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Partner visa - help with a couple of things please


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Hi all


I have been lurking for a while now, and thought I should say "Hi!". I have loved reading your stories and what you are up to in the UK or Australia. I also wanted to pick the collective brain about the statements relating to "Evidence that your relationship is genuine". I have worked most of it out by looking at this Forum, other Forums and common sense + Google, but am struggling with:


Evidence that you and your partner have declared your relationship to government bodies, friends; commercial/public institutions or authorities;

What sort of thing would cover this?


Legal commitments that you and your partner have undertaken as a couple;

For this I have given the example my partner being listed as beneficiary of my death in service entitlement. Is there anything else? I am clutching at straws with both of these!


Thanks in advance



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1. statements from friends, joint bank accounts, joint bills, listed as next of kin with employers, going together to parties


2. wills, joint bank accounts, mortgages, owning property, car insurance


Don't overthink it. You are bound to have stronger evidence in some headings than others.

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