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Returning to Auz Speeding, parking tickets and unpaid credit card


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Thanks for reading and hopfully advising


I recently (last Feb) finished my working holiday visa while on this visa i think i must have accumulated a few parking, speeding and toll tickets but have had no correspondence to this at uk address


I'm hoping to return to australia in March to visit my family there who live in Perth

I always get stopped for the character check as i have criminal record in the uk and they take me in room ask ifi will commit crime i say no then i go


My question is this


Will information they at immigration see and charge me for parking fines, speeding tickets, tolls things or my credit card information?


If so how would i find this information out?

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You could apply for an au police check. Not sure if it would bring it up or not.


I know they can turn you down when you apply for a visa if you owe the country money. I had only really thought about taxes, but fines could very well be included in that.


Just pay them, then you don't need to worry.

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