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I wish Toby could come...


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We are lucky that if it comes to it then my mom and dad will have him. To be honest it is probably a good 12 months before we move, and Toby is 7, so already a good age for a bun (not that i am wishing his life away - i want him to break the world record for oldest bun :biggrin:) but i do have to be realistic, and we had to start the ball rolling to get our visas. I just wish i could bring him.

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Don't bunnies get stressed very easily? So, even if you were allowed to bring him, the plane flight might be really bad for him?


Some bunnies do yea. Toby is really laid back and nothing phases him though. They are surprisingly resilient for little things. I flew my last bun to Spain when i moved there and he was fine too. Mine are so pampered and confident they must think they are actually invincible bless them. I would never put them through anything they couldn't handle though. X

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He's a beautiful boy. :-)

They become our fur babies so it's understandable how you're feeling.

Which area are you going to? Perhaps you can get another bun when you are there?


Thanks :) i wont tell him his ego is big enough hahahahaha


We haven't settled on an area yet. Either Perth or Adelaide, i heard some parts don't let you keep bunnies, is that true :frown:

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I believe WA does allow buns (this was where I researched so had to know as we'd probably get another).

But illegal in Queensland. Not sure on other areas.




Thanks for the link :)


Queensland is out then lol, I love bun's.. Good to know they are ok in WA :cute:

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I had two bunnies as a child, got them when I was 10 and 11, they lived until I was in my mid 20's and had left home! So they became my mums! they had a pretty pampered lifestyle, hence why they far outlived usual expectations.


Yep, Defo no rabbits in QLD!


Oh wow, they lived to a real good age then, thats brill :cute:. They do get pampered don't they. Toby has a better life than me, i work to fund his lifestyle lol xx

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