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passport issue....


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When you enter the UK on an Australian passport you are given a 6 month visa so if he was to stay longer he would effectively be there illegally - in reality of course, assuming he is a British citizen, he can stay but it could cause problems next time he tried to travel.


If you're out of time then I'd travel on the Australian passport but around the 6 month mark get in touch with the British Embassy and explain that you arrived on an Australian passport but now intend to stay and I am sure if would be sorted easily.


My sons British passport is expired and we both travelled on our Australian passports at the weekend but it was an internal flight so we didn't actually go through passport control it was just for ID at check-in.

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Renewing a British passport in Australia is relatively quick. Mine took 2 weeks as it was a straight renewal and my old passport still have a month's validity. However if the passport has expired totally that is a different matter and I have heard that it can take months. It is cheaper to renew in UK anyway so I would just do it when he gets back.

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