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  1. Natasha 19

    ODP / Anaesthetic technician

    Just been looking at the housing sources you recommended, they look really good. And on comparison of Sydney and Queensland there was a huge difference. Can i just ask what are the extra bills you pay on top of rent in Australia? For example, my extra bills include: Gas, Electric, Council Tax, Water, House Insurance, Boiler insurance, Phone and Internet. These prob add up to about £500 Per month and top of my mortgage. For what i can see everything is paid weekly/fortnight in Oz, im just trying to figure out what the cost of housing and bill may be in different areas.
  2. Natasha 19

    ODP / Anaesthetic technician

    Can i ask did you find housing more expensive in Australia or the UK? Thanks ill Take a look at these, the plan initially is to rent and ill rent my house out in the UK. if all goes to plan and we stay then ill sell my house on the UK and buy in Oz. Honestly i cant thank you enough, you comments have been so helpful. We are going to sit down this weekend and make a list (i love a good list ) of things we need to research. Your comments have helped spark ideas of things we need to look into
  3. Natasha 19

    ODP / Anaesthetic technician

    Thank you for your reply. No he isn't set on Sydney, we are open to options depending on job availability versus the pros and cons. My other half worked in Syndey has a little understanding of how it works. To be honest we are drawn more towards Queensland. The are a wider range of jobs available there for both me and him, i have friends that live there, the cost of living seems to be lower(I may be wrong), I have travelled there before and found there is so much to do and see, the weather was just right and i like to dive so cairns is close. However, if better opportunities arise or we like somewhere else we are willing to scope out our options. Because you are right, if this is going to be a permeant move, we need to have to the future in mind. we want to get it right first time to prevent multiple moves.
  4. Natasha 19

    ODP / Anaesthetic technician

    Thank you for your reply. I am aware of this, my preference is scrub and anaesthetics. But if i can only do anaesthetics it isn't a massive loss. I didn't realise each state had their own association though. thank you for pointing this out, i will take a look into that.
  5. Natasha 19

    ODP / Anaesthetic technician

    Thank you very much for your reply, this is is exactly the type of information im after Alot of people have said the heat can be too hot in certain places and at certain points of the year so will definitely bear this in mind. I did travel Brisbane and gold coast around December and January time , i did find it hot but not unbearable, i seem to acclimatise well. I can see why alot of people miss the UK, however i have spent almost 14 years in the army, majority away from my family and my sister lives in new Zealand now. When we travel it tends to be Asia, America and Australia ect countries further afield. Europe has always been our door steps so i have seen what i wanted to, wouldn't really miss it. Your message is very positive and it made me happy to read, you obviously love living in Australia to have stayed so long. I really feel we like we have nothing to loose and should try, like i said with the house in the UK we always have a back up plan. Really thank you for this message, ill show my other half when he finishes work.
  6. Natasha 19

    ODP / Anaesthetic technician

    Thank you for all your replies, really helps. We would both like to come to Australia in order to gain a better quality of life. We love being out doors, wether it be walking, biking, doing water sports, competing in crossfit events or just relaxing in the sun, this because very difficult in the UK with the awful weather. We have travelled many of countries with the forces and on holidays and Australia has always been our favourite. It is very much like the UK in some ways (apart from the weather obviously) which make for a smoother transition. the landscape is amazing and there is so much too see and do. Its very close to asia for future travel and new Zealand for winter sports. I like that it has strict rules and regulations on emigration that way it makes sure that we work hard to get there and appreciate what we have. As we get older this is definitely a place i would consider brining up a family. These are just some of the reasons we would like to come....... so as for location i think we are spoiled for choice, it all comes down to the cost of living versus quality of life and employment really. I know at these seminars try to sell you everything (I work in medicine, medical reps are the worst ) i have learnt to see through it. but i wont to gather as much information as possible and there will be healthcare representatives there. Could you recommend how i could go about seeing a registered migrant agent or point me in the right direction please? My occupation is eligible for a 190 and a sponsored visa. For the 190 it says i have to express my interest and they will look over my credentials and see whether or not im a suitable candidate. My qualification meet the assessment criteria as they are from Birmingham university, its a highly recognised qualification in Australia, Canada and new Zealand. i Checked with the governing bodies. I think no matter where you live there will always be expensive areas to live, its whether the wages match the cost of living. I have my own house in the UK which i will rent out whilst we are away. If it all works out ill sell it if not we always have a place to come back too, so i think we have nothing to lose by trying. Can i ask where do you all live and what do you like or dislike about the areas in which you live in? so i can compare the positives with the negatives. Really for visa application i can see an agent is best so ill speak to them in due course. But as for life in Australia, i want to try and get local knowledge.............. What do you like about the country and where you live, what are the advantages and disadvantages............ cost of living ect? All your comments are helpful. thank you again.
  7. Natasha 19

    ODP / Anaesthetic technician

    Thank you for your reply, all help is much appreciated. Both our jobs are on the skills list and i think i am eligible for a 190 independent visa or a sponsored visa. The new process does look a lot more challenging though, so any advice i can get it appreciated. I have bought tickets to attend a down under seminar in march, were there will be stands and speakers so im hoping to get more information then. Are there any areas in particular you would recommend living with regards to cost of living versus quality of life? My other half worked in Sydney for 9 months, which he really enjoyed but it was quite expensive? Apart from visa's is there anything else, you recommend we look into and were we should start looking? Thanks again.
  8. Natasha 19

    ODP / Anaesthetic technician

    Morning, I am currently an ODP in the forces but after 13 years its time to leave, so i have signed off and have the next year to prepare for transition. From my research i can see that the equivalent is an anaesthetic technician. I am new to this whole process and really don't know where to start? My other half is a floor layer also looking for employment. Has anyone got advice on the routes we should go down? what are the must's? where best to look for employment? visa's ect .........All advice is greatly welcomed. thank you Natasha