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  1. Toodolou

    Registered Nurse needs advise on 190 visa

    im a UK diploma nurse , got ANMAC LOD march 2013, stating equivalent of oz bachelor degree = 15 visa points
  2. think there is alot to say for apprenticeships , as you get to try out a job and be 'supported'
  3. thanks , will do that and get it underway . is the nmc verification of registration enough to cover that , the nmc one that cost £34?
  4. Toodolou

    Our movecube experience so far...

    thanks for update , soubds big enough for what im planning to take good luck with the move
  5. Toodolou

    what are you doing right now?

    sitting in uk smiling , as got ielts results today and got enough points to apply for 189 visa now , excited
  6. Toodolou

    Australia's Minimum Wage

    so in aus minimum wage is equivalent to >£300 gbp a week ?
  7. dont quite have all docs ready for ahpra yet , shall i just apply now seeing as they are taking so long at times ? still need to contact uni about pharmacology criteria , ... anmac can send other stuff to them . shall i apply and wait gor them to ask for other stuff they want?
  8. Toodolou

    IELTS Band scores

    yes you do unfortunately , i had to resit too for points , dont give up
  9. Toodolou

    Letting or Selling

    im planning on selling , and giving it a go100%when we emigrate , i think if we kept it and rented it out , if things got tough in oz it would be a too easy option to return .
  10. Toodolou

    Got my visa!

  11. Toodolou

    Just wondering....

    1. 33 not for long 2. want to be adelaide 3. been wanting to go to oz since 2003, hopefully move over in august fingers crossed. 4. live in somerset now , love devon / cornwall but would hope oz is where i will remain
  12. congratulations everyone , looks like they are realising the new criteria they have in place now is not worth the paper its written on and is covered by most other info already requested and sent .
  13. Toodolou

    what are you doing right now?

    sat in bristol waiting to go in for ielts , spot me ... im the english one ! lol feel like a fraud
  14. anyone recieved Ahpra reg yet, since new criterias made in feb 14 for overseas nurses .
  15. Toodolou

    New Member

    hello mark and welcome