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Found 40 results

  1. Riccardo

    Drink Driving Convictions

    Hi everyone, I have applied with my partner for the 186 Visa and he has 2 drink driving convictions (one in 2008 and one in 2015). In both convictions he has received a fine and the license was suspended for 8 months (no jail time and no one was injured). On his student visa he hasn't declared those offences and the visa was granted. We then discovered that he couldn't apply for a further visa due to PIC4020 for the next 12 months so he left the country. Will Immigration be ok with these 2 drink driving? We have gathered character references (one of them is from the Sponsor) and he did a statement saying how he reformed since. I have been in the country for 5 years working for the same Sponsor and we want to make sure that he will pass the Character Test.
  2. Kevin11

    Defacto visa query

    Hey all, Just a quick question you folks may be able to help us with to put our minds at ease! :smile: Our offshore defacto visa has been lodged, case officer assigned and they have got back to us requesting further information which has been provided. Also been told to do the medical after a couple of months. The question I have is, at which point would a visa be rejected due to character issues if they have already obviously looked at the application and asked us to go for a medical. Would it be right at the start of the process or further down the line ? Thanks!
  3. Hi everybody, I'm planning my application for citizenship by descent. I was born and raised in England, living there now, my father is Australian. The problem is I'm not sure if I will pass the good character check. I was arrested and convicted of criminal damage while living in Hungary. I took a beating from the police, held my hands up and paid the fine. It was a drunken incident which started with me being assaulted by a stranger, i fought back, the guy ran away and i decided to take vengeance on his bicycle. Turns out the bike wasn't his, he was just trying to steal it as he fled. I felt really bad for the guy who's bike I smashed and apologized to him when I paid the fine. It was stupid but it happened and I wish it hadn't. I also have a spent conviction for shoplifting when i was 15 (I'm 23 now). This all sounds pretty bad now that I've written it down, but I'm not a mean person and I'm not a threat to anybody. What do you guys think? Will this stop me from getting my citizenship? Right now moving to Oz is my only ambition for the future and I'm just hoping this stupid incident won't come back to haunt me. Any responses will be greatly appreciated, thanks guys and girls x
  4. Guest

    Character requirement - Help!

    Hi everybody, I've just been informed today that there is a CO processing my application but hasn't contacted me yet. I thought about starting to get the police checks to speed up the process as much as I can. I've checked the website of immigration about "Character and Penal Clearance Requirements" but I am not sure how many certificates do I need to get... In Spain we have: - Local police check - National police check (1 month to get it!!) - Penal check (1 day to get it) Anybody knows if I have to provide all of them? because it's a hell of procedures... :confused: Thanks!
  5. cki2011

    Character assesment unit

    Hello We have been told our 176 skilled visa application is being sent to the Character assesment unit as i have a criminal record from 17 years ago we was told this 6 weeks ago now and have not heard anything and are getting very worried has anybody had any experiance with this unit and do you know how long we can expect to wait before we hear anything any info would be greatly apreciated. Thanks Dave
  6. cki2011

    Character assesment unit

    Moved to Migration Issues
  7. Guest

    Character requirements !!

    Hi guys, I had the old police clearance letter from my country on 3 years ago. However I never go back to my country for last 4 years. Can I use the old police clearance letter for applying RSMS visa? or I have to do a new one any way. Thank you
  8. I have just been allocated a case officer - good news! The bad news is that I need to provide completed form 80 detailing personal particulars for character assessment. All was going well until I hit page 5 where the form requires details of "all visits to countries outside of Australia in the last 10 years". Do you think this applies only to applications inside Oz or do I really have to disclose all overseas trips I have made in the last 10 years? I used to travel a lot for work and we have always holidayed abroad. At a guess this could run into 50+ trips!!!! Any have any experience of this and know whether I need to disclose every trip? Many thanks in advance for any advice Jay
  9. My first guess upon thinking of this would be to pick someone rich and good looking - but I think this would be rather dull. In computer games we get pleasure from the challenges we face and overcome - having it all on a plate would be like using the cheat option.
  10. Guest

    character form 80

    Hi all, have just a CO ( after one year, not bad I recon ) but he is now asking for me to resubmit form 80 ( personal character assessment ) as my first one quote : the validity of the previous Form 80 has expired. has anyone had this happen. As I am 75 I don't think much would have changed. Many thanks
  11. vbulsara

    Character Clearances - Doubt

    I went for character clearances, Today with my Wife and Daughter to Passport Office, They Accepted my wife and Daughter , and told they will issue character clearances for both. Now the Issue is they did not accept mine. They Told my wife Name should be on Passport on Mine So i need to get New Passport to get character clearances. My Doubt : 1. Is it ok to Renew my Passport ? Any Problem with our 176 Visa? 2. Do i need to give IELTS again after New Passport?
  12. Take a look at this then! Comes with Air conditioning pool (OK i pinched this image off google but it did have a dam (or pool!!:biggrin:)) and security
  13. Hi all, My partner and I just married in Australia. She came to Australia with me on a Prospective Marriage Visa after we had lived together for almost 12 months in the UK. Obviously for the PMV we got police checks from UK and Poland (she is Polish). Do we need to get new ones for her Temp. Residenecy (subclass 820)? Cheers for any help
  14. Guest

    form 80 - character assessment

    Hello All, Hope someone can help. We are filling in the form 80 (character assessment) and one part asks for you to fill in all places you've visited outside of Oz giving - day / month / year for the last 10 years. I am really struggling to remember exact dates and also concerned if I miss putting down a place I've been Anyone got any advice...? I'm thinking surely month and year would suffice Cheers Carl
  15. Guest

    Character Checking - Form80

    I believe, character checking refers to the checking process of our declaration on form80. Character checking of applications are made especially from some countries takes several months.. Can you please tell how long did it take to complete character checks and your country (or if it is still ongoing) For example; Turkey - 8 months over and still ongoing with an assigned CO. All other documents MET.
  16. MazPaul

    Form 80 character checking

    I have looked at this form on the Imi website and you can fill it electronically.I was just wondering about the signing of it.Do you fill the main parts in then print it and sign then scan it and upload it.Or can you fill it in and upload it without having to print it off and scan. Thanks Paul.:biggrin:
  17. Guest

    character assessment

    Hi, After 6 months of chasing my wifes ex husband for written permission to take his daughter to Adelaide with us and our other 2 daughters we finally got it. We thought great 457 lodged 1-2 weeks for feedback let's count the days. 1 week later notification that my criminal record from 13 years ago which was a 12 months prison sentence has come back to haunt me. My case has now been passed to the character assessment unit. Has anyone else had this dilemma and if so could you let me know your outcome as we have gone so far and hard alot of upset and this may be the final straw. Many Thanks
  18. Hi folks. Have you ever wanted to smack the next person in the face who says, 'Its Character Building', or What doesn't kill you will only make you stronger'. I know, I know, the above sentiments are said with the best of intentions the vast majority of the time, and they are said in a willingness to try and help, AND there is undoubtedly a LOT of truth in them as well, BUT. Don't you just occasionally want to say to the person involved, 'Just pi77 off, and leave me alone'.:biglaugh::biglaugh: These statements are often said after something bloody awful has happened and there you are wondering what the hell you are going to do next to get your life back on track. Redundancy, breakup, death of a loved one, the list is endless. As I said the vast majority of the time these sentiments are said in order to try and help, but at certain times all you want to hear is that your life is indeed crap and yet again you have messed up. Honesty is often the best policy you know.:biglaugh::biglaugh: Cheers Tony:wink:
  19. Hi, I have allready applied for my subclass 175 visa. One thing I noticed when i check the status of my application, Under my partners section, it says that the character assessment form is still missing/outstanding. So obviously i filled it out. ( not sure if i was doing the right thing or not) Do both applicants need to have the character assessment forms filled out? i did mine a long time ago yet my partner and myself have allready submitted our medicals and police checks. in late october. i am a bit worried , whether i needed to submit my wife's assessment or should i have just left it.
  20. Can anyone put my mind at rest, we have been assigned case officer but they have sent our application to Brisbane character assessment unit, has anyone been through this and it is probably in connection with my husbands police check he had a bit of bother 11 years ago but did no jail time. I hope everything ok, I am so worried, we did get a reference from our local M.P who knows my husband well, is this normal part of process?? Thanks for any help!!:sad:
  21. Guest

    Character Requirement

    Today I recieved a letter from my case officer requesting the following. "You are required to send a statement outlining the circumstances and outcomes re events listed on FBI document, to assess if you meet Public Interest Criteria of being of good character to migrate to Australia" "If you do not respond by due date, or if your response is unsatisfactory or incomplete, then in accordance with legislation, your application may be decided based on the available information." I can understand that the case officer only see what is on the record and it has no details other than the arrest and disposition. If I were in there position I would ask the same, I just want to be sure im not getting into a sticky situation as I am not familiar with what all should be provided and the usual outcomes. I have 2 charges that were dismissed as I was innocent, they show up on the record as charged and dismissed. I have never commited any crime and have no convictions. one is almost 10 years ago the other 14 years ago. Has anyone had this happen before and what did they do to satisfy this requirement? I just want to be sure that I do this properly. A statement is asked for. Should I send a stat dec with details and submit character references? Regards Robert
  22. Hello all... We completed and posted off our character form 80's on the 18/04/09 on the request of our case officer. I had an email yesterday requesting the same thing. I can only assume it's lost in their system somewhere? I sent them to Adelaide GSM marked for the case worker's name and team. Is this correct? Can I scan and upload them like other documents? The other nightmare is that we never kept a copy... and what a pain that form is!!! Thanks, Dave A
  23. Hi everyone We have had a request for medicals/police checks and also the From 80. Does anyone know if we only need to do one for the main applicant or one for each person over 16. Please Help. Thanks Lynne
  24. Hi, I've had an email from our case officer with some PDF attachments. One of them is a Form 80 - Personal particulars for character assessment. My questions are: 1) Does my wife have to fill one in or just me, as the main applicant? 2) Do I have to send this in the post, or can it be completed online somehow? 3) As it's black and white, I assume I can't scan and upload it with the other docs without being certified? Any advice would be welcome! Thanks, Dave
  25. I have a question for completing Form 80 as part of the lodgment of the de-facto spouse visa application. 1. Question 30 asks whether you are currently residing in Australia. If the application is offshore in London, the answer would be "outside Australia". The form then prompts you to go to Question 31. 2. Question 31 asks about the intended visit to Australia including date, purpose and length allowed to stay in the country. We are stumped by Question 31 because if we are lodging the spouse visa application offshore in London, the assumption/understanding is that if the visa is granted we would enter the country not to "visit" but to be a temporary resident. So how should we complete that question? We won't be able to enter a proposed date of arrival because that's obviously dependent on WHEN the spouse visa is granted. The tricky part as well is, my partner has been living in Australia with me on 457 visa from 2007 until Dec 2008, then still staying with me but on eVisitor till this day (Feb 2009) and he is only returning to England now to lodge the application. Any advice? Thanks.