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Found 21 results

  1. Wackadoodle

    Possible move to Mackay or Townsville

    Hi all, I am hoping to move back to Australia later this year with my husband and two children (aged 12). I was hoping there might be someone on here who is nursing in either Mackay or Townsville. I interviewed with Queensland health a few weeks back. Interview went well and I was asked to submit areas of interest along with my paperwork. All paperwork is now in and I have put down Mackay or Townsville as my top choices. My specialty area is emergency nursing. I lived in Mackay a few years ago and would love to move back there. I have some really good friends in the are and my husband would likely be able to find work in the area also. Would love to hear from any nurses working in these areas to get a feel of what the work is like compared to the Irish healthcare system.
  2. Hi All, I have questions regarding the businesses that sign off 88 days of rural work, I am currently going through the process of looking for rural work and am trying to sort my options as to what places qualify with the ability of signing off rural work. I understand that the business have to be located in a "rural" postcode and have to be in the below areas, and have an ABN -Plant and animal cultivation -Fishing and pearling -Tree farming and felling -Mining -Construction Are there any other requirements needed from the businesses to be able to sign off the 88 days of rural work? Can I work for two separate employers to cover the 88 days if work for any reason dries up at one of the employers? Does the business have to be registered as a rural company in any capacity or can I just undertake work that fits within the requirements using any company? If my payslips from the employers are listed as 7 days i.e 1st to the 7th but I have only worked 3 days due to the employer not having work on the other days, does that mean I can submit that as 7 days worked or do the actual days I have worked need to be disclosed? Any advice would be greatly appreciated with this
  3. The Australian Medical Association has released a paper outlining ways to get more doctors into the bush. The ‘Position Statement – Rural Workforce Initiatives’ outlines what the AMA says is a comprehensive five-point plan to encourage more doctors to work in rural and remote locations and improve patient access to health care. It says at least one-third of all new medical students should be from rural backgrounds, and more medical students should be required to do at least one year of training in a rural area to encourage graduates to live and work in regional Australia. The plan also proposes initiatives in education and training, work environments, support for doctors and their families, and financial incentives. “About seven million Australians live in regional, rural, and remote areas,” said AMA President Dr Michael Gannon, announcing the initiative. They often have more difficulty accessing health services than their city cousins. “They often have to travel long distances for care, and rural hospital closures and downgrades are seriously affecting the future delivery of health care in rural areas. For example, more than 50 percent of small rural maternity units have been closed in the past two decades. “Australia does not need more medical schools or more medical school places. Workforce projections suggest that Australia is heading for an oversupply of doctors,” said Dr Gannon. “What is required are targeted initiatives to increase the size of the rural medical, nursing, and allied health workforce. There has been a considerable increase in the number of medical graduates in recent years, but more than three-quarters of locally trained graduates live in capital cities. “International medical graduates make up more than 40 percent of the rural medical workforce and while they do excellent work, we must reduce this reliance and build a more sustainable system.” The AMA Rural Workforce Initiatives plan outlines five key areas where it believes governments and other stakeholders should focus their policy efforts: Encourage students from rural areas to enroll in medical school, and provide medical students with opportunities for positive and continuing exposure to regional and rural medical training. Provide a dedicated and quality training pathway with the right skill mix to ensure doctors are adequately trained to work in rural areas. Provide a rewarding and sustainable work environment with adequate facilities, professional support and education, and flexible work arrangements, including locum relief. Provide family support that includes spousal opportunities/employment, educational opportunities for children’s education, subsidies for housing/relocation and/or tax relief. Provide financial incentives to ensure competitive remuneration. “Rural workforce policy must reflect the evidence. Doctors who come from a rural background, or who spend time training in a rural area, are more likely to take up long-term practice in a rural location,” Dr Gannon said. “Selecting a greater proportion of medical students with a rural background, and giving medical students and graduates an early taste of rural practice, can have a profound effect on medical workforce distribution. “Our proposals to lift both the targeted intake of rural medical students and the proportion of medical students required to undertake at least one year of clinical training in a rural area from 25 percent to 33 percent are built on this approach. “All Australians deserve equitable access to high-speed broadband, and rural doctors and their families should not miss out on the benefits that the growing use of the internet is bringing.”
  4. Hello all, Very open title I know but it's because my google research hasn't got me very far! So we had decided on Perth but hubby's sis is in Melbourne and he'd like to be closer to her. I'd prefer rural, the kids will want activities such as swimming, horse riding and sports teams and dancing, hubby prefers city living but with his own space. Tough call I know but does anyone have any ideas of where we should start our search? We're hoping to come out sometime between June and Sept this year. We prob won't be able for a reccie together but himself may get out before moving day hopefully. All suggestions will be greatly received. Thanks DM
  5. Guest

    Bad situation - advice needed

    I met my partner 2 years ago in Cambodia while I was teaching in the slums over there. After my placement I went over to Australia on a working holiday visa to live with my partner. After applying for a partner visa I was put on bridging visa A. This was 10 months ago. I live in a rural area and was given special permission by the authorities to continue working as I am a teacher and gained a permant job at my local school. I have recently been promoted into a senior position too and loving it. After not seeing my family for 2 years I took my partner over to visit them this Xmas in England. After 4 weeks we are now back in Cambodia for 2 weeks in the slums, working with those HIV infected kids. I deliberately went during this period because it is the school holidays. I have just found out that because I am on a bridging visa A I cannot leave the country. NO ONE TOLD ME THIS. It was purely an accident. My only choice is to go back on a tourist visa (if it comes through in time) Therefore I CANNOT WORK and have to instead sit around in this rural community with nothing to do instead of contributing to it. I have also been running a successful gymnastics club. As the only gymnastics qualified coach in the area the other coaches are training under me. 130 kids will now have no gymnastics. I am SO annoyed especially as I went to visit my family who I havent seen in 2 years and spend some time doing good work to the poor in Cambodia. I havent told my bosses yet and I dont know what they are going to do. Anyone else found themselves in this situation, advice please...
  6. A CHRONIC shortage of doctors is putting the lives of rural Queenslanders at risk. Babies are particularly vulnerable because of a steep decline in obstetric services. People in country areas are often forced to drive for hours to seek medical care and the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) is struggling with increased case loads. Several regions are suffering extreme doctor shortages, with 30 GP vacancies in Central Queensland and 40 in regional centres along the east coast. More than eight Queensland towns are without a doctor, Health Workforce Queensland figures reveal. And there is a shortage of more than 300 doctors in Queensland hospitals. "The attitude with Queensland Health is 'You chose to live in the bush so it's your problem'," Rural Doctors Association Queensland president Dr "Alpha is a prime example. They have had no doctor for at least five years but mining ventures are now going in and Queensland Health is quibbling about supplying a paramedic for the town." And 40 per cent of doctors servicing Queensland's rural and regional communities are international medical graduates with limited experience. The RFDS said there had been a steady increase in its workload in Queensland. "Last year we transported 11,000 patients to hospital via aircraft and did 40,000 primary health care consultations," a spokeswoman said. Dr McPhee, a GP in Emerald for more than 20 years, said the message he was getting from Queensland Health was that they didn't have the money to justify care to people in rural areas. "There is a move towards centralisation, with the attitude 'There is no problem that can't be fixed by getting a faster plane'. But we have people with complex medical needs who have to drive for hours for help. Health care is chaotic for these people because they often don't get to see the same doctor," he said. The Commonwealth ratio for good medical practice is one doctor per 1000 people. Centres such as Blackwater have two doctors servicing 8000 people in the region, Tully has two doctors servicing 8000 people and Emerald one for every 1780 people. Queensland Health relies on locums to fill vacancies at a cost of $2000-plus a day, with an annual bill of tens of millions of dollars. Queensland Health acting deputy director-general Bronwyn Nardi said the department had increased the number of doctors employed by almost 15 per cent since March 2009, to 7683 in July this year. Ms Nardi defended the use of locums: "The overall cost is approximately 2 per cent of the value of our annual staff wages."
  7. family S

    Rural places in Tassie

    We're looking at places to live in Tassie. We love peace and quiet, don't mind to travel half an hour to go to judo, swimming, work or the store. But we don't have a big budget either. Hubby likes to work around Hobart. Thinking about home-schooling the kids. Don't know why, but south of Hobart appeals the most, but it isn't a must. What are nice places to live? :biggrin:
  8. Hi all I've been in Oz for a year today! I live in rural SA (Coffin Bay - beautiful but not a lot here!) and most of the population seem to be retired or heading that way...! As a 34yr old, I am looking for some people around my age to get to know, hang out with and generally have a giggle with! If there are any ex-pats or Aussies out there who are near Coffin Bay and would like to chat, please feel free! We may be moving to Port Lincoln or Adelaide soon so if you're in those areas, feel free to say hi! I am married to an Aussie and have two step children (shared custody) and one on the way. As a housewife in a rural area it's been a bit harder than I thought meeting people my age. :unsure: It would be nice to hear some British accents! LOL! Have a great day and hopefully speak soon! :biggrin:
  9. http://au.news.yahoo.com/thewest/a/-/newshome/9253693/divorce-sick-wife-doctor-told/
  10. Guest

    House in rural Cheshire!...

    Just a long shot! We are selling our large 3 bed semi near Northwich (close to M6 and M56) within an hour from Manchester and Liverpool. Completely open views front and back. May consider a let but need to sell for our emigration! PM for right move link if anyone is interested! :wub:
  11. Hi just wondered is there any jobs or extra need for learning disability nurses in and around the sunshine coast - i am looking to begin a course in cognitive behavioural psychontherapy - would there be any need? please let me know what the LD job situation is like xx:jiggy:
  12. My m-in-law is currently still on dial-up internet access. From checking the Telsta/Optus coverage maps she should be able to get quicker access via the mobile phone network. Telstra recommends the use of an external antenna to get a better signal, but I can't seem to find any routers/MAN devices specifically for this function. Even this website only has a USB dongle: affordable satellite, wireless and ADSL Can anyone advise? Anyone have experience of buying a mifi device and using that dowunder (Vodafone Mobile Wi-Fi - Buy Mobile Wi-Fi on Vodafone) cheers :biggrin:
  13. stevie ellis


    Rural? what it like to live in rural western oz? north or south , good points and bad points don't hold back please, i fancy getting a rural place but her in doors nae keen , just want to know everybodys opinion on it , thanks Stevie:notworthy:
  14. Hi everyone my name is Andy. I am moving to Cobram, rural Victoria in January 2010 - I will be coming out to Australia on a 457. I have previously been to Australia as a visitor, working holiday and a subsequent 457 visa. Unfortuantely, I had a bad expereince with my previous employer which resulted in me returning to the UK for several months. It is my intention after a period of settliong in to apply for permanent residency as I understand my profession (Podiatrist) is on the critical short list. I am moving over here alone and would be keen to meet people in a similar situation. I am 26 and a very socialble easy going person. i will be moving to Cobram which is 3 hours north of Melbourne - but looks like a very nice area with lots of different stuff to offer than the usual hussle and bustle of a city. It would be great to chat with people who live in a smilar area or to hear the expereinces of others in a similar situation. Please feel free to message me! Thanks everyone.
  15. Hi everybody, We are here in Sydney at the moment (we love it), going to fly across to Perth in a few days, can anyone let me know of any bad / good areas which are classed as rural ( i think anything with a postcode of above 6300)? OH is going to change is HGV licence hopefully and hopefully find sponsorship so while there we would like to have a good look round. We are a family in our 30's with a little 7 year old girl. Many thanks :smile::notworthy:
  16. Guest

    Rural areas in Victoria

    My son is a qualified land rover motor mechanic & is waiting on his Victoria state sponsership 176 visa its in teh final stages, but some one told him he has to work in rural postcode areas in Vic for this sponser visa is this true & were do you get a copy of the rural areas that he has to work in, confused HELP!!!!!! :confused:
  17. stevie ellis

    rural places

    Hi, can anyone give me names of any rural places around perth and tell me abit about them please? thanks stevie
  18. The new drought — workers - National - theage.com.au Pity they do not have visa for unskilled....
  19. Hi All, We have now got our visas( 2 years and one appeal later!) and are looking to settle somewhere near Brisbane. Want to go semi rural, with some land for 'big boys toys' etc. Have visited a really good property site for OZ with loads of good info. At the moment, I am being drawn to areas like Logan and Jimboomba, due to reasonable commute distance to Brisbane and reasonable property prices in these locations. Also schools and medical facilites seem to be on hand. Is there a big military camp nearby? Does anyone have any info on possible locations ( I know they are all nice!!) that could offer a commute of less than 1 hour to the CBD? If the area has lakes and rivers for fishing it would be even better. Please let me know if I'm barking up the wrong tree with my choices so far. Don't want much do I!! Cheers Perry
  20. wondered if any builders who have already moved out to australia could tell us if there is building work in semi rural areas or if its mostly in large towns & citys. we hope (if accepted) to live in victoria somewhere rural (ish) as we are used to country life & couldnt bear to live in a town, but not so ideal if have to travel miles for work. thank you donna