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Convince Me Please?


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Right we had our hearts set on the laid back lifestyle of Adelaide however Brisbane seems to have a lot more for me work wise. We have never been to Brisbane so have no experience of the city although some good friends move circa 11 years ago and have not looked back since, loving everything Queensland. The advantages of Adelaide was the lifestyle and general access. Also $'s seemed to go a little further although we were looking at a near city centre house and therefore not one of the cheaper areas. Go on then, sell it to me and my wife, why Brisbane over Adelaide?



Chartered Project Manager in construction, 189 visa and no kids

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I'm from Adelaide but never been to Brisbane.Please don't choose Adelaide due to economic reasons.Adelaide never used to really get a second look,the "Its just a big country town"syndrome for most people!I've noticed lately a few people unsure of Adelaide,but wanting to move there purely for economic reasons,and to me,this reason alone is'nt really good enough.Adelaide's a good place but its not in your face like I think Brisbane would be.Brisbane to me seems brash,very touristy,abit like Benidorm (I havent been to either but thats how I've portrayed both from stories I've heard and seeing it on tv and so on,I could be wrong???)Adelaide is fairly quiet,nice beaches,nice botanical gardens,as for the burbs?The burbs I'm afraid don't do it for me.I grew up in Adelaide,and it seemed pretty souless.Each area has its own local shops,which ok,they're not the high street but I guess fairly functional.We also have large Westfield american style malls (not my cup of tea either lol)but good if you enjoy that type of shopping.I think if it were me (and this is just my personal preference)I would head for a large country town such as......Mt Gambier?Maybe Port Lincoln?Alot depends on your type of work.In my field I could pretty much work anywhere,and I am not fussy what I do either tbh!SA has the Barossa Valley which I'm sure you already know is famous for its wine region.Nice to have a drive around and explore the many Barossa towns.No its not exciting,but can be interesting.You have the river town of Mannum which is approx an hours drive away,nice for lunch maybe?Have a look at the river boats perhaps?Take the ferry across and explore the other small towns/hamlets?North you have nice towns like Clare,further on,Moonta (steeped in cornish history)yeah lots of places to go to,but I guess........and this would be my negative....once you have been to these places,you've been?Does that make sense?So I doubt you'd be heading up the Barossa every second weekend!I'm probably not the best person to talk about SA and Adelaide because I have lived there for 30yrs so kind of take it for granted.To me its just home,no big deal really.I suppose Srg73,it would be like asking someone to sell the place where you're from in the UK?For an outsider visiting,they would of course see it with different eyes to you right?There are burbs I would avoid living in.If they're cheaper?There's a good reason for that!Unfortunately like everywhere else,crime has risen in the last few years in SA/Adelaide.I find this disappointing myself.Having spent so much time living there,I've seen things change and not always for the better.Have a listen to a radio station in Adelaide called 5AA (google 5AA Adelaide)and listen to it from 4pm UK time when they have talk back on.Just regular aussies & other nationalities telling you how it is,whats happening,whats niggling them atm re their state/city and its a good way to get some sort of grasp on the reality of the place.Good luck whatever you decide.

If you already have mates in Brisbane,might be a good idea to move there perhaps?Atleast you will have some support and guidance?

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