I am looking for any tips I can find. (Nursing) We are in the process of getting everything in place to register an EOI for a 189 visa in NSW. We (think) we know all the steps, and the way things work appears to be sequential. This is: Complete IELTS with a good score (not available until Late Feb, as it was 'closed' in January) Complete online ANMAC application (with all documents needed) Register with APHRA Register EOI (July 1st - is possible again to submit EOI) We have the roughest of ball park time estimates for this: IELTS results - mid March ANMAC application - mid to late July APHRA - late August EOI - to invitation to apply for a visa? - This seems that this could be between 3-6 months This means we could get a visa before the end of 2014 - but it could be next year, February or March. Ideally we could do with being there sooner, as our eldest daughter starts high school (September 2014 in the UK, or February 2015 in NSW) So - does anyone have any tips which might seem obvious to you, that could streamline this process? Budget limitations restrict us to not using an agent. Thanks in advance! Matthew