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  1. Riccardo

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Hi, I am still waiting too, both Nomination and Visa application are "Received" which is very frustrating. Position: ICT Customer Support Officer Visa: 186 TRT Lodged: Nomination & Visa on 29th of June Onshore (2 applicants) All medicals and police clearances done. No update since it was lodged.
  2. Riccardo

    Drink Driving Convictions

    Hi Raul, The 457 Subsequent Entrance was withdrawn and he kept going on his Student Visa until the expiry date. We haven't received any refusal or cancellation of his Student Visa. Now it's been more than 12 months that he's out of Australia and according to the PIC4020 legislation (that says that a visa can be refused if false information was given in a visa application that the applicant held 12 months before applying for the current visa) we shouldn't be impacted. If someone has experience on PIC4020 please share. Thank you
  3. Riccardo

    Drink Driving Convictions

    Thank you. When he applied for his student visa back in 2017, police checks weren't mandatory on the Visa application and he declared that he doesn't have any convictions. He just assumed that everything was clear until it was requested from Immigration to supply a police check for the 457 Subsequent entrance and then Immigration sent us the Natural Justice Letter with intention of refusal because of false information and they raised PIC4020. I really hope that after more than 12 months since false information was given and my partner hasn't received a refusal (we withdrew the 457 Subsequent entrance), we can reapply with all the information correct. I hope that the 2 drink driving in 2008 and 2015 and taking into consideration this PIC4020 (which has been overcome because we waited more than 12 months) everything is ok.
  4. Riccardo

    Drink Driving Convictions

    Hi everyone, I explain a little bit better our case. I am on a 457 and in July 2019 we tried to make a subsequent entrance of my partner on my visa. Unfortunately immigration sent us PIC4020 because the police clearance of my partner had 2 drink driving convictions which haven't been declared in his student visa. He left the country and we have been in a long-distance relationship for over 1 year now. Now we can reapply for the visa because it's been more than 12 months since false information was given (more than 12 months in a long-distance relationship) but we are still worried that they will raise an issue. Thanks
  5. Riccardo

    Drink Driving Convictions

    Hi everyone, I have applied with my partner for the 186 Visa and he has 2 drink driving convictions (one in 2008 and one in 2015). In both convictions he has received a fine and the license was suspended for 8 months (no jail time and no one was injured). On his student visa he hasn't declared those offences and the visa was granted. We then discovered that he couldn't apply for a further visa due to PIC4020 for the next 12 months so he left the country. Will Immigration be ok with these 2 drink driving? We have gathered character references (one of them is from the Sponsor) and he did a statement saying how he reformed since. I have been in the country for 5 years working for the same Sponsor and we want to make sure that he will pass the Character Test.
  6. Riccardo

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Hi everyone, I would like to share mine: Visa Type: 186 TRT Position: ICT Customer Support Onshore: 1 onshore & 1 offshore (my partner) State: NSW Number of applicant: 2 Nomination and visa applied: 29 June 2020 Health check completed: 9th of July 2020 (both applicants) Police Checks completed: Completed & submitted all with application