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  1. Loopyxx

    ODP / Anaesthetic technician

    Hi fellow ODP here!! I’m currently going through the skills assessment (which should be almost complete now), I just wondered how you got on with your process, where you decided to settle? :-)
  2. Loopyxx

    190 Visa Processing Times

    There are back logs with the Skills Assessment reviews so I’m still awaiting the results before I can even submit my EOI, lol!! Trying to see the positive side, the longer it takes, the longer I have to save!! Although I am getting a little nervous, I turn 40 in April!
  3. Loopyxx

    EOI & Visa Points

    Hopefully it went well? How did you find it? Apologies for the late reply, just received my results today, I got above 88 in every area, such a relief I would recommend the PTE English test and use the Alpha PTE app to prepare for it good luck
  4. Loopyxx

    When will QLD short term skills list update?

    Thank you
  5. Loopyxx

    When will QLD short term skills list update?

    Thank you Paul, that’s great!!
  6. Loopyxx

    EOI & Visa Points

    I am born and bred UK, but I’ll be doing the English test on Saturday in Manchester, I’m aiming for Superior English to maximize my points. It’s a competition for the visa against thousands of others. Why waste all that time, effort and money if you don’t get your visa when an English test may have helped you achieve it. Put your best foot forward and do your test
  7. Hi everyone, I am an ODP in the UK which is an Anaesthetic Technician in Australia. My profession is on the short term skills list on the Department of Home Affairs website, but each state also has its own skills list and my profession is NOT on QLD’s skills list. I have been told by a recruitment agency that Brisbane is crying out for anaesthetic technicians so I wondered if it might appear on the updated QLD short term skills list for 2023/2024. I just wondered if anyone knows when QLD’s short term skills list will be updated? Thank you in advance :-)
  8. Loopyxx

    190 Visa Processing Times

    Wow that’s fast!
  9. Hey Everyone, I know the 190 Visa can take anywhere between 87 days and 36 months as advised by the home affairs website. But I just wondered how long it took for you guys to obtain your 190 and if it was longer end of the spectrum was that because there were issues with the application? I’m just trying to guesstimate a timeframe of when we could potentially be looking at leaving the UK, which will allow me to guesstimate how much I need to be saving for the move….. thank you