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  1. xlornax

    VFS Global Brisbane biometrics fee query

    Ours was free (the same week) and when I looked up why others were paying, people have said you have to pay if you live where your biometrics appointment is done? We live in Newcastle so didn’t have to pay as we had to travel to Sydney but had we lived in Sydney we would have been charged! Don’t know if that’s true, do you live near your appointment?
  2. xlornax

    partner visa Aus to UK

    excellent, thanks very much, you have been a great help
  3. xlornax

    partner visa Aus to UK

    Hi another question, we have completed the form and have bio metrics thing to do in Sydney tomorrow, but we are wondering if we need to submit proof of relationship such as photos, texts, letters from people who know us or is the marriage certificate enough? The checklist just asked us to provide proof of relationship so we thought marriage cert would be enough but now we are second guessing everything as it costs so much money! Thanks
  4. xlornax

    partner visa Aus to UK

    yeah i was thinking that too, they want to make it look hard! Thank you for your help, i will take my time and give it a go!
  5. xlornax

    partner visa Aus to UK

    Wow that is alot of information on that site, it looks really complicated! Thank you, we have a better idea of what we are doing now.
  6. xlornax

    partner visa Aus to UK

    Hi thank you, i mean that my job offer is conditional on police checks/references so do i need to wait for these to be cleared or is the conditional job offer enough to attach to visa application. I didn't know about the Aus salary, will my payslips for 6 months be what they are looking for? And will they want my partners pay slips too or just mine? And i didn't know about the interview either and handing in passport! Thanks for that, very helpful!
  7. xlornax

    partner visa Aus to UK

    Hi, i am (dual citizen - UK/Aus) getting married to an Australian later this month and then we want to apply for the partner visa so we can return to UK to live/work. I have a written conditional job offer earning enough to cover requirements - is this enough to apply for visa or do i need to wait for police check/references to return? Also i applied for 189 visa myself and found it easy without any help, is the partner visa straight forward too or do you think we should pay someone to help us? Any idea on time frames for visa and can we return to UK before his visa is issued on a visitor visa? Any info appreciated. Thanks
  8. xlornax

    Gladstone? Primary Schools and general info

    Where will u be wrking? I live in tannum and wrk in gladstone
  9. xlornax

    Queensland health interview

    Similar happened to me..I think u have the job but they wont tell u till all refs, paperwrk etc are checked out..I found it a bit frustrating but that's how they do it..I phoned the manager and got reassurance...got properly offered in abt two weeks
  10. xlornax

    chosen what we want to do... now what?

    If you have enough points for 189 then its the best option and I wouldn't even be considering being sponsired by anyone..you are free to do whatever you like then..
  11. xlornax

    Mum beats child with belt

    But their are some worse shocking and unbelievable things that happen that dont go viral... my mum hit me once as a kid (not wth a weapon!) in a moment of losing her temper...I still remember it very clearly now..I pretended I didnt care but I was devastated by it and lost a bit of respect for her..even now I cant think abt it without feeling sad...I remember she came and apolgised to me after it (looked liked she'd bn crying) and we have never spoken about it since. .I went on to be a living hell as a teenager so it didnt do me any good lol but I hope If I have kids I will remember how it made us both feel....but my husband was beaten daily to the point of various hospital admissions and lasting injuries...no one protected him and he had a big extended family..even now they dnt appear to regret their parenting technique..it doesnt just happen in other countries This girl may go on to do this to her own kids or be completely the opposite? Was this mother disciplined like that as a child? I didn't watch the video but why did she film it? Or who filmed it?
  12. xlornax

    Ielts exam Saturday!!! Arghhh!!!

    You will still get 10points towards the visa...or do u need the 20?
  13. xlornax

    Anmac query for nursing assessment

    I dnt remember being given a time limit but I didn't submit it till I had everything in hand ready to post....is there any point submitting before you have everything?
  14. Or maybe they are not even together anymore and live apart...sad story for everyone involved anyway..thankfully im only reading about it.