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Found 9 results

  1. Hi, just wondering if anyone has successfully applied for a credit card in the last...year or so? Wen we were living in Aus 10yrs ago we had a NAB credit card. We still have our NAB accounts, with some money in etc. But NAB now say they don't give CC to temp visa holders.. I will pass any means tests required, income etc. but looking for any good deals people may have found? The search continues.. G'day
  2. Hey! I'm sorry if this has been covered but haven't found a chat with the answers I need... Basically, I have a Barclaycard (English credit card) and have been living in Australia since February 2020. I wondered if anyone knew the best/easiest way to pay this off please? I've been transferring through my Revolut card but now the interest free period on the credit card has expired. I'm getting a bit overwhelmed with the cost of interest and exchange rate etc so any advice would be so much appreciated! Thank you <3
  3. I would like to find out about any experiences with claiming back funds on a credit card due to company insolvency. I recently booked a trip to Lady Elliott Island for myself, my wife and my German relatives that were due to visit in May. Before COVID-19 had a chance to bite, we found out (almost by accident) that the tour company I had booked with had gone into insolvency. We have lodged a claim as creditors but are not hopeful that we will receive anything (probably a few months down the line ion any case). When we moved to Aus 12 months ago, we had decided not to get a credit card (still have one in the UK) and booked the tour on our bank debit card. We do have travel insurance but it specifically excludes insolvency. We have been told that if we had used a credit card we would have been able to lodge a dispute, but reading the small print I can find on various credit cards, it looks like this would not be covered in any case. If you have any experience of this or similar I would like to hear from you. Stephen
  4. Miichael

    Financial Advice Needed

    Hi guys, I am set on moving to Australia for a working holiday, in September or October. Being quite an irrational person it seems smart to gather your opinions and experiences on this matter. I would greatly appreciate any advice positive or negative and a thank you in advanced if you can provide any! Getting to the point I will try and keep it simple and I hope not to boring! Too paint a picture I am a 22-year-old male (23 in June!) living in London with a couple of friends. A quick heads up to anyone looking to move to London in your early 20s, you may want to be earning a lot more than you would expect to really enjoy the “London Life.” Having been unable to save money from my salary and with my house contract running out at the end of August, this year has been somewhat a nightmare. Having planned to save up enough for Australia the following year. Now this is where I need your advice please! Being able to save up more than enough for flights, visas and all the essentials to make it to Australia, though not having the money for a safety net to get into Oz. Am I mad to take a credit card out of £2000+ (4000 AUS)? Furthermore I am looking at finding farm work with accommodation and meals provided before I depart. This may be unrealistic and if I am unable to do so I am motivated to find work quickly once I am out there. Previously working on a farm in Kent for the summer I am prepared for the manual work, although the heat will take some getting used to I can imagine! First question, is this viable, if not why? Please feel free to be honest, but if so please explain why. If you believe in my adventure, thank you! Please feel free to help answer some more of my questions J With the variety of places Australia has to offer for a starting point I am unsure where the best place would be to start. From your experience and knowledge, in my situation, what would be your first choice and why? Also how much can I look to make whilst carrying out the farm work, with and without accommodation and meals paid for? I have been looking at starting in Perth, working out there before Christmas and to deciding where to go from there. Additionally having borrowed money off my dad who has always been supportive of my irrational way of living I would love to pay him back whilst in Oz. Would this be viable? How much can you make in other fields a week and what fields are the best to go into? Looking at my research I am hoping to make between $600- $800 AUD a week. I have a degree in business management and marketing and have currently been working for a pharmaceutical research company. Would this be of an advantage, as I know it is hard to find office work? Finally onto living costs! From you experience, in times of activity filled weeks and those weeks you work, sleep and relax, how much do you look to budget? From one extreme to another, in terms of the amount you spent a week. From my spreadsheet I am looking at budgeting a minimum of £200 ($400 AUD) a week and a maximum of £300 ($600 AUD). Though these are estimates. What additional costs apart from food, travel and accommodation? I have included between $150- $250 AUD pocket money for the week, is this enough? Any replies will be much appreciated and responded to, and the more details the better! Even if you would like to share an experience I would be more than happy to hear it! To finish I know everyone lives to a different lifestyle and budget when travelling, I just wanted to get an idea from other experience on budgets and cities. Any other relevant information you may think would be useful in my position would be great! Thank you! Mike
  5. HEY ALL Thanks for reading and hopfully advising I recently (last Feb) finished my working holiday visa while on this visa i think i must have accumulated a few parking, speeding and toll tickets but have had no correspondence to this at uk address I'm hoping to return to australia in March to visit my family there who live in Perth I always get stopped for the character check as i have criminal record in the uk and they take me in room ask ifi will commit crime i say no then i go My question is this Will information they at immigration see and charge me for parking fines, speeding tickets, tolls things or my credit card information? If so how would i find this information out?
  6. Hello 189 Applicants, I am preparing to lodge an application under the 189 category. Would someone who already applied please tell me whether the credit card transaction takes place immediately? Otherwise, if I borrow a credit card from someone, I will have to ask him/her not to use the available credits for some time until the large chunk (around $6000) is deducted from it by DIAC, in order to avoid the risk of getting a failed transaction due to lack of enough credits. Thanks. -- mcgyver
  7. Hello All, This credit card issue requiring a large transaction limit in order to pay the visa fee with a single transaction seems to be a bottle-neck for many including me. Australian immigration rules are straight forward for visa type 189. So, I would not think about filing my application by an authorized lawyer. But since I do not have a credit card with such capability, I have no choice but to pay a lawyer to file my case! As strange as it may sound, that is like paying him for letting me borrow his credit card only! Please share how you are going around the credit card problem. Thanks. -- mcgyver
  8. Rugby77

    Unpaid Credit Card In Oz

    Hi, I recently maxed out my credit card to buy a car online. since then, the car has a major fault and have lost my job. I am here on a 417 WHV and want to fly back to the uk . I cannot afford to pay the credit card , and before you awnser this thread, i do not make it wright at all. But i am very short of options. The card is for 4K AUS. Please can someone tell me would it affect my credit rating in the uk and would they try to catch me in the uk? Thanks Rugs:no:
  9. Hi I've been here 6 months now and loving it. However, I've been trying to get an Aussie credit card and been refused by Bankwest and ANZ as I don't have a permanent visa. This is despite having a UK credit card for over 20 years and all of my savings (not a small amount) and current accounts are with these banks. I don't use my UK credit card generally but need it to hire a car and for energencies. I thought UK banks were bad but Aussie ones are much worse. Has anyone managed to get a credit card....prefereably without any rip off charges too?