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  1. I got 9's and one 8 and I'm a native English speaker and was as worried as you. The hardest part is the essay part, speaking and reading should be super easy for you. I'd suggest ordering the practice materials as then the format of the tests isn't a surprise.
  2. Londongal76

    Another stay or go dilemma

    Thanks. I was being sarcastic about being 5 years ahead, I don't claim to know it all and am very grounded and self doubting of my skills, but I've moved onwards and upwards enough to know I have them. And I do have viable It Security skills that are in demand. I've done the IELTS - my points are with that unfortunately :-(
  3. Londongal76

    Another stay or go dilemma

    Well it hasn't held me back here. I have a ton of blue chip experience and am about 5 years ahead of the aussies technology wise again, in CBD's I'm happy I'd find work, it's the regional thing where I have no idea what IT jobs would be around.
  4. Londongal76

    Another stay or go dilemma

    This is what I was worried about. I keep getting told 'with your CV you'll be snapped up' and I've got no worries that in CBD's that wouldnt' be an issue, but regionally? I'm really not convinced. I also only have 50 points - the state sponsorship has made it to 60. In my ACS codes they're only taking people with 70 points currently so it's out of reach.
  5. Londongal76

    Another stay or go dilemma

    Hey all, long time no speak! Hope life is treating you all well. IF you remember me, you'll know I was looking at the options for moving down under over the last 2 years. The short story is that I wanted a PR visa, that would allow me to go where I wanted to (Brissy) and work where I wanted to. a PR visa would have also given me time to sort life out this side, save money before needing to rush to move south. Long story short, after months of work I didn't have anywhere near the points it was originally thought I'd get thanks to the amount of time Oz wipe off my work experience for not having a degree, so no PR visa was possible. I had to go for state sponsored only (which wasn't really ever an option I wanted) and I have a short window to decide whether to apply for the 489 visa. It's sponsored in a state I don't want to be in, and means I have to find an IT job in regional OZ as I can't work in the major cities for a year. The whole point of me looking was only if I could move to Queensland and be near the people I know. I'm also not the sort of person whose life is over if I get down under or not, and life here is good too, I earn good money have stable work and a roof over my head. I'm worried that it'll be hard to find IT work regionally there, and as I have nobody to lean on or fall back on financially, I have to be able to support myself very quickly. As it's not a PR visa, it would also give me no time to save money before going as apparently it's not the done thing to wait on the non PR visas as it's nigh on impossible to extend them. Not sure what I'm looking for here but advice I guess. The adventure is all good and one thing, but the practicalities of being self sufficient and affording the move are weighing heavy on my mind.
  6. HI Andy - did you try meetup? It's good for meeting new people. I'd come have a beer with you but I'm not over there yet
  7. Londongal76

    ACS Application with or without RPL?

    So if you have the relevant qualifications, I THINK, you don't need to do RPL but it would be good to get one of our resident migration experts to advise.
  8. Londongal76

    ACS Application with or without RPL?

    Do you have a degree? I had to do my RPL as I didn't have a full MCSE or a degree.
  9. Londongal76

    Rugby World Cup Predictions

    I thank you on behalf of the UK for your nice comments :cute: We were so lucky with the weather, think it only rained at 2 or maybe 3 matches.
  10. Londongal76

    Rugby World Cup Predictions

    What an amazing match, the atmosphere in the stadium was pure electricity. Many more All blacks fans that Wallaby supporters, probably 2/3rds were backing black. Everyone standing up and screaming when the all blacks were looking to score, and you couldn't have asked for a more perfect day to play. Loved every second. Well done AB's you fully deserved it.
  11. Londongal76

    UK style PPI scandal about to hit Australia?

    Well get your claims in people! I've done all mine in the UK and it was more than worth it.
  12. Londongal76


    I'm pretty sure if they thought it was in any way serious they'd have said you can't travel. They did to a friend of mine last year. The fact that they know you're going and are happy for you to get on a plane says it's unlikely. Stop stressing, go get some clean air in the sunshine and just register there and get a 2nd opinion from a GP.
  13. Londongal76

    Rugby World Cup Predictions

    It was incredible, the atmosphere at Twickenham was electric. Finals tickets in the bag and (sorry) but i'll be supporting the mighty AB's. Having met Richie McCaw a couple of weeks ago I'm too in lust to support the Wallabies Plus it's like watching a rugby masterclass. Bring. It. On.
  14. Go straight to the oz banks and open one. I hold an account with ANZ - and then, as a pomsinoz member, join Moneycorp and claim your free transfer benefits by being a member
  15. Londongal76

    Form 80

    Yeah I'd question putting a corporate work email address that legally I don't own on there myself, hence why I'm asking.