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  1. Wackadoodle

    Possible move to Mackay or Townsville

    Hi Johndonuts, Sounds good, congrats on your job offers. Are you living in Australia already? Have to say the better work life balance sounds appealing. I do love where I work now but its generally so short staffed and overcrowded that after a few 13 - 14 hour shifts in a row, can barely move on a day off. Still waiting on offers here, AHPRA is still in progress so cant move forward until that is sorted
  2. Wackadoodle

    Possible move to Mackay or Townsville

    Good to know Eera, fingers crossed will hear which location I am being offered shortly. Would ideally like to have the children moved over and settled in time for the next school year. Thanks Safarichick, will definitely be in touch if it is Townsville we are moving to. By the sounds of it housing will be a big hurdle for us where ever we end up
  3. Wackadoodle

    Possible move to Mackay or Townsville

    Thanks Eera, Good to know thank you, we thankfully can stay with friends for the first few weeks but will definitely get moving sooner rather than later so on trying to secure a rental. My husband is a diesel fitter, he has a few contacts from our last time living there so hopefully he will be able to get work fairly quickly. Oh, Im excited so to see what changes have been made. Keeping my fingers crossed that I get an offer from Mackay, my two girls have been looking at schools and would really prefer it.
  4. Wackadoodle

    Possible move to Mackay or Townsville

    Hi all, I am hoping to move back to Australia later this year with my husband and two children (aged 12). I was hoping there might be someone on here who is nursing in either Mackay or Townsville. I interviewed with Queensland health a few weeks back. Interview went well and I was asked to submit areas of interest along with my paperwork. All paperwork is now in and I have put down Mackay or Townsville as my top choices. My specialty area is emergency nursing. I lived in Mackay a few years ago and would love to move back there. I have some really good friends in the are and my husband would likely be able to find work in the area also. Would love to hear from any nurses working in these areas to get a feel of what the work is like compared to the Irish healthcare system.
  5. Wackadoodle

    Excited and a bit confused on which visa to apply for

    No, it was a company called Orionstone he worked for x
  6. Wackadoodle

    Excited and a bit confused on which visa to apply for

    Thanks Calngary, Fingers crossed diesel fitter stays on the list. We lived in Mackay, Queensland previously. Ideally would aim to move back there as the children have connections there already that we hope would make the move a bit easier for them. I loved the QLD lifestyle when we lived there before Marisa would definitely consider NSW if QLD is not an option. My husband has 90 points so hopefully that will help his application. Will have to try to minimise delays from this end and get the ball rolling ASAP
  7. Wackadoodle

    Excited and a bit confused on which visa to apply for

    Thanks Marisa, will definitely touch base so with an agent to help us through the next few months. Good point re permanent vs provisional. It would be awful to have some new rule scupper our chances of settling. Unfortunately don’t think I can be the primary applicant as don’t have the required 5 years experience for Queensland. I suppose realistically we may have to consider other states to increase our chances. Thank you Ali, That’s actually a big thing for our girls also, they’ve been with the same bunch of kids throughout primary school and it’s important to them to finish up with their friends. It’s not a massively big ask considering we are essentially moving them to the other side of the world so we are aiming to let them finish up primary here hence the June 2022 leaving date. Will definitely have to do some more research regarding the Australia school system. I have friends in Queensland with school aged children from our stint there about 7 years ago.
  8. Hi folks, Myself and my husband have decided to make the move to Australia. I am a Nurse (bachelor degree) mainly based in emergency with 3 years exp and a post grad in emergency nursing. My husband is a diesel fitter with almost 20 years exp. we are both in our mid thirties and we have two girls aged 11. We lived in Australia for 3 years previously on a 457 visa, ultimately moving home due to homesickness on my husbands part, however he has bitterly regretted moving back ever since. I started studying nursing as soon as we arrived back in Ireland so we were committed to staying until I qualified and gained some experience. We are now finally in a position financially to make the move back to Australia, ideally back to Queensland. My husband has started his skills assessment process. I will be starting mine in the next few weeks. We are hoping to apply for a 190 visa. Time wise we are hoping to be able to make the move by June 2022 Has anyone made the move with tweenagers? If so how did you find it ? Have to say am quite nervous for them though they seem to have quite a sensible attitude towards a possible move so far. Anyone have any advice regards the visa choice? Is it worth also applying for a temporary visa? Have heard it may be next to impossible to get flights into Australia unless it’s a permanent visa